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Traffic/Driving Schools in New Hampshire

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In the state of New Hampshire, people enroll in traffic schools or Driver Improvement Programs for three reasons:

  • After a traffic violation where demerit points were awarded, the court will orders the driver to take a course at a traffic/driving school to improve their safe-driving skills.
  • To receive insurance discounts.
  • To reduce points on their driving records.

This program is designed to help you to learn defensive driving techniques that will make you a safer driver. There are many driver improvement programs being offered in the state but you will only get point reductions by attending a DMV approved one. Click here for a list of DMV approved driver programs.
Note: If you are convicted for DUI you have to take an Alcohol Awareness Program. Depending on the seriousness of your offence and your past record, there are a few programs offered. Click here for the list of DMV approved programs.


Any driver can enroll in a Driver Improvement Program at any time to receive the following benefits:

  • Insurance Benefits - some insurance companies may offer premium discounts. Please check with your insurance representative to see if you qualify for this discount.
  • Point reduction on driving record - you will receive a 3 point reduction on your driving record by completing an approved driver improvement program. You can only do this once every three years.

Note: If the course has been court ordered you may not be eligible for the insurance premium discount.


Either the court or the DMV (when notified by the courts) may order you to successfully complete a driver improvement program when you have been convicted of a moving or traffic violation. It is under the court’s discretion as to whether or not you will be mandated to take one of these clinics.


Contact the course providers for information on costs, schedules and locations.


  • If you are looking for information on how to get your license or permit, see Driver’s Education.
  • Please click on defensive driving schools for details about other safe driving courses.
  • When studying for your driver’s license/permit, use the driver’s manual to help you learn about safe driving techniques and traffic laws.
  • For more licensing and safe-driving information for beginning drivers, see learner’s permits.