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Motor Vehicle Title Transfer

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Vehicle Registration Online Services Guide

Everything you need to know about transferring the title of your vehicle in the US including what you need to do, where to find the necessary forms, and how long the process takes.

A vehicle title refers to legal ownership. If you are buying, selling, or completing a lease or loan agreement on a vehicle, the transfer of ownership must be officially recorded. If it isn't properly handled, you could find yourself liable for others' accidents or outstanding liens. For new vehicles, the dealership will typically handle the necessary paperwork and fees, but in other circumstances you will need to do this yourself. To get started, fill out the form above, and receive a detailed step-by-step guide customized to your area.

The title transfer process can be complicated at times, especially at the start, with rules and requirements varying from case to case and from state to state. If you are looking for tailored information specific to your situation, we recommend using They are a leading service handling titling issues for major corporations such as the Bank of America. The consumer product they offer is a step-by-step guide and detailed checklist of what you need to know for your specific title transfer.

They're a number of required forms and steps to take depending on your type of car, transaction, and location. For example, if the transfer is out of state, an authorized agent needs to complete a Vehicle Identification Number inspection. Or if the vehicle is less than ten years old, an Odometer Disclosure Statement is needed.

Click your state on the map below for more information on state specific guidelines, with links to forms specific to each state DMV.

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See our cross state title transfer page if you would like information specific for state-to-state title transfers.

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