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Suspended License Information for Texas

Reinstate Suspended Drivers License in Texas

The Texas Department of Public Safety can suspend your drivers license for a variety of reasons, including:

  • If you are deemed medically unable to drive.
  • If you are caught without car insurance in an accident that involves injury, death or $1,000 in property damage.
  • If you have committed multiple traffic offenses.
  • If you operate a vehicle or boat while under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DWI).

Each drivers license suspension in Texas will have a designated period that you must endure before you can reinstate suspended drivers license credentials. Note: Refusing to take a chemical test is also grounds for a suspended driving license in Texas. A police officer will immediately confiscate your drivers license and give you a 40-day temporary driving permit. This suspension can last up to two years, even if you are considered innocent of DUI.

Information Related to License Suspensions

Suspension Periods

The amount of time that you will hold a suspended drivers license in Texas varies based on the offense committed, such as:

  • A DUI conviction for drivers 21 and over: two-year suspension
  • A DUI conviction for drivers under 21: one-year suspension

You will receive a lengthened suspension period if you are ever caught operating a vehicle with a suspended or revoked drivers license. The added time will be the same as the original duration you were required to serve (one additional full year if you had a one-year suspension).

Texas Violation Point System

Drivers who are convicted of a traffic violation will receive points on their driving record. The drivers record is a report that shows all driving history, including information on whether or not one has a suspended drivers license.
The breakdown of the point system is as follows:

  • Traffic conviction (in or out of state): Two points
  • Traffic conviction (in or out of state) that resulted in a crash: Three points

If a driver accumulates six points on their driving record, they will incur a surcharge every year for as long as they have these six or more traffic points. The charges are as follows:

  • First six points: $100
  • Each additional point: $25

If these surcharges are not paid within 105 days, the result is drivers license suspension. Points will not be assessed if the individual in question takes a defensive driving class.

Traffic School

Drivers are allowed to enroll in a traffic school once every 12 months to dismiss a traffic ticket and eliminate points from their driving record if they meet the following qualifications:

  • You do not have a CDL
  • You were not driving 95 MPH or faster
  • You plead guilty and are not contesting the ticket
  • If you were charged with speeding, you did not exceed the limit by 25 MPH or more

Drivers training covers topics such as traffic rules, safety equipment, safe driving strategies and the wrongs of operating a vehicle while under the influence.
Texas DUI attorneys are also available to help you fight charges if you are facing a conviction of driving under the influence. These attorneys can help you reduce fines, sentences and other penalties.

How to Reinstate a Suspended Drivers License

Drivers must wait out the suspension period and pay all traffic fines before they begin suspended drivers license reinstatement. These factors vary depending on the severity of the offense.
Once requirements are met, drivers can access the TX Online Eligibility webpage to see if they are eligible to receive a drivers license and pay the reinstatement fee.
You will need to provide your:

  • Drivers license number.
  • Date of birth.
  • Last four digits of your Social Security Number.
  • Credit card information.
    • Reinstatement fee can be paid with VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover
    • Administrative License Revocations have a $125 reinstatement fee

Drivers who cannot pay online can submit a check along with compliance documents and SR22 certificate (from your car insurance company) using one of the following methods:

  • By fax: (512) 424-2848
  • By e-mail (only PDFs):
  • By mail (with copy of the suspension notice and the driver's name, birth date and drivers license number on all documents submitted):
Texas Department of Public Safety
Enforcement and Compliance Service
P.O. Box 4087
Austin, TX 78773-0320 Note: Drivers must maintain SR22 insurance for a period of two years.

Medical Suspensions

Reinstating suspended drivers license credentials after a suspension from the Medical Advisory Board can only be done if a driver meets all below requirements:

  • You submit medical information
  • You are approved by the Medical Advisory Board of Texas
  • You pass a road test

DUI Suspensions

To reinstate revoked drivers license or suspended credentials after driving under the influence, a driver must:

  • Complete the 12-hour alcohol awareness course within 180 days of the conviction.
  • Enroll in the Repeat Offender's DWI Drug Education Program.

Drug-related offenses require completion of a 15-hour drug awareness program as well. Note: If suspension came with an ignition interlock device, drivers are required to pay a $10 fee for an IID restriction on their driving license.

Car Insurance Suspensions

Drivers must submit one of the following documents to reinstate a suspended drivers license that was the cause of not having car insuranceduring an accident.

Occupational Drivers Licenses

If your drivers license was suspended but you need to drive for the following reasons, you may be eligible to receive a temporary (one- to two-year) occupational license:

  • School
  • Work
  • Necessary household reasons

However, if you meet any of the following criteria, you will be considered ineligible:

  • Your drivers license was suspended for medical reasons.
  • You want to drive a CDL vehicle.
  • You had your drivers license suspended because you did not pay child support.

Follow these steps to request an occupational driving license:

  1. Petition a court in the county you were suspended in
  2. Obtain a court order 30-day temporary driving permit
  3. Visit a TX DPS office and provide the following:
  4. Certified petition and court order
  5. SR22 certificate
  6. Suspension documents
  7. Reinstatement fees
    • Driver license offices accept cash, checks, money orders and credit cards
  8. Pay $10 fee for occupational license

Drivers can also mail their request and payment (only check or money orders) to:

Department of Public Safety
Enforcement and Compliance Service
P.O. Box 4087
Austin, TX 78773-0320. Note: Your request will be processed the moment you hand it in, unless you meet the below criteria:

  • If it was a drug or alcohol-related offense, you must wait 90 days.
  • If you have 2 or more administration license revocations on your drivers record, you have to wait one year.
  • If it was a conviction regarding intoxication, you must wait 180 days.

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Reviews of Suspended License Information for Texas

I have paid off every ticket. One was out of state and they sent me a receipt in the mail. I have paid all my surcharges off. I just bought SR22 insurance. So on the eligibility page it still says ineligible because they are waiting to receive the sr22 and the receipt from the out of state court. Is it true what they say above that you can go to those certain DPS locations and just show those last two documents and be reinstated in person?

Drivers license suspension question?

I have been burning up the highways all over Texas for years and a few years back got popped speeding three or four times and never paid the fines. Now my license is suspended because of my negligence and it may cost me a good job. Does anyone have any advice on how to go about getting my license renewed ASAP? I can pay the fines and this isn't a cdl or anything, just a regular class c.

My licenses has been suspended for over 10 years can i get it reinstated if i haven't payed the surcharges,i live in Houston Texas

My license was suspended in Texas for possession on marijuana. I have a cdl and I had to obtain a sr22, take a 15 hour drug class and pay a $105 reinstatement fee. I'm on a mandatory suspension until 1/6/2015, but I need to go back to work. I was told that since I have a cdl that I would have to wait out my whole suspension. I was wanting to know does anyone know in the state on texas will they give you an early reinstatement since I have complied and did everything that I was supposed to do.

My daughter recently got a ticket for her license being suspended due to non-renewal on her buirthday. We paid the sucharge that Texas now charges and had heard that because she is only 17 she should not have had her license suspended for non-renewal. Can anyone tell me if this is true. Should I fight the $300 ticket she has and should she have had to pay the surcharge?

I was recently in a wreck where I had no insurance. I was not ticketed because no cop showed up. The insurance company is claiming that the wreck was my fault. They have sent debt collectors out to get the funds from me. They stated that if I don't pay them, then they will submit paperwork to the state intending to have my license suspended because I did not have insurance at that current time. As of Right now, I am currently up to date with my insurance and all car related requirements by the state of Tx. My question: Will my licenses be suspended if I don't meet the insurance companies demands? I have never been ticketed for Driving without insurance. Do Insurance companies have the ability to have my licenses suspended by the state of Texas based on this short story?

Because no cop showed up there was no police record of the incident so the and if the other party willingly left the scene without making a police report there was officially no accident the only thing that the other party can do is try to file a civil suit but the judge is gonna ask them why they didnt file a police report so i wouldnt sweat the insurance company there just tryn to scare you if they could do something about it they wouldnt have called you warn you about it

I moved to texas a year ago from Illinois, my Illinois license is suspended for 6 months ending in june. Illinois requires me to take a defensive driving class down here and then get my license reinstated. Since im a TX resident now do I have to get my IL license reinstated or do I just apply for a TX license? If i have to get it reinstated here in TX, what is the process??

Hi All, a bit late on this post but I have good news in some respect. Texas assistant director Joe Peters passed a rule on November 23 2013 that texas will have only a ten year limit on driver history. I am from illinois and had 4 duis. In illinois this is a lifetime ban. So on the 9th year of my revocation I moved to Texas. Firestone thing I did was to get a ODL(occupational diver license) for one year and when my 10th year finished I called dps and they confirmed about the 10 year rule and today I went to the local dps office and received my full license. There is hope people. Staying on the right path. Thank you lord!

I moved to Texas from Indiana with the same issue and I have to do the same thing with the driving course if you find out the answer can you post it on here so I will know what to do please?? Thanx:)

i want to know how to find out my drivers licsense status online. this page doesnt tell me but keeps bringing it up on google. i would like to know if there are any websites that i could find out my dl staus. please help.........

This is sooooooooooo said this is just what my friend is going throw... She has never been in any trouble at all.. Nothing just forgot about a ticket and then got a ticket for no Valid ID and she paid it right out.. So she had hers suspension for 2 years so two years r up and now she has to have a $500 and something to get them back plus the Sr something.. when you call about them they don't want to tell you anything about what you need to do are how to do it.. Like we should already know.. But we don't we did not go to law school and that is there job. I don't think it is far at all for them to do that.. Not only to her but to anyone.. I understand the DWI and the DUL, Fatal Accident r Wreckless driving , are anything that would hart other people..r ever been in some stuff before.. But NO... Just DWLI..

So sorry about the bad spelling. fill free to email me and give me a answer pleas.Ok i have a very important question, and please some one help me. Q: If you never got your liceans and it was saspened, whin will the saspenchen take place? Thanks so much Misty. Pleas Help.

I have a friend who has a kid (over 21) that got a DWI, probation for 1 yr., (first offense) and when this kid was able to go get his license he knew it would cost I think it was $125.00 but he went on-line and said it stated he had to call a 1-800#, that there was a "surcharge". He did call the 1-800 # and found there for a "surcharge" of $1000+ per yr. Had added up to like $3,000+ . The person at the 1-800# said a notice had been mailed to such-n-such address.....(FYI - which this kid had not lived at in like 5 yrs.). So I would like to know why the " surcharge notification" had not been sent to the address that was on his license when he was stopped & instead sent to an address from approximately 5 years before ?????? So now, this kid is stuck with a suspended license and each year another $1,000+ is being tallied????? Oh, yes, you can make a payment of $89.00 per month but I do not know if you get your license back while you are paying these payments or you have to wait until it is totally paid out to get your license back. So if you work & have no other way to get to your job except by driving, you are at risk/chancing getting stopped & being caught with a suspended license simply by trying to go to wk and pay this stupid "surcharge" ??? It is a vicious circle !!!!!! Duh....

Well if you or this kid did their research would have found out that the state has a program for this yes it cost more money but that is part of the consequences for disobeying the law its called an occupational / necessity license and there are restrictions / limitations that go with it but as long as you do what you are supposed to you wont have to worry im am in this situation got pulled over on a friends motorcycle and yes I have class m but his registration was out and no insurance, which is my fault should have checked before I borrowed it, but my license got suspended state didn't inform me actually got pulled over by pasadena pd and received a speeding ticket and pulled over by tx state trooper near odessa who checked my license and gave me a warning because it was clean a few months later I rolled my truck and received a ticket for invalid drivers license which I found out at this point was suspended due the no insurance ticket paid surcharge and reinstatement fees thought I was clear but no a year later after being pulled over by said state trooper and was told all clear got pulled over for ripped inspection sticker, which happened when windshield was replaced after roll over, and got arrested for license still being suspended they are not clear with their communications I will agree but like I said if you obey the law you don't have these problems

Did you get any assistance from the offices you appealed to? What were their responses?

No REAL help from any of the offices. However, you can go directly to your local DMV License division and thet can look you up on computer AND tell you EXACTLY what you need have, including what "fees" you still have to pay.

This is horrible, they make it so hard to get your licence back they put you through all this trouble and payments just too find out you have to pay even more to the state of texas? recession because of jobs? Or because the government keeps taking everything me and my family have worked so hard for. one day they will all be judged and i certainly hope the ruling is worst than what this state has put me through.

Hate always, TG

im from out of state and was traveling through texas where i got a speeding ticket,which i paid of 10 months ago but they still suspended my license. i have a utah drivers license,i freaking got arrested in georgia for a suspended license cauz some moron forgot to release my payment info to their dmv. im stuck here and cant drive till i sort this issue out. can anybody guide me how i should sort this issue out and get back on the road. thanks

I got a DWI in September 09 and before my 90 day suspension was over (I was granted an occupational), I paid my $125 reinstatement fee, however I learned that I had outstanding fees that I needed to pay and have finally since been able to pay those off. What steps do I take now to assure I get my license reinstated? Any information anyone could give me would be great. Thanks!

I got a DWI in September 09 and before my 90 day suspension was over (I was granted an occupational), I paid my $125 reinstatement fee, however I learned that I had outstanding fees that I needed to pay and have finally since been able to pay those off. What steps do I take now to assure I get my license reinstated? Any information anyone could give me would be great. Thanks!

I received a ticket in 08 by receiving that ticket I was informed by the cop that my license was suspended. So I called Texas DPS office to confirm this and it was true so I pay the out of state ticket to show proof to Texas I paid it and I was allowed to reinstate my license. Two years go by I receive a letter from the DPS office in Austin that they plan on suspended my license for a ticket I receive in 08 the same ticket I had to show proof I paid to reinstated my license in 08. After fighting my case I end up with nothing they don't care that they send you out information as a company send out junk mail they just wanna screw you over at the end of the day.

I had a Ticket from 1998 that had been forgotten about in the city of Houston. That I tought that I paid for back then. Well this past June i got a letter in the mail from the City of Houston stateing that I owed 425.00 dollars. So I paid it so my DL would not get suppended or go to Jail. Well just yestraday I got letter in the mail from TDPS that I needs an SR22 or my DL would be suppended. I couldnt believe it so I called the customer service live after being on hold for 20 minutes the Lady on the phone told me yes I needed to file an SR22 with my insurance company. What a load of crap, come on give me a break fro 13 years ago the Texas Laws are so stupied some times. So I'm fileing the SR22 and getting a Lawer to fight this.

My licence was suspended due to a drug charge i got back in 2005. I am now married with a 9 month old and 7 months pregnant. I am not a drug user nor was i at the time of the conviction but i now am in need of my drivers licence. i called the Austin dps office for days trying to reach someone. A week later i finally spoke to a customer service rep who gives me a phone number for a drug class that i am supposed to take to reinstate my licence. i call the number and an automated service tells me i need to sign up for a $9.99/mth charge to recieve a text message with the information of a drug class that i need to take! no thank you! Im furious about this. upon finding out that this drug class is a 15 hour class and i have no idea how much it costs because no one wants to help me out, i have decided to look for alternatives to taking this class. I think it is unfair that something i was involved in during my high school days 6 almost 7 years ago is affecting me in this way now. i dont think being seven months pregnant and not able to afford a babysitter for my 9 month old that i should be required to take this class! are there any alternatives for me being that it was so long ago? I am more than willing to take drug tests any time and do whatever it takes to be able to drive my child and myself to doctors appointments without being nervous i will be arrested for driving with a suspended licence?! HELP

depends if you were put on a probation or something and had to take a drug class for it that may help or work. i dont think they would take you to jail but you may get a ticket

Texas is retarded!!!! I paid all of my husbands tickets from 3 or more years ago and then they suspend his license. Really? So, I send him to the DPS office in Austin, where he is routed to a different office, and then again to another office, where they tell him that he needs to mail it in and it takes 21 days. Why are these people who sit behind a desk paid out of the tax dollars that I am required to hand over? I don't want to pay these mentally challenged freaks, half od which are probably convicts like the majority of the state and county employees. I'm tired of this facist, third world state and the morons who run it.

The fees are so expensive

if my cdl was suspended in texas for one year.can i downgrade(SO TO SPEAK) to a regular license.

Trying to help a friend who has had his CDL license suspended for "points". Is his regular license still good? I have a CDL also and had heard that the two are married and if you loose one you loose both privileges. I want to give sound advice to friend so please clear this up for me.


i had my license suspended in 2009 for a misdemeanor drug possession charge.. (which i wasnt driving) i was a passanger.. it was suspended for 2 yrs, now that the 2 yrs are almost up what should i do?.. how do i go about reinstatning my license?.. do i have to pay or can i just go renew it after the 2 yrs are over?..

It has been determined that you operated a motor vehicle on a highway while your license or driving privledge was suspended...Who determines this?

I just got the same letter in the mail, and I do not know what it is, how how they determined this!

Does anyone have a suggestion on what to do about this? I just got the same letter and I have paid all my fines and fees for traffic tickets from last

In response to the questions yall asked I cant answer... But I do know a little bit about law and when I went in front of the judge on the ticket he DID NOT order a suspension. There for it is not a mandatory thing and I have retained a U.S. Attorney to fight the double Jeopardy of being convicted three times on one ticket. So far the sdupreem court says no one can amend a court paper but the Judge With out a fair trial. So far It is also stated in the Republic Laws of Texas that a Dl, nor inspection is needed to operate a motor vehicle in Texas as of now. I will keep Yall Posted. THE GHOST

I am trying to help my brother who has a suspended license. He received an Order of Suspension last April that said the suspension would be 01/27/2010 through 07/25/10. He then received ( in July 2010) a notice of revocation for not responding to the demand of the Department and the Medical Advisory Board regarding medical testing they wanted him to undergo. What are the steps to finding out what needs to be done to get his license back?

i was involved in a traffic accident which was my fault. didnt have ins. got sued (default judgement) im unemployed so i cant make an agrrement to pay. insurance company says they are going to suspend my license if i dont agree to pay now. can they suspend my license for a civil matter as opposed to a criminal one. ticket was dismissed.

I just need to know if my license is suspended and the relevant dates. Is there anywhere I can get this information for free??

why is my license suspended? How do I get them back

You can request a copy of your driving record the information will be there. You can also contact your state's department of public safety or DMV.

i need to know if they have recieved my reinstatement fee for my tx DL but know one seems to be answering phone calls all day who can i get a hold of best.

After paying the surcharge,what do you do next to get your license back?how do i know how much i owe in reenstatement fee?thank you for any help.


If you got a DWI in Texas, and your license was suspended for that; and subsequently you got a valid drivers license in another state (CA), can you drive in Texas on your valid out-of-state license?


your an idiot

you're a troll

Hi, i just found out that my licence is suspended, i got an sr-22 from my insurance and i plan to mail it to the office, but it will take time for it to process and show up, so my licence is suspended in the meantime, i have to attend class, so is it cool if i drive with proof of my SR22 and proof that i mailed the info with money?

No!! - If you get caught driving w/o your License your asking for a whole lota problems

can you be charged more than 1 reinstatement fee in texas. I have tried to look up the laws and can't find anything on this matter. I was told that I have 3 reinstatement fees to pay before I can get my license back. I thought you can't get your license suspended if they are already suspended.