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How to Renew Your Vehicle Registration in Florida

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles notifies vehicle owners of the expiration date of their vehicle registration by mail. Vehicle registrations can be renewed before the expiration date either by telephone, using the DMV's online service, or in person.


You can use a touchtone phone to renew your registration. You will need a Visa, MasterCard or American Express card to pay for the renewal transaction. The procedure has an additional $2.90 service fee.

  1. Have your credit/debit card and the registration renewal notice handy before the call.
  2. Call the toll free number 866-GORENEW (866- 467-3639)
  3. Follow the instructions to complete the registration renewal.


  1. Go to the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles Online Services website.
  2. Have your Visa or MasterCard credit/debit card handy to pay for the renewal.
  3. There is no additional fee for online renewals.


  1. Locate the nearest DMV office or tax collector's office.
  2. Bring the registration renewal form along with current insurance information and cash, check, credit or debit card to pay for the renewal.


Registration for different categories of vehicles in Florida will have different fees starting from $27.60 as seen here.


  1. Before renewal, check for errors in the pre-printed vehicle renewal notice that arrived in the mail.
  2. For correction or change of address, use the online services to correct your address before renewing, or visit the nearest tax collector's office. If done by mail or in person, it is free of cost. For the online service, there is a nominal charge payable by credit card.


Reviews of How to Renew Your Vehicle Registration in Florida

ok so I recently moved to florida from Missouri and my car is registered under my ex's name (though both names are on the title) I need to get them renewed but don't know what to do or where to start

it will not allow me to renew my tags online!!! I have tried multiple times and I keep getting the same red error message. FIX THIS!

Having the same problem. If using your driver's license as ID online they ask for Florida drivers license, the 13 digit form number from the back of the license(which is so tiny that you need a magnifying glass to read it), date of birth, last 4 of your social security, and then the 2 word captcha phrase. Evidently I tried too many time to get the correct numbers and phrases exactly correct and now I think I am locked out, although I'm not sure. Just keep getting the red error message about checking that everything is correct, and I'm positive it is correct.

I have renewed my vehicle registration in the past, and can honestly say that I've never had to use this unreasonably secure process.

Heading to the DMV in the A.M.

I have tried to renew my primary car on line for years and every time I must go to the DMV in person (the opposite of fun) because they are missing my insurance information. My secondary car which my wife drives has no problem. Why can't you fix this?

I am trying to renew my vehicle registration and I have called the 1866 GO RENEW number 5 times with no dial tone. What's the deal?

This has been the most inconvenient inefficient ordeal I've dealt with.

How far ahead of time can my Florida Drivers License be renewed? I will be out of state during the month my license expires, and I do not qualify for renewing online nor by mail.

90 days

IMPORTANT PLEASE HELP If i live in California and i own my car have the title have it registered up to date an insurered and i am moving to Florida already have my isurance and proof or residency in Florida what do i have to do to renew my registration an liscense an get Florida PLates

Paid for a license renewal and a registration renewal, and only got the license in the mail. I need both to drive, and can't get to the county office during weekdays. I need the decal for my license plate ASAP, so please send it in the mail. It has been nearly a month... I can't really afford to be kept waiting for so much time.

RE: florida vehicle registration. The DECAL of my FLORIDA VEHICLE REGISTRATION has fallen off my license plate and I need a replacement.

How do I get a replacement of the DECAL

I recieved a auto as a gift from my father who lives in CALFORNIA. What steps are required to register the car in FL? The car is an classic 61 Vett. Is there tax to be paid?

It's been almost a month that I've not recived tag for my car registration.

I was on the phone for endless hours and still didn't get through any one.

Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i never recived a renewal for my tags in the mail. how long do i have after my birthday do i have to renewal 10-16-70

I don't have the registration

How do I get a duplicate vehicle registration, to renew my decal?

how do i renew and receive my tag for my license plate. I have a temp. address filed with the post office since i am currently out of state. I have also renewed my drivers license. Must have everything by March 1 to be legal.

I never received the renewal registration in the mail.


I did not receive my tag registrations in mail

I didn't receive my registration in the mail

how do i renew my handicapped window card on internet or phone or do i need to go to the office

How do I get a vehicle registration renewal form. I did not receive one in the mail, and my present registration expires on April 26.

if you do not recieve your tags that were renewed online whom do you call or email?

Did you ever find out? I have the same issue. I renewed online and can pull up my info that says I am renewed, but I never received my new reg. and decal and it's been way more than 10 days....

Same problem. I never received new tags

I have the same problem, and it has been three months. I called after about a month and was told that they would send it and it is now three tag. I suppose I have to go down to one of the tax offices and waste more time, if i try to set an appt online its another 2-3 weeks wait.