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In the state of Virginia, traffic schools are often referred to as ‘Driver Improvement Clinics’. There are three reasons why people enroll in the Driver Improvement Clinics:

  • After a traffic violation where demerit points were awarded, the court will orders the driver to take a course at a traffic/driving school to improve their safe-driving skills.
  • To receive insurance discounts.
  • To receive safe driving points.

This program is designed to help you to learn defensive driving techniques that will make you a safer driver. The DIC is an eight hour course and there are various locations and online clinics offered in Virginia. If the clinic has been court-ordered, please ensure that the court will accept a certificate of completion from an online course, before enrolling in a computer based DIC.


Any driver can enroll in a Driver Improvement Clinic at any time to receive the following benefits:

  • Insurance Benefits - some insurance companies may offer premium discounts. Please check with your insurance representative to see if you qualify for this discount.
  • Safe Driving Points - you will receive 5 safe driving points for 24 months if you complete a clinic. These points can be used to counteract demerit points.

Note: If you take a DIC for the insurance benefits you may not qualify for the safe driving points. Also, if the course has been court ordered you will not be eligible for the insurance premium discount.


Either the court or the DMV (when notified by the courts) may order you to successfully complete a driver improvement program when you have been convicted of a moving or traffic violation. It is under the court’s discretion as to whether or not you will be mandated to take one of these clinics. You will have 90 days to finish the course and if it is NOT completed successfully you will have you license suspended until the requirement has been fulfilled. If under 20 years old, you must complete an in-class clinic; online courses are not permitted.


Depending on the location, the 8 hour clinics or online courses can cost up to $75.00. Please see the clinic locations for more details on individual pricing.


  • If you are looking for information on how to get your license or permit, see Driver’s Education.
  • Please click on defensive driving schools for details about other safe driving courses.
  • When studying for your driver’s license/permit, use the driver’s manual to help you learn about safe driving techniques and traffic laws.
  • For more licensing and safe-driving information for beginning drivers, see learner’s permits.
Submitted by Front Desk on 14th May 2015

Any recommendations for a

Any recommendations for a driver improvement course for learning disabled?

I'm in search for one of my employees that does not have a high level of reading.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

Submitted by safwankhan (not verified) on 3rd Apr 2013

I got speeding ticket in FL

I got speeding ticket in FL and they told me that if i take classes, they will waive 3 points. I need to know if Virginia DMV will give me credit or I will still get the points? Also if I dont take class in FL and take in VA, do I still get points?


Submitted by gooberspile (not verified) on 18th Sep 2012

Hey there, I'm 18 and

Hey there, I'm 18 and recently moved to Richmond, Virginia from Colorado Springs, Colorado and I obtained my learners permit here about a month or so ago but apparently I can't get my license because I haven't taken a driving class. I wouldn't know where a driving school would be since I'm fairly new to the Richmond area, so If anyone can recommend one to me that would be just super. Send me an email at - if you have suggestions. Muchas Gracias!

Submitted by allartiscollaboration (not verified) on 21st Nov 2011

Okay so i failed my permit

Okay so i failed my permit test 3 times already, i went to take it in sept/august. I'm not sure when i actually went but it was between those months. I was 16 at the time and i just turned 17 last month, would i be able to take my test over again without taking a class? i took a drivers ed class last year. Help!?! Please.

Submitted by battman (not verified) on 26th Jan 2012

if you fail it 3 times, you

if you fail it 3 times, you have to go take the course they enroll you in, very simple, once you finish that course, you get another 3 chances, btw before you take the test, try the practice prep pre-tests, if you are 18, you don't have to take behind the wheel, after you get your learners permit you can go direct to the dmv for the final exam (actual driving) , but you must wait atleast 1-2 months so you can say you drove a lot or so , hope this helps, call you dmv if you have questions.

Submitted by CaitlynCarpenter (not verified) on 16th Nov 2011

Is there a way to take a

Is there a way to take a driving class to get my license instead of just going into the dmv one day to take the test? I heard there was a class that I could take and by the end of the class I would get my license.

Submitted by jabrams0614 (not verified) on 30th Nov 2011

what is the answer to the

what is the answer to the above question?

Submitted by Anonymous on 29th Mar 2011

hi im 17 and im in the 11th

hi im 17 and im in the 11th grade live in richmond va i did driver ed class then moved when i went there they told me i needed something eles im wondering can i just go to dmv to get my d.l ineed them ASAP call if any question 8045190345

Submitted by battman (not verified) on 26th Jan 2012

yeah just show them proof of

yeah just show them proof of your license and they can change the license to that of the state you are currently in.

Submitted by Anonymous on 15th Mar 2011

I would like to know where I

I would like to know where I can attend traffice school before 4/7/11. I live in Alexandria Virginia and would like to attend a school in this area. Please advise @ or you may call me at 703.739.4927 (http://703.739.4927) or 202 331 6174. Please advise.

Submitted by Anonymous on 26th Jan 2011

Hi, My Name Is Marian Taylor

Hi, My Name Is Marian Taylor And I Need To Attend A 8 Hour Driving Course Class. Before 02/24/2011. Can You Help Me Find A Class Close To Home.Am From Page County. PLESE FILL FREE TO EMAIL ME AT THIS ADDRESS. Thank You. I Hope To Here From You Soon!!

Submitted by rld52743 (not verified) on 12th Oct 2009

i would like to attenddriving

i would like to attenddriving improvement class before december 2nd 2009

Submitted by rld52743 (not verified) on 12th Oct 2009

i would like to attend

i would like to attend driving improvement school before 12-2-09

Submitted by Snuckumsjones (not verified) on 5th Oct 2009

I would like to know where I

I would like to know where I am able to take an 8 hour driving class before Nov. 5, 2009?

I've been on line but totally confused now. Where can I get this information from?

Can you help me please?

Thank you.

Submitted by lay lay (not verified) on 23rd Apr 2009

Hi i am Dwayne pendleton i

Hi i am Dwayne pendleton i would like to take classes?

Submitted by rld52743 (not verified) on 11th Oct 2009



Submitted by JasmineJ2009 (not verified) on 12th Jan 2009

I am an 17 year old that is

I am an 17 year old that is trying to get my licensing, but i am unsure wheather I can wait til i am 18 and go to the dmv to take the drivers test or did the law move it up to 19.