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The standard 50 questions DMV Practice Test
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DMV Practice Tests - Get Your Permit the First Time Practice Tests

Passing the permit exam at your local DMV is not complicated, but without knowing the information you still won't be able to pass. Our DMV practice tests were created to help you achieve your goal. For maximum convenience and effectiveness, practice tests have the following features:

  • Questions that are similar to the actual DMV exam
  • You get an unlimited number of tries at our online practice tests
  • Easy to print: available for download as PDF or Word documents
  • A FREE BONUS of 25 Road Sign questions
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Save Your Time, Use Our DMV Practice Tests

A lot of people can fail the permit exam the first time they take it for a very simple reason; not studying properly. All states have their own versions of the Driver's Manual which is the basis for the questions on the permit exam. The Driver's Manual is a good study tool for the permit exam but using only the Driver's Manual to prepare for the exam is a mistake. Passively reading the manual will not force you to think about the material and engage in recall, which is the fastest way of absorbing information. This is why our DMV practice permit test has:
  • Questions on Safe Driving
  • Speed limit questions
  • Questions about the Rules of the Road
  • State specific questions
Your time is important, so don't waste it by reading the Driver's Manual over and over again in the hope that the information will seep into your brain. Find your state on the map above and get a practice test today. You will both save your time and increase your chances of passing the DMV permit exam.