Cheat Sheet

  • Tips and Tricks
  • What you should have with you on the day of the DMV test
  • 50 need-to-know question and answer combinations
  • Explanations of 7 principal comprehension questions
  • Road signs and what they indicate

Use Our 'Cheat Sheet', Save Time and Effort

All states have their unique version of the Driver's Handbook that covers all the material on the permit exam. Reading the New Jersey Driver's Manual can be a good resource for the permit exam but it is extremely time consuming. recommends the 'Cheat Sheet' as a study guide to review the concepts and info you need to pass the written exam. This will not only save you time but also blocks out clutter and unnecessary filler information existing in the driver's handbook.

    Practice Test

  • 50 & 100 question test options
  • Available online or download (printable formats)
  • Try the test as many times as you want
  • Practice with questions just like the ones on the exam
  • Additional Road Sign Quiz (twenty questions included)