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North Carolina Online Traffic School - Court Approved powered online traffic school offers courses for:
  • Court ordered traffic school
  • Traffic ticket dismissal
  • Insurance reductions
You can complete all the course work online without leaving your home but make sure to check with your court to ensure it approves the course for your case. Once you have enrolled in the course You are Guaranteed to Pass!
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Traffic/Driving Schools in North Carolina


In the state of North Carolina, traffic schools are often referred to as ‘Driver Improvement Clinics’. There are three reasons why people enroll in the Driver Improvement Clinics:

  • If a driver accumulates seven or more points on his or her driving record, the court or driver licensing officer orders the driver to take a course at a traffic/driving school to improve their safe-driving skills.
  • To remove demerit points from their driving record.
  • To receive insurance discounts.

This program is designed to help you to learn defensive driving techniques that will make you a safer driver. The DIC is a four hour course and there are various locations where clinics are offered in North Carolina.


Any driver can enroll in a Driver Improvement Clinic at any time to receive the following benefits:

  • Insurance Benefits - some insurance companies may offer premium discounts. Please check with your insurance representative to see if you qualify for this discount.
  • Points Reduction - you can deduct up to 3 demerit points from your driving record if you complete a clinic.


Either the court or the DOT (when notified by the courts) may order you to successfully complete a driver improvement program when you have accumulated a total of seven or more points on your driving record. It is under the court’s discretion as to whether or not you will be mandated to take one of these clinics. You will have 90 days to finish the course and if it is NOT completed successfully you will have you license suspended until the requirement has been fulfilled.


The cost of the four hour clinic is $50 and the fee must be paid in advance at any Driver Licensing Office.


Reviews of Traffic/Driving Schools in North Carolina

my sister got pulled over going 89 on 60. shes not a NC resident. what would be her best option? Get a lawyer or go to trial and hope she will be given a break since she got no other tickets before. she was charged with SPEEDING AND RECKLESS DRIVING. whats should she do?