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Your California Driving Record

In most states like California the DMV will allow you to order your driving record. This will allow you to view any and all incidents that you have been involved with that are still listed on your record. This can help you determine what (if any) points you currently have against your license and how that is affecting your insurance rates or employment prospects. There are generally two ways of getting your driving record:

  1. Most states require that you either visit the appropriate DMV office or send a detailed mail message and cheque to an office location. To find out more, contact your local DMV office.
  2. If you wish to avoid having to go through the DMV it is usually possible to order your driving record through a 3rd party online.

However, the state of California is very strict about only allowing employers to access driving records of potential employees using 3rd party services. So, for the ordinary person you will typically be required to visit a local DMV office in person to get a copy of your driving record.