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Your Tennessee Driving Record

By having a driver's license within the state of Tennessee you formally consent to have your driving history tracked by the DMV of Tennessee. By law, the Tennessee DMV must provide these records for you should you request it. There are a variety of reasons why one, being a driver, need to know inside your driving history. Ignorance of your file can lead to anything from missed employment opportunities to license suspensions. Driving records are often included in background checks for brand new employees, and if you find yourself commonly passed over for work for which you are competent it could be smart to look at your Tennessee driving record. The simplest and fastest way to see your record is by filling out the form above.

Demerit points can be another reason why knowing your driving record is important. The state of Tennessee has a particular limit of demerit points which a motorist may receive before being having their license terminated. If you do not know how close you are to this limit your could be putting yourself at great jeopardy .

Insurance premiums is something all motorists care about. If you don't know your driving record than your run the risk of paying excessively high premium. To negotiate with your insurance provider you need to be in a position of knowledge, and knowing your driving history is a vital piece of information. Quickly get access to your driving record by filling out the insurance form above

While requesting your driving record online is easily the fastest and most comfortable way you can also request it via mail or by going to your nearby DMV in person