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Replace a Lost, Stolen, or Mutilated Texas Driver's License or ID Card

The process to apply for a CDL replacement employs the same steps necessary for renewal. You must visit a local DPS office, complete the same forms and provide the same proofs of:

  • Identity.
  • Legal presence or citizenship.
  • Social Security Number.
  • Residency.

The fee to replace a CDL license in Texas is $11.

Suspended CDL License

A commercial driving license can be suspended for any of the following reasons:

  • DUI convictions
  • Leaving the scene of an accident you were involved in
  • Excessive speeding
  • Reckless driving
If you are convicted of driving under the influence, your first offense results in a one-year drivers license revocation without hardship license eligibility. A first offense while transporting hazardous materials comes with a three-year suspension. Second and subsequent offenses of a DUI with a commercial license result in a lifetime CDL disqualification.

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im visiting outta state and my id is lost here and i need it when i return home to texas to get my tickets to be able to return home.. any way to recieve it in less than 45 days??

YES, 1st learn how to spell, or at least spell check, BEFORE you post ANYTHING on the internet

My purse and wallet were stolen. My driver's license (my only form of I.D.) and Social Security card were in my wallet. How can I replace my driver's license if I don't have ID or a Social Security card?

I lost my driver license

My license was stolen. All I have is a passport. Is that good enough to get a new license or do I need additional ID? Do I need to go into the DMV or can I get it online?

My wallet was lost or stolen and I have no form of id or social security card what can I do

I am currently overseas and got my wallet stolen that contained my DL I will not be back for another month or so but need to replace it...will they just mail it to my Texas home address once I fill out the application for a replacement and include a copy of my U.S passport along with my S.S card??

Or what do I need to do to get a new one...please help

Maybe someone can help me. I have been back and forth between Houston and Miami for the last 8 years until recently, now I am permanently living in Miami. I still have a Texas drivers license. 6 Months ago my purse was stolen. I cancelled everything, or so I thought, the bank made a mistake and did not change my account number. I have since gotten a new Texas drivers license, but did not report it stolen I just got a duplicate thinking my information was no longer accessible. Someone has been writing stolen checks in my name, forging my signature, and using my drivers license number (which is the same as the one I have now since I got a duplicate). I would like to know the easiest way to transfer to a Florida drivers license and cancel out my existing license that is fraudulently being used. Will it automatically cancel when I get a new states license?

You must contact the Texas DPS and report your id missing. You may have to provide a police report. Once you report it, they will cancel that number. If you don't that number will continue to be active. Like if someone stole your credit card and you fail to cancel it. You cannot simply transfer to a FL drivers license. You must apply for one. The numbering system varies from state to state.

I miss placed it

Im in Los Angeles, I lost my wallet. I lost my drivers license and ss card. What do I do?

what everything.. well not really lost but it got stolen even my green card to proof i leave in america got stolen but i know my drivers license number en i have my passport as an i.d is that will work ?

be advised a new picture is required... once you could get a duplicate of the one that was lost. not so anymore... what a waste of time...

What if I lose my license in the State of Texas? Your instructions only discuss what I should do if I am out of state.

U need to contact ur states dps

U need to contact ur states dps

i visit tenessee and i lost my license.

How do I replace my lost driver's license? I am in the state of Texas.

I lost my driver licences in tx how can a relpace a new one?

I have recently lose my license, it was not in my wallet and I don"t know where it is at the moment, I have looked but cannot be found, I need to replace it, how can I do that.

Somebody stole my Tx I.d

My wallet was stolen and my social security card and Texas I'd card was in it.

Report it stolen to the police dept. Get a police report, contact tx dps and report it stolen. Contact all the credit beareus to put an alert on ur credit. And apply for a new one.

I need my Tx I.d

i am disabled and need to renew my texas id online or on phone help i cant get to the right place thank you b jones

I was on a date and my date carded me so I agreed and she took a picture of my Drivers licence. Show I be concerned?

My wallet was stolen while I'm living here in England (London suburb). I lost my TDL, Social Security card, credit cards and cash. I don't care about the credit card or cash. However i DO need my license and SS card. I can't order it online for some reason and I desparately need it to drive here. I have to be here for 2 years because of my wifes job. Please help


I am in Singapore and the SAME thing happened to me last week. How can we get our licenses on time!!

This really is crazy

Let me get this straight. Since I'm in the military stationed in Florida, as long as I stay in service, my license will ALWAYS remain valid? I never have to renew it?

Links work fine. It's your computer

I live in IL I NEED an ID how am I supposed to get one from TX if I do not have an ID even to get to TX. FIX THIS FORM

my tx d.l. was lost, and I have since moved to Colorado permanently. I know I have tickets that need to be paid and will be glad to. I am fighting cancer and need a Texas ID so I can get a Co. ID How do I need to proceed. I need an ID to get my treatment started, please advise, ASAP. Thank you, Robert A. Wilson

Form links are still not working

Form links are not working!

None of the links to the forms are working. How are we supposed to get the forms?