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Alabama DMV Motorcycle Practice Test

ONLY $14.99
+Bonus Road Signs Test
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are my options for taking the practice test?

You can take the practice test online using our interactive program or you can download it as a MS Word or PDF document.

Will I receive a hardcopy of the test in the mail?

The test is available to download as soon as it’s purchased. If you want a hardcopy you can download and print one easily.

If I take the practice test will I pass the exam?

If you score 90% or more on the first try of the practice test you should pass the DMV exam. If you don’t score above 90%, review the driving manual and take the practice test again.

How many times can I take the practice test?

You can take the practice test as many times as you want for as long as you want

I've already purchased the practice test, how do I access it?

If you have already purchased a practice test you can access it here


To whom it may concern at; Thank you for providing your great services!
- Angela T.

I took my test in February and I passed! Thank you so much for your help!
- Laureena

I purchased your online DMV test and passed my exam with flying colors. Thanks for a great service!
- Mike P.

Additional Information

A motorcycle training exam is an exceptional resource in preparing for the motorcycle test. When doing the DMV motorcycle test for real you will see questions similar to ones you studied with from the sample test. When you purchase the training exam you'll find:
  • Safe riding questions
  • Proper riding technique questions
  • Questions about rules of the road
  • 100 practice test questions
ONLY $14.99
A training exam will allow you to correctly gauge your potential to be successful in passing the real DMV exam. The motorcycle training exam can be practiced as many times as you want until you feel you have the information fully memorized. If you want to become confident in your ability to pass the DMV motorcycle test then you should purchase a practice exam as soon as possible.