A Nebraska driving record is issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles for all resident drivers of the state. These personal driving history reports contain driver’s license information as well as details on all previously committed traffic violations. Explore the details of these reports further by looking at the sections below.

How To Order A State-Approved Nebraska Driving Record


To simplify the process of getting your driving record, you can order it online through DMV.com in just 3 easy steps. By easily ordering your driving record online, you will receive the most up-to-date information in a shorter time frame. Your driving record will include your driver’s license status, violation convictions (including DUIs), endorsements, restrictions and administrative actions that are associated with your drivers license and reportable in your state according to their policies. Accidents and points will only show if applicable based on your state. Your driving record can only be ordered from a state where you have been issued a license.

2. By Phone:

Driving records can also be obtained quickly and conveniently by calling 1-855-966-5665. A customer service agent will help you through the process so that you can easily order a copy of your driving record today.

3. Via a DMV office:

You can also get your driving record from your local, official DMV office. This option tends to be the most cost-effective choice; however, it is important to note that not all DMV locations have the ability to process driving records. It is recommended to first check with your Nebraska DMV to verify if they can fulfill this service. Click here to find a DMV office near you. If your DMV office offers the option to make an appointment and make sure to have all your personal documents and pay the fees to order a driving record.

4. By mail:

If you are not in a rush to get your driving record, you can request it by mail through the DMV. First, find out if your local DMV processes driving records, if they do, make sure to gather all the required documentation and send it to their mailing address. To avoid delays double check that you have included all the correct information. Almost all DMV offices accept payment in the form of a money order but for alternative payment methods check with your local office.

What is on my Nebraska driving record?

Depending on the type of driving record and where you purchase it, your Nebraska driving record may provide either a partial or complete outline of your personal NE driving history. If you order your driving record directly from the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles, it will contain:

  • Information about the DMV driving record holder.
  • Driver’s license issuance and expiration dates.
  • Driver’s license restrictions and endorsements.
  • Previous traffic violations you may have committed.
  • Demerit points.
  • DUI reports.
  • Adjudications.
  • Administrative withdrawals.

If you order your driving record through DMV.com, you will receive valuable information such as: violation convictions, accidents (if reported by the state), suspensions or limitations, special license classifications and DUI offenses on record. DMV.com recommends ordering a copy at least every three years. Find out what is on your driving history report by filling out the form above to order a copy of your records.

Did you know? Your personal driving history is a public record. Potential employers, insurance providers, and courts of law can all request a copy of your driving history.

What Do Points On My Nebraska Driving Record Mean?

Points on your personal driving record indicate the traffic violations that you have been convicted of in the state of Nebraska. Each traffic offense carries a different point value, which is based on how serious the infraction is:

  • Motor vehicle homicide: 12 points
  • First offense of driving under the influence: 6 points
  • Willful reckless driving: 6 points
  • Leaving the scene of an accident: 6 points
  • Negligent driving: 3 points
  • Not submitting to an alcohol test: 1 point
  • Driving with an expired driver’s license: 1 point

When you incur 12 or more demerit points in a period of two years, your driver’s license will be revoked by the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles for six months. A second NE driving record point revocation within five years will result in a three-year driver’s license revocation.

How do points against my Nebraska license affect me?

In addition to the driver’s license revocation that occurs when you accumulate 12 or more points on your Department of Motor Vehicles driving record, point accumulation can also result in an increase in auto insurance premiums and a decrease in commercial driving opportunities. Personal NE driving record points convey unsafe driving behaviors, which may force commercial vehicle employers to reject your application and insurance companies to increase your premiums.

How do I remove drivers license points from my Nebraska record?

Two points can be removed from your Nebraska DMV driving record by enrolling in traffic school. However, you must complete a defensive driving course before the 12th point is assessed on your drivers record. Point removal can be completed in this fashion once every five years, but you may also receive the two-point credit if you take the course voluntarily, not if the DMV requires your enrollment.

How long do points stay on my Nebraska driving record?

Personal NE driving history points will remain on your driving record until you take the necessary corrective action, such as enroll in traffic school. However, points older than two years will not be counted towards your next driver’s license point revocation.

Checking for Traffic Violations and Penalties in Nebraska

Nebraska DUI Records

DUI records are featured within every driving history report from the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles. These driving documents contain reports of every DUI that you may have been charged with, including the dates and times of the violations. Drivers with DUI criminal records in Nebraska may be asked to submit them whenever applying for alcohol awareness enrollment or driver’s license reinstatement.

How do I know if my Nebraska Driving License is suspended?

If your driver’s license has been suspended, you will be able to see this change in privileges when you order a copy of your driving record. Nebraska driving history documents contain information on license status, including whether or not your driver’s license has been suspended or revoked.

Previous Traffic Violations in Nebraska

To obtain any information on previous violations that you may have committed in Nebraska, you must order your driving record. Nebraska drivers records contain all violation-related information, including the dates on which you were charged for each offense.

Why do I need a copy of my Nebraska driving record?

NE DMV driving records are required when you apply for auto insurance coverage or driving-related job positions. Find out more about the functions of these driving documents, as well as the details they contain, in the sections below.

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Check for Points in Nebraska

To determine how many points you have amassed on your personal driving history and how near you are to driver’ license revocation in Nebraska, order your Department of Motor Vehicles driving record. Avoid point-related penalties by verifying the status of your driving privileges today.

Applying for a Commercial Driver Position in Nebraska

Checking your driving record is recommended to be a priority when you apply for a commercial driving position. Since employers are searching for responsible vehicle operators, you want to verify that your personal Nebraska driving record is clean and without errors. Otherwise, you are likely to be rejected for the driving position.

Check your driving record for violations or accidents before you apply for a commercial driving position to take any necessary corrective actions and give yourself the best chance to succeed.

Lower Nebraska Car Insurance Premiums

Accumulating points on your Nebraska motor vehicle report because of unsafe driving practices will cause an increase in your auto insurance rates. Car insurance providers do this to offset the liability that you pose to their company. To reduce your vehicle insurance premiums, you must clean your driving record prior to applying for auto insurance by removing applicable demerit points and employing safe-driving techniques on a regular basis.

Take Nebraska Traffic School to Prevent Points

To receive a two-point credit on your Nebraska driving record, you can enroll in a defensive driving course. Courses include eight hours of classroom instruction and can only be taken for the point credit once every five years. In addition, the course must be taken voluntarily, not as a requirement of the DMV, in order to receive point credit, and the class must be completed before the date of any violation that results in the assessment of your 12th driving history point.

Why do employers check your Nebraska driving record?

Employers check driving records in Nebraska to ensure that they hire only the safest and most responsible candidates. Applicants whose drivers records contain demerit points or reports of car crashes present a liability to employers in the form of potential medical bills or lawsuits. For that reason, they will be rejected for driving positions. However, drivers with clean driving records that demonstrate safe-driving practices are more likely to be rewarded with a position.

Learn how to check your driving record today to verify its accuracy before you apply for any driving position.

How Do I Get My Nebraska Driving Record?

DMV.com recommends ordering driving records from a secure and reliable source. You have the option of ordering your driving record directly from a local government branch of the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles. This is usually the most cost-effective way to obtain your driving record. However as an alternative option you can order a copy of your Nebraska driving record through DMV.com. We aim to deliver you the most up-to-date information quickly and conveniently, and keeping your information confidential and safe is a top priority.

Different Types of Nebraska Driving Records

The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles offers two types of drivers records. The DMV driving record you choose will be based on the length of time in your driving past that you intend to examine.

5-Year Driving Record

Your five-year driving history report features your personal information, as well as your drivers license status, restrictions, endorsements and any violations that you have committed in the last five years.

Complete Driving Record

The complete or full driving record also contains the details of your personal information and driver’s license status, as well as all of the violations/convictions that you have committed in your entire personal driving history in Nebraska.

How do I fix a mistake on a Nebraska drivers history report?

A single error, such as a wrongfully assessed demerit point, can result in the revocation of your Nebraska driver’s license. To avoid such penalties, as well as the consequences that follow, you must verify the accuracy of your NE driving record. If after ordering a copy of your personal driving history you notice a mistake, you must contact the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles. The DMV will notify you of any further corrective action you must take.

What is not included on my Nebraska driving record report?

While your DMV driving record features information on your past violations and suspensions, it does leave out certain details that are unrelated to your Nebraska driving history. If you are asked to provide additional background information, you have access to the following resources through DMV.com:

Nebraska Vehicle Registration History

If you need to prove ownership of a vehicle or vehicle registration in the state of Nebraska, order a copy of your NE vehicle registration history. This document provides information on all of the cars that you have owned or registered while living in Nebraska.

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