The Top 21-30 State DMV Websites in America

Sun, 7/29/2018 - 5:36 pm by DMV Admin has ranked and reviewed every DMV agency website to find the best of class for its 2015 State DMV Website Rankings. All the websites were graded using a comprehensive scorecard that evaluated the design, usability, content and online services. These websites ranked #21 to #30 in government motor vehicle and licensing websites.

  • #21 Rhode Island

    D U S C Score
    11 16 24 20 71

    The Rhode Island DMV is not mobile friendly, resulting in a poor user experience if using a tablet or mobile device. Online services are clearly offered in the main navigation and FAQs are available from the homepage. A number of online services have been made available and provides all the necessary forms if a trip to the DMV is required.

  • #22 Ohio

    D U S C Score
    10 17 27 16 70

    The Ohio BMV website has logical menus with appropriate sub-menus but unfortunately when the user clicks on main navigation links a page opens where content appears below the fold. Although the Ohio BMV offers a number of online services, the website is not mobile responsive and users can only make appointments to the DMV to Schedule a Driving Test.

  • #23 Florida

    D U S C Score
    16 13 28 13 70

    The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website has a responsive design that allows users to access information using tablets, desktop PCs and mobile phones. The website offers a large search box and clear navigation options on the homepage. The Florida HSVM offers a number of online services, but lost points in the content category.

  • #24 Tennessee

    D U S C Score
    11 18 20 20 69

    The Nebraska DMV website is a very useful online service oriented website. Physical location information is easily available and users can make appointments online if a trip to the DMV is required. The Nebraska DMV has made a number of Driver Licensing Services and Vehicle Quick Links available on the homepage but with the current navigation system, users are forced to scroll below the fold to access a number of the website’s services.

  • #25 Alaska

    D U S C Score
    9 20 22 18 69

    The Alaska DMV website offers an abundance of information and forms to complete necessary tasks. The website is quite user friendly offering clearly visible menus and a list of services conveniently located within the homepage. The website is unfortunately not mobile responsive providing a poor user experience if on a tablet or mobile device.

  • #26 Texas

    D U S C Score
    17 11 22 18 68

    The Texas DMV website is mobile responsive but unfortunately lost points on the lack of available online services. The website also lost points on the lack of a clear menu. The FAQ section is difficult to find and users also cannot make appointments online.

  • #27 West Virginia

    D U S C Score
    11 14 20 20 65

    The West Virginia DMV is not mobile responsive and does not provide clearly visible menus. Online services have conveniently been included within the top of the website on the homepage but the site unfortunately does not provide the online services was looking for when ranking the top state DMV websites.

  • #28 Maine

    D U S C Score
    7 17 24 17 65

    The Maine BMV website is quite cluttered with a large amount of website content on the homepage appearing below the fold. The website does however conveniently offer a list of online services within the left side navigation. Location hours and telephone numbers are easily found within the Maine BMV website.

  • #29 Alabama

    D U S C Score
    18 9 18 20 65

    The Alabama DOR website is a mobile responsive website, includes all the necessary forms and all the forms are understandable. The DOR website however, provides none of the online services DMV was looking for when ranking the top state DMV websites. Drop downs from the main menu, the left side navigation, content, and quick links also appear below the fold providing a poor user experience.

  • #30 South Dakota

    D U S C Score
    18 14 13 18 63

    The South Dakota DOR website is mobile responsive and provides a good user experience for those using a tablet or mobile device. The menus on the website are mostly clear and direct the user to relevant content. A link to the online services has unfortunately not been made available and there is no option to make an appointment at the South Dakota DMV.