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Wed, 8/27/2014 - 9:39 am - Paul Westbrook

Having a car while at college surely gives students a lot of freedom and flexibility, as well as increased popularity, but there are a few drawbacks that need to be taken into consideration, too, since it can be a huge financial drain on students, themselves, but also on their parents, with increased gas and maintenance costs, along with higher insurance premiums.

However, having a car on campus is usually the most convenient and practical transportation option for college students, as it allows them to get around town more easily and get where ever they need to be at anytime without having to rely on their friends, or public transportation, to get there. But, before they bring their cars to college, students could use a few tips on how to drive on campus, as they will face a completely new environment, with different traffic

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Tue, 8/26/2014 - 11:30 am - Jeremy Pool

When Google unveiled its second self-driving car prototype a few months back, it was the absence of a steering wheel and a gas and brake pedal that set it apart from the first autonomous vehicle concept introduced by the search giant a couple of years go, and made it look pretty futuristic. Although this two-seater has reached a phase when its ready to undergo road tests, and Google was hoping to start tests in a few weeks, the software company's plans hit a major hurdle recently, with the California Department of Motor Vehicles issuing a new set of rules that prevent vehicles with no steering wheels to be operated on public roads.

According to the new rules, an

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Mon, 8/25/2014 - 10:39 am - Paul Westbrook

Insurance is one of the biggest expenses associated with car ownership, and it gets even more expensive if you add a teenage driver to your policy. Your insurance company is likely to raise your premiums once your teenage kid starts driving, because teenage drivers have a pretty high risk of getting involved in accidents, due to their immaturity and inexperience, which makes them susceptible to risky driving behaviors, such as speeding, drunk driving and distracted driving. However, there are a few ways for keeping your rates from skyrocketing, including asking for a young driver discount, increasing your deductibles, getting a safer car, and getting your teen to complete a driver's ed course.

Good Student Discounts
Many insurance companies offer discounts to

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Fri, 8/22/2014 - 3:45 pm - Jason Yeoman


Over 55 million children in the United States are headed back to school and a significant number of these students will be walking, biking, or driving to school for the very first time. No matter what the transportation there are a number of potential dangers your children may face before they ever make it to their first class. Here are the top ten safety reminders that parents and motorists should keep in mind as students head back to school once again:

1. Let your children take the school bus! According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, children are 13 times safer than riding in a school bus than they are in a passenger vehicle and 10 times safer than if they to walk to school.

2. Watch carefully for young

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Fri, 8/22/2014 - 10:44 am - Jordan Perch

There is no doubt whatsoever that driverless cars will bring many benefits, primarily concerning traffic safety, by eliminating human error as the leading cause of car accidents, but there are many more things and aspects of people's lives that autonomous vehicles are bound to change in a big way. In addition to making roads safer, they are expected to affect car insurance, but also reshape cities and transform traffic infrastructure, and even change the concept of vehicle ownership as we know it. What's more, they will almost certainly influence the whole drivers' licensing system, possibly making some segments of DMV exams, or even licenses, themselves, obsolete.


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Thu, 8/21/2014 - 4:08 am - Jordan Perch

With more and more companies entering the race to bring a driverless car to the market, there is no doubt in anyone's mind that it will be a highly competitive market, and the battle for dominance will be pretty intense. The hype surrounding driverless cars may have been started by Google, but now, almost all major car makers, including General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Nissan, Toyota, and Audi, are developing their own autonomous driving technology and have already built one or more self-driving car prototypes. On top of these well-established manufacturers, Tesla Motors is also looking to get a piece of the action, heating up the competition further and making other companies step up their game.

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Mon, 8/18/2014 - 11:40 am - Jeremy Pool

Car crashes in USEven though the number of motor vehicle fatalities in the U.S. has been declining over the past couple of decades, car accidents remain one of the leading causes of death, with 33,000 people killed, and 3.9 million injured in car and car crashes in 2010, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). On top of the price paid in loss of lives and the decreased quality of life due to injuries, road accidents take an enormous toll on the country's economy, as well, costing American taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars every year.

In a report that was

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Wed, 8/13/2014 - 11:49 am - Jeremy Pool

DMVs progress towards digitalizationMany DMVs across the country have become more efficient and have improved customer service thanks to the fact that they have embraced the Internet and have started offering various online services and transactions. Providing online services saves a lot of time and reduces long wait lines at DMV offices, allowing customers to apply for a driver's license or a vehicle registration, or request a personal driving record report over the Internet, without having to go to the DMV. In addition to online services, there are a few DMVs that have introduced mobile apps that help customers to get up-to-date information on DMV office hours, news on road condition and traffic safety, as well as information on new services provided by

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Fri, 8/8/2014 - 8:02 am - Jordan Perch

Nissan self0driving carsEven though autonomous driving technology has been developing pretty fast in recent years, there are still no guarantees as to when exactly self-driving cars will hit the market, as there are some hurdles that need to be overcome, including legal issues and various technological challenges. Perhaps the greatest challenge is creating a car that will be able to move entirely on its own, without the slightest input from a human driver, and while many car makers had claimed that they would introduce a fully-autonomous vehicle in recent future, most of them are now backpedaling on their statements, saying that it's best to focus on implementing more

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Tue, 8/5/2014 - 1:10 pm - Paul Westbrook

Car usageIn the United States, driving rates have been declining recently, which has come as a huge surprise, considering that cars have been helping shape American culture for decades, but various factors, including the economy, as well as the generational shift, with Millennials being far less interested in owning a car or driving compared to the Baby Boomer Generation. However, even though the economic crisis has had a huge impact on demand for cars, it's not the determining factor, according to a study that was recently published by the RAND Corporation.


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