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Replace a Lost, Stolen, or Mutilated California Driver's License or ID Card

If your California driver's license or identification card has been lost, stolen, or mutilated, you can apply for a replacement or duplicate license at your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Office.

Instructions for replacing a lost, stolen or mutilated California driver's license or identification card:

  1. Locate the California DMV Office nearest you. Be sure to note the days and hours of operation.
  2. Make an appointment to save time.
  3. At the DMV office, fill in the Driver License or Identification Card Application (DL-44). This has to be signed with a DMV representative as the witness, and hence is not available online.
  4. The DMV might ask to see alternative identification.

    Persons under the age of 18 must have the application signed by both parents. If only one parent has sole custody, this must be stated on the application.

  5. Bring the correct fee. Normally, there is a $22 fee for replacing a lost, stolen, or mutilated Class A, B or C license, and a $23 fee for replacing an ID card. There is no fee for replacing a senior's license. Cash, checks, money orders and debit cards are the only forms of payment accepted. Credit cards are not accepted. Please contact your local DMV office to confirm the fee before applying in person, since fees may vary.

    You will be issued a temporary license that will be valid for 60 days and the duplicate license will be mailed to your home.

Instructions for California residents who are temporarily out of state:

California does not accept applications for a replacement of a lost license by mail, internet or telephone. Hence residents who are temporarily out of state and unable to apply in person cannot replace a lost license until they return. However, exceptions can be made for certain cases. For more information call 916-657-7790.

Additional Information

  • If your license or identification will expire within the next 60 days, you can apply for renewal by mail or on the internet.
  • You cannot apply for a replacement driver's license or identification online.

Reviews of Replace a Lost, Stolen, or Mutilated California Driver's License or ID Card

my id was stolen at work how do I go about it do I need to pay again

My ID AND CA drivers license got stolen and need to replace both

I need to replace a lost driver's license

I need to replace a lost driver's license DL D3449513

i wasnt given any form of id when i was released from foster care and they cannot release info once you are out what do i do? i want to get married and i cant

I'm a natural worrier and I lost my California id, luckily I have both the id and license, my license was in my car as usual. Now my question is do I need to report the lost id card or is it fine? I plan on getting a new as soon as I can but I'm not sure if I need to report it or not? thanks..

you should report it anyway karla tell them you found it in your car

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I need to speak to someone at 916-657-7790. I am in Brazil and have lost my CA license. I will return tot he States in April and need to rent a car upon arrival but cannot because I do not have a license. I need CA DMV to send me a new license. I need to speak to someone. This number is busy all the time.

I have been in France working and I only have my old expired california license copy and Number, my EU card was lost - how can I have a temporary made out to rent a car when I return to LA-LB in July?

I forget my driver's license number. Anyone can help me to get it back? I ve been away from the states for almost ten years and now just came back and look for my drive's license.

As far as i know. I've lost my California license not to long ago but moved to Tennessee. I never got around to getting a new one here and now i need it but i went to the DMV and I was told to call a number and i'm sure it can be done online somehow. BUT, you need to get a driver verification/driving record sent to the DMV or yourself to prove your license is valid and in good standing IF your license is not expired. If it is experienced you must take a test. You must also have two forms of ID i.e., birth certificate, marriage certificate, social security, passport & proof of residency in your new state like utility bills, phone bills, anything dated within the last three months that wasn't sent written in pen. Hope that helps!

I would like to know since I have lost my drivers license if it's possible to get it sorted from New york city? I moved here and hope I don't need to fly back... is there a California DMV branch or something in NY? Please if anyone knows it would help!

i lost my california ID in Queens, Ny.. i have nothing... i mean NOTHING to get a new one and wont ever go back to california... i dont even have my birth certificate... i know my social security number... any ideas how i can get a new ID????

I lost my California one in Tennessee the drivers license center here gave me a number to call but it wasn't much help. You have to get a drivers verification or drivers record faxed or sent to you or the dmv there to avoid taking tests. & that's if it's still valid & you have to pay the New York new license fee.

Did you seriously ask if there's a California DMV in New York? Wow, this site rocks.

I think they meant that since they lost their California license in New York without getting a New york one they have no photo ID to get a New York one. & They do not want to take a new driving test or written test.

@Takagi -My thought exactly...hysterical...

Does temporary driver's license have your picture on it i need to have photo id I lost my original hard copy and need photo id asap

this is such BS why is the number busy???????

What a stupid system; there is no reason one should not be able to have a lost/stolen license replaced by applying non line. My son is at school our of state and had his wallet stolen. He can't fly down to L.A. for three months. Not only that, but how can he board a plane these days without an ID. We've become a dysfunctional third world state.

This is why i wish everyone would wake up, these so called liberties which have been turned to privelages are simply an infringement on your rights as a human, we all have the right to travel the constitution protects this right. Now each state has enacted the Drivers licenses Act as a means to collect taxes and revenue but once again this is not your duty this is an option which you accept by default. To drive is a profession unless you operate your vehilce for commercial purposes along the open freeways you are not a driver. Do your own research the Right to Travel is still a right very much so real and alive and if more of us would stand up for it and protest that we demand our right and freedom to travel we would be assured of a change. "Do away with your government issued Drivers Licenses." If we are so required to have drivers licenses then the people need to vote to create our own.

If he's living out of state for more than 10 days (or up to 30 days depending on the new state), he is supposed to get a drivers license in the new state. He shouldn't be going to California to renew or replace his license as he is not a resident of California.

The actual stupid thing is if you divide your time between two states, technically you're supposed to get a new license in each state every time you switch. Of course people don't normally do that, and continue with their license from one state. But it is not correct way according to the law.

Respectfully, your answer is less than professional. Mind you the initial correspondence was not the best, but we pay your salary and expect some degree of client service training from your Supervisors and a lot of respect to your clients (from you) derived from such supervision.

"The actual stupid thing" as a response can be interpreted at you having a bad day while answering these client's e-mails and calling them stupid. In my humble opinion, you reduced your answer to a child like level by saying "I am not stupid... you are". I would suggest such language not to be included on your professional answers. Thank you for considering my suggestion.

The whole site is just people saying, "WOW thats a dumb question, here is why....then going on and on about what they feel is a "LEGITAMATE" question" Just to maintain the status quoe, "F" this site!


Wow your a dick.

I just lost my wallet. I need to have a new copy my CA driver's license issued. My wallet probably had all my ID. I see that "senior drivers" don't have to pay the $22 replacement fee, but nowhere is there a definition for "senior driver". For the Sonoma County Transit System, I am a "senior rider". For the Santa Rosa CityBus system, I won't qualify for the senior rider rate until I am 65, about 4 years from now. Can we get some kind of uniformity in government about what constitutes or qualifies one as a "senior citizen"? What about it, DMV? Is 61 "senior" enough to qualify?

how can i get my id reissued i have no way to get to california and the state im in wont give me an id without having my out of state id... can someone please help me figure out how i can get my id reissued without going back to california?

I had to renew my CA drivers license which had NOT yet expired. I had several pieces of ID with me but was told, at the Whittier office, that I didn't have enough. I continued to go back to the office everyday for a week with more ID then the day before. On Friday I brought in all kinds of ID to the same office and as the clerk began to process my renewal the Supervisor came by and only glanced at all my documentation, birth certificate, license, SS card, marriage license, several different utility bills, bank statement and official USA dependent military ID card. He had never picked up one item but looked me straight in the eyes when he stated that all my ID was forged! Even the military ID. I could not believe it. I had no other ID so I tried other offices thinking it was his prejudice alone but actually got the same results. A renewal was NOT issued. The last clerk I spoke to asked if I had a green card! How could I have a green card when I was born and raised in this country? I am over 60, white with lots of freckles. As I packed up all my ID, and with dry humor asked the clerk where I could get a green card and she actually gave me a street corner location in Los Angeles which was no where near a government office of any kind. That was too much. I wrote to the main office in Sacramento explaining what I had gone through and asked what I needed to do to prove my existence and they sent me my renewed drivers license the next week but without apology. Too bad the field offices are so prejudiced to those of us born here. I'm neither Mexican or an illegal alien but I certainly was treated like a criminal. What is Southern California coming to?

I see that you stated " I'm neither Mexican or an illegal alien but i was treated like a criminal." Are you trying to say that all those who are Hispanic looking or illegal in this country ( asian, black, white, so on and so on) should expect to be treated like criminals? All i got to say is i am glad you got treated like a dirt bag because you sure seem like one. As a white man my self i would of done the same to you as i am sure you act like a ignorant.


Ryan McGarvin

If you are here illegally your breaking the law and yes you would be a criminal. I understand people come to the US for a better life but we have a system to become a citizen. It takes along time and a little effort but I know more then one person who has done it.

This is comment by the gentleman above is the exact reason we are in the state or condition we are currently find ourselve's. This woman is proud to be from this country and to look like a "typical american". No one would argue that this would be the default image when say someone from another country thinks of a person from the USA., to deney that there is a sterio type for whites as there is for blacks is ludicrous. Look its not just here! If someone from another country thinks of someone from France, despite a large black population, the image most conjure up is that of white, very well dressed man. Obviously we know there are all cultures and much diversity in France, there is still a norm or a preceived norm. For her to not "Insist" on being addressed (since I dont know her background)on being called Iro-britano american (Irish /british american) or Italo-Iro american is her choice and one that if everyone made, would less segragation. Just two days ago I was stopped driving through "THE BADLANDS of NORTH PHILADELPHIA", a predominately African American part of Philadelphia, simply because I did not "look" (per the police office, (one speaking was black and the one with him white)) like I belonged there. I was taken from my car, detained for over a half hour, while the K-9 unit was brought in to search the car. If was actually explained that a white upper middle class man driving through this part of town, "especially in this hot car" (Toyota Solara, is that now a hot car), at night "IS" probable cause for the stop, based on the history of the typical type of people found here. If blacks from Africa want to be called African-American and the Spanish want to be addressed as Spanish or Mexican American and so on, then there is no reason this woman can not just consider herself a plain ol' "AMERICAN" with no prefix because that's the default that most think of whem they think of someone from the US. Until all the minorities decide to let go of their past, and simply identify themselves as americans, there will be separation. Look I am Italian and my heritage has a history of being called Guinae (spelling) or WOPs,. When we finally just became americans, instead of Itlano-american (by todays now polically correct nomeculture), we stopped be segragated. Most of the initial Italians came to the US from southern Italy and Sicily and have dark skin mostly, some very dark, yet today suffer no segragation, and most would not even know what those insults meant. Those insults were their "N" word, and yet are now abolished ! Why?, because we stopped drawing lines and insisting on our separation and just became part of our new homeland. The point is groups do this to themselves, blacks calling each other the N word is a current example. How can a Caucasian guy see no difference when walking down the streets of North or South Philly yield him either stopped by police, robbed, or "F" with in someway. Anyone doubt this walk through crack alley at 2:00 am. Seriously unless you look like the preceived "norm", walk through there and see how long you walk before the police, the bad guys, or simply those looking for your monetary help, take before they are right on you.

Look she is the coolest cat I see because she just keeps saying I am part of this currently, not call me this because my grand parents, or now it more like great or great great grandparents came from somewhere else.

We all came from somewhere else, even the american indian came via the Alaskan or from artic roots.

Please stop lambasting the woman for saying I am an american!


Forgive me for not reading the whole post but simply to reaffirm your statement that anyone born in America is American is true, however your ideals of where people came from and how this country came to be is very Euro-centric. Meaning the ideals you have about this country are of a narrow one-sided American way of teaching and thinking. The Natives did not come from Alaska, and many people you call African American and Mexican are actually true ancestors of the Natives. I challenge you to do some of your own research just to get a different account of the stories you have been taught in America.

Perhaps you do not know this, but people who commit "illegal" acts are classified as criminals. There is nothing prejudiced about that ; it is just a simple fact. People have become so paranoid about being "politically correct" that it makes it difficult to communicate anymore without someone else getting offended. Everyone needs to grow up, get a life, and get busy doing something productive!

Hi doe's anyone now how long it take to get ur id.cause I went since February 23n I still haven't get it

Hi I was wondering did you ever got your id, I checked online to see if they mailed it out for me and they said they been mailed it since febuary the seventh and today is febuary the 27th I need help what do I do! Please let me know thanks

When you apply for it, normally it takes a week (7days) to arrive, if it takes 2 weeks or more be worried, go down to the DMV and check on it to see if it's even been sent yet seeing as many people have been having this problem.

Who knows. It's going to take a while. I had requested for mine, back on 12/12, and I still haven't recieved mine :(

Hi . When I log in for the appointment link. It doesn't work. It always shows" The page can't be displayed". Pls check the link. Thanks

I am in Europe and my wallet has been stolen with my California Driver's license in it. The web site says to ring and there are some exceptions to having to be in California to apply for a replacement. I have tried for four days and the number is always busy. Can you tell me what the exceptions might be? Might I go to the Embassy in London?

Many thanks,

I am also living in Europe, the same thing happened to me as well, were you able to get more information, as I have tried that number for a few a days also.


I live in Asia and I lost my wallet. Did either of you figure out what to do?

Do you guys mean you actually "live" in Europe or Asia? Or do you mean you're just traveling there. If you're living there (meaning renting a place, doing work, or going to school) then you need to get your license in that country. You can't keep renewing your US drivers license when you're not a resident of the state. Usually between 10 to 30 days (depending on the state) of living in a new location, your previous license is technically already invalid.

some clerk made a typo when i went to renew my license. of course i never got my new license because it was mailed to a wrong address (which doesn't even exist) due to the typo. now i am having a nightmare to get this mistake corrected, and on top of that the dmv wants ME to pay them a fee for their typing error (they transposed two numbers). this is really outrageous. why is there no provision for 'NEVER RECEIVED MY LICENSE' instead of "lost or stolen"? this is their mistake and they don't even have the class to admit that yes, many people never even receive the license. no, it's not lost, it's not stolen, the dmv didn't send it to me at my address. this is why people are against government. first they waste your time and then they want you to pay for it. and of course if i get stopped i'll get a ticket for "driving without a valid license." some system!

hi my name is hazel galleyo i applyed for my id card back in july of 2010 and i went to renew it in october but i still havent recieved it i dont want to come out my pockets again if i paid and never received it but i kno i really need my id my contact is i have a new address to its 16711 chalon rd. victoville ca bld c apt 308 i will highly appreciate it if i can get my id without have'n to renew it due to the fact i paid cash and never received it thank you.....

Some one know if u lose u lincen u get a new date of expiration ??????

how long does it take to get a new I.D card sent to you.

My name is Henry Nguyen (DOB: 07/25/1991) and I have gone to the DMV to replace my lost drivers license on 01-28-11. It is 03-02-11 and I have yet to see anything in the mail. I have checked for the correct address and have called numerous times, but a representative is never available. I understand that a bureaucracy requires you to go through a myriad of procedures and the works, but my temporary license expires at the end of this month. I honestly don't want to drive back down there only to be required to pay the fee again, and endure the more than agonizing wait. My email is Thank you.

men try not to give too much info on public mjs . like ur name and date of birth .or ur email there is people out there trying to stole identity .


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