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How to Replace a Lost Vehicle Title in Nevada

You may apply for a duplicate vehicle title if your original title is lost, stolen, or damaged. A vehicle with a missing title cannot be bought or sold, so owners must apply for and obtain a replacement before they can sell their vehicle.


  1. Complete the Application for Duplicate Nevada Certificate of Title making sure to indicate on the form that you are applying for a duplicate title.
  2. Once completed, you must have the application form properly notarized or witnessed by an authorized DMV representative.
  3. If your original title is damaged or mutilated, you must return the original title when applying for a replacement.


The fee for a duplicate title is $20. If applying via mail you can make out a check or money order to the Department of Motor Vehicles Nevada.


The completed notarized application form may be dropped off in person at the nearest DMV office or mailed to the following address:
Department of Motor Vehicles Nevada
555 Wright Way
Carson City, NV 89711.    


Reviews of How to Replace a Lost Vehicle Title in Nevada

You can NOT download the PDF!?!?!

lost my title,now moved to arizona,and need to get plates.i cant drive to dmv in navada to apply for new title..what can i do?

trying to get car leagal.Car was given to me but title was never delivered to me,What can I do?I do have vin and old owners name but I can't find him.

Did you ever get it resolved? Im in the same pile of shit.. lol

the same happen to me and my husband 2 cars ,one Texas the other one Nevada

how can i get a title, i have this same issue now


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