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==Missouri Defensive Driving School or Missouri Traffic School information==
To remove Missouri traffic tickets and apply for point reduction from your Missouri driving record register to the Missouri Driver Improvement Program or DIP, which is an online Missouri defensive driver course. '''[ You can signup for the DIP (Driver Improvement Program by clicking here] '''.
This course is open to those who have received a Missouri speeding ticket or have been stopped for a Missouri traffic violation. Missouri approved online defensive driver courses have an average duration of 8 hours and may be taken once every 36 months. However, keep in mind that not all courts accept the Driver Improvement Program, so make sure you check with your court for approval beforehand. Up-to-date information and a list of Missouri approved online defensive driver courses are offered by the Missouri Driver Safety Center.
==Advantages of a Clean Missouri Driving Record==
Keeping your Missouri driving record clean has several advantages. You can remove Missouri traffic tickets from your driving record and apply for a Missouri traffic violation point reduction by taking a Missouri online defensive driving course. Do not forget that if 8 points are added to your driver’s record in any 18 month period, you risk suspension of your Missouri license from 1-3 months depending on prior convictions, unless you enrol on an approved online Missouri defensive driver course.
A great extra benefit of having a clean Missouri driving record is a low Missouri car insurance premium. In fact, fewer points on your driving record is likely to lead to lower Missouri insurance premiums for you. Do not lose sight of the fact that Missouri car insurance companies often offer 5-15% savings if you complete a Missouri approved defensive driver program.
==Frequently Asked Questions==
'''I would like to pay for my Missouri online traffic school course by money order. Is this possible? '''
Yes, of course! Other payment methods at your disposal are credit card and “pay later”. This affords the flexibility of leaving paying for your course up until the time you decide to take the final exam.

'''I would like to receive my Missouri certificate of completion as quickly as possible. Is this possible? '''
Yes. The quickest delivery method available is FedEx Priority Overnight certificate delivery, which ensures that you receive your Missouri certificate of completion within the following business day, and FedEx Standard Overnight delivery, which guarantees delivery by the afternoon of the following business day. Los Angeles residents may also use same day messenger service.

'''Is your web site security well managed? '''
The safety and protection of your details, and therefore web site security, are a priority to us. All personal information and online transactions are SSL-encrypted.

'''Is your Missouri online defensive driving course approved for Missouri traffic ticket dismissal? '''
We advise that you check with your Missouri court to make sure that the Missouri online driver safety course is approved for dismissal of a Missouri traffic ticket

'''Is and its partner a convenient option for Missouri online driver education courses? '''
Absolutely! offers great value for money. When it comes to online traffic school and Missouri online defensive driving courses, with, one of the most renowned providers of Missouri online traffic school courses in the country, you are in safest and most capable hands.

'''What am I expected to do when I take a Missouri online driver improvement course?'''

Just read the Missouri online defensive driving course chapters, work through the quizzes at the end of each chapter, and pass the final exam. Once done that, you will be in possession of the Missouri certificate of completion. This will be mailed to you using the address that you indicated at the time of registration.
'''Will I be able to complete my Missouri online driving course through more than one session? Am I allowed to use different computers? '''
Of course! To complete your Missouri online defensive driving course you only need a computer with a working internet connection. The course adapts to your schedule and may be completed at your own pace, either in one session or throughout multiple sessions.
'''Where will be sent my Missouri certificate of completion for the Missouri online workbook course or Missouri online driver safety course? '''
When you register for the state of Missouri online driver safety course, the Missouri online defensive driving course or the Missouri workbook course, you will be informed about whether your Missouri traffic school certificate of completion is sent to you or to the court in Missouri.
'''How do the Missouri online defensive driving quizzes work? '''
The Missouri online defensive driving quizzes are designed to test your knowledge at the end of each chapter of your Missouri online defensive driving course and do not bear on your overall score in the final exam.
==Missouri Points System and License Suspension==
Being convicted of a Missouri traffic violation or speeding ticket leads to the addition of points on your Missouri driver’s license. The procedures relative to your Missouri driving record are mostly managed by the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR). According to how seriously you broke the Missouri traffic regulations, 2 to 12 points may be added to your Missouri driving record. More details about the Missouri traffic violation point system are available on the Missouri DOR website.
'''Common traffic violations are: '''
* Most traffic violations: 2 points
* No driver license: 2 points
* Following too close: 2 points
* Stop sign: 2 points
* Excessive speeding: 3 points
* Failure to produce insurance: 4 points
* DUI (first offense): 8 points
* DUI (second offense): 12 points
As part of the Driver License Compact, when you travel from state to state your Missouri driving record is kept by the Missouri Department of Revenue. As a consequence, traffic violations such as unpaid out-of-state parking tickets or traffic violations that you have incurred outside of Missouri, are taken into account by the Department of Revenue (DOR) when deciding about whether to suspend or revoke your Missouri driver’s license.
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I have a question. I live in

I have a question. I live in NE and i had a refusal in Mo, will they accept online dui classes?