A Connecticut driver’s license replacement is a task that many drivers may need to perform during their lifetime. Drivers should obtain a duplicate driver’s license as soon as possible when their license is missing, or if the license text or photo becomes illegible due to damage. While it is possible in many states to get a driver’s license copy online, CT drivers must seek a replacement in person at a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office or by mail.

Motorists must apply for a copy of a driver’s license in order to maintain their legal driving privileges and to replace their primary form of identification. Read the sections below to learn how to replace driver’s license documents in CT, the scenarios in which a driver should request replacement credentials and the eligibility requirements for replacement methods.

When is a replacement drivers license required in Connecticut?

You must apply for a new copy of Connecticut driver’s license credentials whenever your original card is lost or stolen. Alerting the DMV about your lost driver’s license allows the department to mark your old license number as invalid. This system update will alert government agencies of any fraudulent use of your license and help prevent identity theft. Moreover, you must carry a valid copy of CT driver’s license credentials whenever you operate a vehicle. Otherwise, you risk being issued traffic citations for driving without a valid document.

Replacing driver’s license cards also serves a practical purpose if you use your license as a primary form of identification. Additionally, you must replace these cards if you change your legal name due to marriage, divorce or court order. While you can order a DMV duplicate license if you move to a new address, the Department of Motor Vehicles does not require replacement after an address change.

How to Replace Your Drivers License Online in Connecticut

Although you cannot request a driver’s license copy online in Connecticut, you can use the state’s online system to track the processing and shipment of your CT replacement driver’s license, as well as look up the wait times at your local DMV office. In addition, you can make an office appointment through the DMV website and see available licensing locations throughout the state.

How to Replace Your Drivers License by Mail in Connecticut

Residents replacing a lost driver’s license in CT must do so in person, unless they qualify for method via mail. For instance, motorists may replace DMV license credentials by mail of they are out-of-state or unable to appear in person. Applicants who are eligible for replacing a Connecticut driver’s license by mail include:

  • Active-duty military personnel currently stationed outside of Connecticut.
  • Motorists who cannot get a copy of a driver’s license in person due to a medical condition that prohibits traveling to a DMV office.
  • Residents temporarily residing out of state. Eligible applicants may include those employed in a different state or currently attending a university outside of Connecticut.
  • Incarcerated residents.

In order to replace CT driver’s license credentials by mail, eligible residents must complete the appropriate application form established by the DMV. In addition to this application, motorists replacing driving license documents by mail may need to fill out additional paperwork or submit extra documents to prove their eligibility. Moreover, applicants must enclose the DMV duplicate license fee payment in a check or money order made payable to DMV and send it to the mailing address listed on the form.

Conversely, motorists can email or fax the out-of-state license replacement request by scanning their documents and emailing them to the appropriate DMV email address of fax number. Applicants for a duplicate driver’s license should wait one business day after emailing or faxing the forms, as well as make a fee payment over the phone with a valid credit card during the department’s business hours.

How to Replace Your Connecticut Drivers License in Person

To obtain a copy of a CT driver’s license at a DMV office, you must simply bring one original form of identification. For a duplicate driver’s license request, the document you bring may be from the primary or secondary ID documents list provided online by the DMV. Then, you need to complete the appropriate application form and pay the DMV duplicate license fee with an accepted form of payment.

The CT DMV now issues replacement driving license cards through a central issuance process, in an attempt to help protect motorists against identity theft and/or fraud. Therefore, duplicate driver’s licenses and other DMV identification cards are printed and mailed from a secure central facility.

After submitting your CT driver’s license replacement application, you will take home a temporary paper credential (TPC) instead of a hard copy of your new credential. Your permanent CT DMV duplicate license will arrive by mail within 20 calendar days from the date that you applied.

Out-of-State Drivers License Replacement in Connecticut

If you are wondering, “Where can I get a copy of my driver’s license?” while you are temporarily living out-of-state, note that you must apply for a replacement license by mail, email or fax. Review the section above on how to replace driver’s licenses in CT by mail, complete the necessary documents and pay the associated fees.

In order to receive your new duplicate driving license at the right location, you must make sure to provide the CT DMV with your correct temporary out-of-state address.

Connecticut Drivers License Replacement Fees

When ordering a copy of CT driver’s license credential, you must pay a $30 replacement fee. You may need to pay an additional service fee based on your method or replacement and the location where you submitted the request.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 3 2020.