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Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Point System

Violating Pennsylvania driving and traffic laws can result in fines and the suspension of your driving privileges. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (DOT) uses a point system to track violations and their corresponding penalties. Points are added to your driving record if you receive a traffic ticket for moving violations.


Different violations are assigned different point values, which are added to your driving record. For instance, careless driving, violation of license restrictions, and ignoring train signals carry two points each. Three-point offences include not stopping at a red light, tailgating, and failures to yield. Reckless driving and circumventing train gates carry four points. Violations such as not stopping for a school bus with flashing red lights carry a five-point penalty.

The number of points assessed for different speeding violations are as follows:

Exceeding the maximum speed limit by 6-10 mph:2 points

Exceeding the maximum speed limit by 11-15 mph:3 points

Exceeding the maximum speed limit by 16-25 mph: 4 points

Exceeding the maximum speed limit by 26-30 mph: 5 points

Exceeding the maximum speed limit by 31 mph or more: 5 points and other possible


View the complete Point Schedule to learn about the number of points associated with each type of moving violation.


You will be subject to specific penalties if you accumulate a certain number of points on your driving license:

  1. If you accumulate six points for the first time, you are required to pass a written exam. Failure to pass this exam within 30 days means your license is suspended till you pass the test.
  2. If you are under 18 and accumulate six points for the first time, your license is suspended for 90 days and you are required to pass a written test. If you do this again, your suspension is extended to 120 days.
  3. If this is a second time you are accumulating six points, you are required to attend a hearing. Failure to attend this hearing causes your license to be suspended for 60 days.
  4. If you accumulate six points three or more times, you are required to attend a mandatory PennDOT department hearing. Failure to attend means an immediate suspension that will be lifted only when you attend a hearing.
  5. If you have accrued 11 points or more, you are not entitled to a hearing. Your license is immediately suspended for a period depending on your past suspension record. For one suspension, you suspension period if five days per point; for two suspensions, the period is 10 days per point; for three suspensions, 15 days per point; and for subsequent suspensions, one year.
  6. For speeds exceeding the speed limit by 31 mph or more, you need to attend a mandatory hearing and you may be given a 15-day suspension or required to take a special on-road test. If you do not attend the hearing, you get a 60-day suspension.
  7. Accumulating points on your driving license is also likely to increase your auto insurance rates. See our auto insurance section for more information about obtaining quality car insurance at competitive rates.


PennDOT maintains a record of all points added to your driving license. To encourage good driving, PennDOT gives you a number of options by which to remove points from your driving record.

  1. A period of 12 months with no violation leading to points, suspension, or revocation, results in removal of three points from your driving record.
  2. Removing all points from your record and maintaining it that way for 12 consecutive months leads the state to treat subsequent points like your first.


If you believe you have been incorrectly charged with committing a moving violation, you may be able to fight the charge in court. See Traffic Tickets and Traffic Ticket Attorneys for more information.


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