Disabled Status

Disabled drivers have a number of concerns that other drivers do not. The most critical is actually having your state recognize you as disabled. If a licensed health professional judges you to have and impaired mobility or health problem which disrupts your mobility then you can qualify for “Disabled” status. States also have rules by about conditions that are considered to be automatically disabling. The rules differ from state to state so if you want to find out about the rules your state has then find your state on the map above and click on it.

Procedure for Qualifying

To qualify as disabled you need to first file an application for disability with your DMV. The exact procedure for doing this differ state by state so you should find your state on the map above. Some states have only one form that you need to fill out, while other states have a one form for getting a disability license and a different form for getting a disability placard. Once your form is filled out all states will need you to take it to a licensed health practitioner who will sign it to verity the claimed disability. Once everything is in order you will need to either mail your form and fees to the DMV office or go the personally.

If your state agrees that you are disabled it will issue you a special license as well as a placard to put in your car. The placard will indicate to other drivers and law enforcement personnel that you are disabled. This placard will enable you to legally to keep your car in parking stops for the disabled. It is very important that you keep the placard visible at all times. Parking in a handicapped parking spot without a placard can result in large fines.

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