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How to Renew a Driver's License in Virginia

A Virginia Driver's License can be renewed either in person at any DMV customer service center in the State, by telephone, online, or by mail. The DMV will send you a notice before your license expires, stating your eligibility for the various methods of renewal.


  1. Your Virginia driver's license will generally expire on your birthday, and is usually valid for eight years. If you are 16 or 17 years old, it will expire on your 20th birthday. If you are listed in the Virginia State Police Sex Offender and Crimes Against Children registry, your license will be valid for five years.
  2. It is advisable to renew your driver's license before the birthday on which it will expire. You can renew your license any time in the six months leading up to its expiration.
  3. Your driving privileges expire on midnight of your birthday if you do not renew. However, you will still have an additional one year to renew your license without any additional testing requirements.
  4. If you are under 20 years old when renewing and have any traffic convictions, you will be required to take the knowledge tests.


You must renew in person at least every alternate renewal period. You must also renew in person if you have to prove legal presence, if your license has expired or any of these conditions apply. To renew in person, you must bring:
  1. Your expiring license or proof of identity if the expiring license is not available.
  2. If your name has changed, documentation of the name change is required.
  3. Proof of legal presence is required if your license has expired or if you are a non-US citizen.
  4. The renewal fee of $4 per year. For example, an 8-year driver's license with no endorsements costs $32. You may pay your fees with cash, money order, check, check card or major credit card.


You cannot renew your license by mail if these conditions apply. To renew by mail:
  1. Check the renewal application received in the mail for any errors. For corrections call DMV toll free at 1-866-DMVLINE (1-866-368-5463) or 1-800-435-5137.
  2. Complete the application and sign it.
  3. Mail it along with your payment to:
    Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
    P.O. Box 26506
    Richmond, VA 23260-6506    
The renewed driver's license will be mailed to you in about 15 days.


You cannot renew your license online if these conditions apply. To renew online:
  1. Visit the Virginia online services website.
  2. Enter the PIN that you received in the renewal notice mailed to you, and follow instructions.
  3. Have a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), debit card (Visa or MasterCard) or your checking account number and bank routing number handy to pay for the renewal.
The renewed driver's license will be mailed to you in about 15 days.


You cannot renew your license by telephone if these conditions apply. To renew by telephone using a touchtone phone:
  1. Check the renewal application received in the mail for any errors. For corrections only, call DMV toll free at 1-866-DMVLINE (1-866-368-5463) or 1-800-435-5137.
  2. Have the renewal application received in the mail and a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) handy.
  3. Dial 1-888-337-4782 and follow instructions to renew your license.
The renewed driver's license will be mailed to you in about 15 days.



Reviews of How to Renew a Driver's License in Virginia

I renewed my registration, but everything was mailed to my old address. I keep calling the DMV so that they can send it to the new address, but the line is always busy or an automated message comes on saying to call back another time. Is there a way to request this online instead? Thanks

I tried to conduct business online, but none of the links work. Now I have to go to the DMV with the "third worlders" and wait for half a day. And you wonder why America hates their government.

I renewed my drivers license by mail before it expired and it was lost, either by the post office or the DMV. Nobody is responsible for this, now I have to do it in person which means to be in long lines in the DMV, may have to loose all my Saturday morning. Doesn't feel right that nobody is responsible for this.

We just came back from sea duty and my driver license expired,and were coming back here in Va.Beach which we left 2006. When I look at the DMV to see what I need to renew it I never found my name or my D.L.number (http://D.L.number) anymore,

Please advice..


If I'm 21 do I have to turn my license around even if it doesn't expire?

review mi driver license

when you call the number on website it is incorrect; it gives you a new number 804-497-7100. This needs to also be changed on the website.

thank you

DMV web site is just as hard to get questions answered on than going into the place is...

Dealing with DMV either online or in person continues to be one of lifes most frustrating experiences. The web site is almost as unfreindly as the employees at the DMV ofices.

Can I use my Comcast bill as the proof of address? Thanks

i could just like to say for those who live out of state, such as living in CA, who have lost or missed placed, or had their birth certificate and has to wait at leat 6-months from CA, there has to be an easier system to be able to get my license renewed. i currently live in the hampton Roads area and in order for me to do anything, including getting a certified copy of my birth certificate, i need a license, but because VA requires the certificate upfront, when u already have on file, when i had to bring to get my license in the first place it extremely frustrating to me. you already have it on file and is making it very hard for me to do anything such as getting a car and car insurance. there has to be some kind of exception to situations like this to allow someone to renew...especially since i never received a notice to remind me because i am human and make mistakes. also, i had called the DMV a few weeks prior to my license expiring to optain my driving record for employment purposes and someone at that time could have informed me of the information so that i could have ordered with them or went to the DMV. There should be a better system implemented. oh, and by the way, i have been waiting for my birth certificate since april and m license expired in the math people

Good Afternoon,

I've been trying to renew my driver's license online for the past hour with no success. When I get to step 2a of the Renew Driver's License screen, and click on submit, it takes forever for the screen to advance. I've had to close the screen several times and try to resubmit, however the problem still exist. I'll try it again later today. Maybe it's too many people accessing the site at the same time. If that doesn't work, I guess I'll have to call it in.

i did try to renew at the dmv and ran into all kinds of trouble with the employees here in charlottesville va. in the end my license was not renewed and i have had all kinds of trouble due to this problem. I do not have a birth cert so a whole year later I am still waiting for this to come since it has been amended twice. I have spent hours and hours on the phone and cannot get the district manager to even listen or understand my problem. this is the worst year of my adult life and here in a few days I will need to retake the tests even if my birth cert does come-finally. dmv in charlottesville-u r not cool and the employees are very rude. -cynthia rose hertzler

I will renew in person! I have an address change, from my father's house as well as I need to update all information on my lic as well. I have no health insurance and know that my information need's to be updated as well. I got my lic when I turned 18. But, still have the permit format. I use to have a Oldsmobile Ciera that my mother got screwed over with and need to fix anything that involves me and that car as well. I do not live with either of them and apologize for the delay. I want to take care of this and make a complaint as well.. Thank you for your time and am trying to make it down some time this week.

  • Best regard's*~