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Florida Auto Insurance - Get a Quote and Save

When owning and operating a vehicle it is very important to have some form of insurance in case of damage/injury to your vehicle, you or others during a collision. Accidents are unpredictable and that is why it is necessary to purchase the proper insurance and coverage for you and your vehicle. will provide you with the critical information and advice you need to make the right decisions regarding your auto insurance.

Types of Auto Insurance

The different types of auto insurance available in the state of Florida are as follows:

  1. Personal Injury Protection
  2. Property Damage Liability
See Mandatory Insurance for more information.

Required Coverage

The following types of insurance along with the listed minimum coverage are required by state law to drive legally in Florida:
  • Personal Injury Protection $10,000
    • Property Damage Liability $10,000
Please note that all of the insurance providers listed on this page offer these levels of coverage as well as options for additional coverage.

Opting Out of Insurance and Certificate of Self-Insurance

To file for a certificate of self-insurance, you must do the following:
  • Submit a notarized copy of a personal financial statement showing a net worth of at least $40,000 (signature must be on the statement and notarized; if the certificate is being issued to two individuals, both must sign and have it notarized).
  • A list vehicles owned and being self-insured, organized by make, model, year, VIN and tag number es owned by the certificate holder(s).
A certificate of self-insurance is valid for a period of one year from the effective date of the certificate.    
Not less than 30 days prior to the expiration date of the certificate, the department shall request a current financial statement and list of vehicles for the purpose of renewing the certificate.

Why Get An Insurance Quote?

Before purchasing car insurance or even if you already have a plan it is important to shop around for the right auto insurance provider. By obtaining more than one quote you ensure that you are getting the best offer. The providers listed on this page offer a free and convenient online application that makes getting your quote online quick and easy. The insurance companies listed on this page offer the most competitive rates in the industry and by getting multiple quotes for your auto insurance you're likely to save a significant amount of money each month.

What To Do In Case Of An Accident or To Make a Claim

  1. Call the police.
  2. Get information from all vehicles, drivers, witnesses and individuals involved.
  3. Make notes about the location, time and date of accident.
  4. Inform insurance company immediately.
If you have any claim you must contact your insurance provider as soon as possible. The insurance company should provide you with the appropriate forms for the claim. Ensure that the forms are filled out correctly and completely and take a copy for yourself. An insurance agent will assist in filing the claim. Please see the Accidents link for more details. If you are injured in an accident you may want to contact an attorney. Please see our Lawyers link for information on what to do if injured in a collision.

What to do if Your Rates are Too High

  1. Get quotes from other suppliers. The providers listed on this page offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry.
  2. Enroll in a traffic school course which will either earn you safety points on your license OR reduce your insurance premiums.
  3. Drive more safely in the future.
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Additional Resources

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  • For more details on car accidents see Accidents
  • For more information on Defensive Driving and Traffic Schools see our article on Driving Schools
See SR-22 for further details about filing a Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificate