Tired of looking at a never ending driver's manual? Studying for the DMV permit exam can be overwelming, so we created a simple and easy-to-follow 'Cheat Sheet'. DMV.com assesed the handbook inside and out, selected the essential information specific to the test, and presented it in terms any new driver can understand.

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Inside the Guide

  • Tips and Tricks
  • What to bring on the day of the exam
  • The 50 question & answer combos you need to know
  • Solutions to the essential comprehension questions
  • Road sign diagrams and explanations

Save Your Time, Use Our Cheat Sheet

All states have their own version of the Driver's Manual that covers all the questions on the permit exam. The Driver's Manual is a good resource for the permit exam but reading it is extremely time consuming. We recommend the DMV.com Cheat Sheet as a study tool in reviewing the concepts and information you need to pass the test. This will not only save you time but also blocks out the clutter and unnecessary filler found in the driver's manual. Click on a state name to get a Cheat Sheet tailored to your area.

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