Motorists are encouraged to schedule a DMV driving test appointment in North Carolina in order to know the exact date when they need to take the test in order to appear on time. NC residents are able to schedule a DMV appointment in North Carolina to avoid waiting in long lines at a local branch. The Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) has created the opportunity to make an appointment DMV for select services before going to the DMV office.

Currently, the NCDOT offers a DMV appointment system only for scheduling road tests, which are mandatory for when applying for a new NC drivers license, regardless of the class of license they apply for. For more information about how to schedule and what to bring for a DMV appointment, continue reading the sections below.

Driving Test Appointments in North Carolina

Motorists need to schedule a DMV road test appointment in North Carolina when they are applying for a driving credential. Taking a road skills test is the last mandatory exam that drivers license applicants must pass in order to get full driving privileges. Therefore, the NCDOT gives motorists the chance to schedule DMV appointment for a road test before going to a local NC DMV branch.

However, this is the only service that is currently covered by the DMV appointment system and motorists need to use it in order to ensure their date and time for taking a road test. Road skills tests are required for all types of driving credentials including a regular driver’s license, motorcycle driver’s license and commercial driver’s license (CDL).

Applicants need to contact their local NC DMV driver license office and an appointment over the phone. By calling the DMV appointment number, motorists will learn whether their nearby location offers road tests and whether they can take it there or search for a new location.

Note: Motorcycle DMV road test appointments in North Carolina may be scheduled only for Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at some of the NC DMV driver license offices. The same applies for weather permits too.

Other Services Covered by the North Carolina DMV Appointment System

Currently, the NCDOT offers a DMV appointment system for road skills tests only. To make an appointment DMV, drivers license applicants must first contact a local NC DMV branch by phone and arrange the date and time according to their specific situation.

While motorists may schedule DMV appointments only for a driving test, they cannot reserve specific date and time for completing other services, like replacing or renewing driver license cards. In such situation, drivers who want to avoid waiting in long lines are encouraged to check the online services offered by the NCDOT and to see whether they can perform the procedure online, without going to the NC DMV. If a certain service is unavailable online, then motorists are recommended to visit the NC DMV at hours that are less crowded in order to finish the procedure rapidly.

How to Schedule a DMV Appointment in North Carolina

The NCDOT offers the ability to schedule a drivers license appointment only by phone. Presently, the state does not offer a DMV online appointment system. Motorists may call the NC DMV phone numbers and arrange a date and time for taking a road skills test that best suits their specific situation. They may check DMV appointment availability by calling a local NC DMV branch and discovering whether that exact location offers road skill tests. If a nearby location cannot make an appointment for a road test, then motorists will need to contact another branch and perform the service they want there.

Note: When scheduling a DMV appointment for a CDL road test, motorists may need to contact one of the commercial testing offices that offer CDL road skills tests.

What to Bring to Your North Carolina DMV Appointment

Motorists who have a road test appointment with the DMV must view appointment requirements prior to appearing at the NC DMV location at the previously arranged date and time. When visiting the NC DMV, drivers license applicants in most cases need to carry certain paperwork with them. In most cases, drivers will need to bring a combination of the following:

    • Vehicle to take the road exam

Therefore, motorists need to discover the exact list of documents that they must submit to the NC DMV at the time of the road test. Drivers may either ask the DMV representative about the mandatory documents when scheduling the DMV road test appointment by phone or learn the procedure for getting the class of driving credential they apply for.

How to Cancel or Reschedule a DMV Appointment in North Carolina

Motorists who have scheduled a North Carolina DMV road test appointment must appear at the testing location at the arranged date and time. The DMV appointment system may differ based on the local DMV branch where motorists plan to take the road test. They may be able to cancel or reschedule DMV appointment if the location offers that possibility.

Therefore, in order to discover the possibility of canceling or rescheduling an appointment for a road skills test, motorists are encouraged to call the phone number of their chosen NC DMV location and to learn more information. If they are able to reschedule or cancel appointment DMV, then the NC DMV will inform them of the steps they will need to take.

Last updated on Wednesday, January 23 2019.