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Online Traffic School Available - State & Court Approved Courses powered online traffic school offers courses for:
  • Court ordered traffic school
  • Traffic ticket dismissal
  • Insurance reductions
You can complete all the course work online without leaving your home but make sure to check with your court to ensure it approves the course for your case. Once you have enrolled in the course You are Guaranteed to Pass!
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Why Attend Traffic Schools

Traffic schools are a very good way in making you not only a safer driver but also an all around better driver. Traffic schools are also a good decision because some states will allow you do avoid paying tickets or decrease your number of demerit points if you attend one. To check what benefits your state will give you if you if you attend a driving school find your state on the map below and click on it. This will take you to a page with traffic school information specific to your state.

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Online vs Bricks and Mortar

Traffic schools break down into two type: bricks-and-mortar and online. Online traffic school are a new development and not all states have them, but if your state does you should consider signing up for one.

To check if you state has online traffic schools, find your state in the map above. Online traffic school have a number of advantages over their bricks-and-mortar cousins. The first is convenience. If you have an internet connection and a computer, then you can learn the material. It doesn't matter whether its 12 AM or 12 PM, you can still learn what you need.

Being able to learn on your own time will allow to learn the learn better. Why? Well lets look at two different situations. The first situation is; you have just finished work, you are tired, and you need to drive to the traffic school. As you are driving to it starts to rain, and then, to top it off, you get stuck in traffic jam. By the time you get to the traffic school you are even more tired and all you want to do is relax. But, instead, you have to listen to what the instructor is saying and even try absorb some of it. The second situations is; you have just finished work and are going home. Once you get home you relax for a bit, maybe watch some television, and when you feel that you are able to learn effectively you log on to the online traffic school. It's obvious which situation is better isn't it? What about situation three; it is the weekend, you wake up, eat breakfast, and because you have 15 minutes of spare time you log on to the online school and do one lesson. Comfortable learning equals better learning, and there is no contest in terms of comfort between online and brick-and-mortar.

Another way in which online schools help you learn better is that they are designed to be interactive and fun. How well are you actually going to learn if you are sitting in a chair for hours on end while the instructor drones on about this traffic sign and that traffic rule? Online schools can engage you by being interactive, so that you are both learning something that is very useful and having fun with it.

Finally, to add icing on the cake, online traffic schools are cheaper than brick-and-mortar ones. That's right, cheaper!!! They don't have to pay for buildings, chairs or live instructors, and they pass those savings on to you. So online traffic schools are: more convenient, better at teaching you and cheaper. If you had a choice between an online and brick-and-mortar school why would you ever choose the second option? Online is better by any measure. So if you are looking to enroll in a traffic school then find your state on the map above and click on it. Then just follow the instruction to start learning the better way.