Disabled drivers can obtain handicap placards through their state department of motor vehicles. Drivers who want to apply for a disabled placard must satisfy certain eligibility criteria before heading to a local DMV office in their state. Once they are determined as eligible for submitting a handicap tag application, disabled drivers will have to meet the requirements set by the state DMV in order to begin the application procedure.

Note that the requirements and the fees for disability parking permit may vary from one state to another. For more information about how to apply for a handicap parking tag in your state, please visit your state’s page:

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Eligibility Criteria for Handicap Placards

Drivers who want to obtain disability car permit must satisfy the eligibility criteria set by the department of motor vehicles in their residential state. These tags may be given to people who are unable to operate motor vehicles due to an impaired mobility of their hands, a diagnosed disease that obstructs their mobility or a complete disability of their body which prevents them to move without the help of an assisting device.

Additionally, handicap placards may be issued to drivers who have problems with their vision, which may be a severe problem when operating a motor vehicle. These eligibility criteria for disabled drivers may vary from state to state. Therefore, before completing an application, drivers are encouraged to contact their state DMV and find out whether they are eligible or not.

Note: Drivers who are determined as eligible to apply for placards may also apply for disabled DMV license plates and a handicap permit.

Steps to Apply for Handicap Placards

The application procedure may vary between states, depending on the regulations set by the department of motor vehicles of the state where you reside. As an example, California requires disabled drivers who apply for handicap parking stickers to do the following:

  • Complete an application form for disabled placard or plates.
  • Provide your signature on the application form.
  • Get a doctor’s signature on the medical certification part of the application form.
  • Pay the applicable fees for a handicap placard.

Once you complete the disabled placard application form and pay the necessary fees, you may send the documents by mail to the California DMV. Remember that this procedure may vary between states, which mean that other states may require you to apply in person and have no option for mailing the documents. Therefore, prior to applying for permits, contact your state DMV and find out all the details you may need for the procedure.

Medical Certification

A significant part of the handicap car tag application procedure is the medical certification part, which requires a doctor’s signature. The application form must contain the doctor’s signature as a certification of your disability. When you are applying, the doctor will determine whether you have a permanent or temporary disability.

The doctor who will sign your application form and certify your permanent disability must be: medical doctor, doctor of osteopathy, licensed physician, physician assistant, surgeon, chiropractor, nurse practitioner, doctor of podiatric medicine, or optometrist. Moreover, if you have a temporary disability, it would suffice to get a signature from either a medical doctor or a doctor of osteopathy. After you get the doctor’s signature and complete the handicap placard application form, you may submit it at a local DMV office in your state.

Fees for Handicap Placards

The final step in the application procedure is to provide payment for the applicable fees. Prior to paying any fees, drivers need to determine the type of handicap parking tags they want to apply for. The fees may vary between states and based on the type of disability of the driver.

The permanent placard may cost more than a temporary one, because it is valid for a longer period of time than the temporary placard. Additionally, each state DMV determines the fees that disabled drivers need to pay for both temporary and permanent placards. Therefore, drivers who want to apply for handicap placards must first contact their state DMV and learn all the necessary information about the application procedure and the exact cost of the handicap placards.

Last updated on Thursday, March 7 2019.