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Traffic school in Texas serves to help drivers improve their driving skills. Depending on your situation, you may be required to take DMV defensive driving courses, or you may voluntarily choose to attend traffic school. There are various traffic school options. Read below to find the one that is right for you:


Traffic school online options are available to drivers in Texas who wish to maximize convenience and fulfill state requirements. Online driving courses can be used to dismiss traffic tickets and reduce car insurance premiums. To enroll in traffic school, keep in mind the following requirements:

  • You will need the name of the county where you received your citation.
  • You will need to provide your driver’s license and vehicle registration information.
  • The shortest course allowed by law is 6 hours.
  • You can only take a defensive driving course once every 12 months.

DMV.com’s trusted partner for online traffic school is approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. Your recognized certificate of completion will be sent directly to you, so that you can submit it to the TDLR. After enrolling in our recommended course, you will be able to enjoy all of the advantages of traditional driving school on your own schedule and on any computer or mobile device.

2. DVD Courses:

Traffic classes can also be taken with a DVD aid in Texas. A physical DVD option for defensive driving school is available, as well as a DVD that streams online. Both courses cover the same topics as online and in-person driving lessons, and both meet defensive driving education requirements for ticket dismissal. Course DVDs are self-timed.

3. Traditional In-Person Courses:

If you cannot enroll in a defensive driving course online, traditional traffic classes with instructors are also available through various in-person providers. However, these driving classes are only offered at approved locations within Texas and may not be located near your residence. Furthermore, scheduling for in-person traffic school is inflexible, and drivers are expected to attend classes no matter how inconvenient the time or location.

Dismiss your traffic ticket with iDriveSafely, the #1 online provider of traffic school courses

Texas driving safety courses allow operators to learn ways to improve their driving skills by reducing risks, anticipating situations ahead of time and making safe decisions. Drivers who enroll in a defensive driving class will also become eligible to have their traffic tickets dismissed. Driver improvement courses, including the online driver safety courses, also cover Texas traffic laws.

Note: “Driving safety class” is the official term to describe the Texas’ six-hour court-appointed traffic course. It may be used interchangeably with the terms defensive driving course and traffic school.

Benefits of Defensive Driving Courses in Texas

By enrolling in a TX driver improvement school, drivers have the opportunity to practice safe driving habits and become better drivers, while also:

What defensive driving courses are offered in Texas?

By attending a defensive driving course approved by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, you can learn how to employ defensive driving strategies in the following scenarios:

  • When evaluating a traffic environment.
  • When anticipating others’ actions.
  • When maneuvering.
  • When interacting with others in traffic.

Take defensive driving training online to learn how to protect yourself from car crashes and other road risks. The best driving course will include affordable driving lessons that satisfy Texas’ minimum standards for teens and adults. iDriveSafely is America’s #1 online driving school. Fully approved by the Texas TDLR and only $25, the course may help you earn an insurance reduction and even get a ticket dismissed. It has the shortest course allowed by state law so you can finish quickly and even provides unlimited quiz retakes, with no final exam. After you pass, iDriveSafely.com will mail you your certificate for free.

Where to Take a Driver Improvement Class/Traffic School

Texas driver safety programs, which are offered by the Department of Public Safety, can be taken in person or online to remove points or dismiss tickets from your personal TX driving record.

Why do I need traffic school?

Attending Texas traffic school can lower your auto insurance premiums and help prevent points from accumulating on your driving record. Drivers who complete traffic classes become less of a liability to car insurance companies and will thus receive coverage at a lower cost.

Did you know? If you are eligible to attend Texas traffic school and decide not to, your auto insurance may be negatively affected.

Who can take a defensive driving course in Texas?

You may enroll in a local defensive driving school if you are a licensed driver who has received a citation or accumulated points on your driving record. In Texas, resident drivers can take driving safety courses to remove points or tickets from their records, to receive car insurance discounts or simply to become better drivers. DMV traffic school students may also complete defensive driving courses to help increase their chances of obtaining a job as a commercial vehicle driver.

Dismissing Traffic Points

Enrolling in a safe driving course may give you the opportunity to remove points from your driving record. In Texas, your driver’s license may be suspended if you accumulate six DMV violation points or more in a three-year period.

Points on your TX driving record from the Department of Motor Vehicles can also cause your insurance rates to spike, especially if you committed point violations that resulted in car crashes.

Defensive Driving Insurance Discounts in Texas

Texas traffic course enrollment may make you eligible to receive a car insurance discount. Car insurance discounts may only be granted to you at the discretion of insurance companies. The TX DPS does not control insurance premiums and may not issue you any discounts.

Did you know? Drivers convicted of DWI-related charges may be required by the court to install an ignition interlock device, which will be closely monitored by the TX DMV.

How to Enroll in a Defensive Driving Course in Texas

Driver improvement course enrollment methods vary depending on which school you choose to enroll in. To begin the process, contact your local TX DPS and inquire about the different safe driving courses available in your area. Once you obtain the necessary details, contact the Texas driving school directly in order to register.

Online Texas Defensive Driving Courses vs. in Person

Texas-approved defensive driving training courses can be completed in person at a defensive driving school or online through a Texas Education Agency-approved provider. Drivers who opt to take online driver safety courses have the ability to complete the required hours on their own schedule.

Cost of Traffic School in Texas

Texas traffic school cost varies depending on which school you enroll in and whether you choose to take in-classroom or online traffic classes.

Texas Defensive Driving Course Eligibility

Texas driver improvement course enrollment requirements include but are not limited to:

  • Having points on your driving record.
  • Having a suspended driver’s license.
  • Wanting to earn a car insurance discount.
  • Having a court order.
  • Wanting to become a better driver.

Defensive Driving Course Certificate

After drivers attend a Texas safe driving class, they will receive a traffic school certificate of completion, which they must submit to their insurance provider in order to receive any type of discount on their car insurance premiums.

Does a Texas defensive driving school course remove a ticket or reduce points?

Yes, a Texas DPS defensive driving course may remove a recent traffic violation that you have been convicted of from your driving record.

How many times can I take a defensive driving course in Texas?

The amount of times you are eligible to take a driver safety course in Texas depends on whether you are enrolling to remove points from a recent traffic ticket, to earn a car insurance discount or to reinstate a suspended driver’s license.

Does a ticket still have to be paid after taking a defensive driving course?

Aggressive driving course completion through the TX DMV may or may not still require you to pay a traffic ticket, depending on your traffic violation.

Can I remove a parking ticket if I take a defensive driving course?

Texas defensive driving course enrollment cannot remove a parking ticket. Only traffic tickets may be dismissed.

DUIs and Defensive Driving School

Enrolling in regular TX driving classes will not serve to reinstate a driver’s license that has been suspended or revoked due to DWI-related charges. However, drivers convicted of DWI who are 21 years of age or older will be required to enroll in an alcohol education program. The program covers topics relating to the effects of alcohol and drugs on your body and your ability to drive safely, along with information on TX DWI laws, substance abuse and substance dependency.

The alcohol education course is 12 hours long, and drivers must complete it within 180 days of the date when probation was granted.

Last updated on Tuesday, November 27 2018.

Dismiss your traffic ticket with iDriveSafely, the #1 online provider of traffic school courses

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