Missouri defensive driving courses are created for drivers who want to gain additional knowledge and learn defensive driving techniques. Residents may take a Driver Improvement Program (DIP) at a state-approved traffic school to avoid point assessment on their MO driver’s licenses, to earn a car insurance discount, or for personal voluntary education. For more information regarding Missouri defensive driving, click here.

Drivers education in Missouri is not mandatory for first-time drivers who apply for either a learner’s permit or a provisional driver’s license. Beginner drivers may enroll in a state-approved drivers ed course for the purpose of becoming safer and more responsible on the road. For more information regarding MO drivers ed courses, click here.

Missouri Drivers Education

Missouri teen drivers are required to enroll in a Graduated Driver License (GDL) program before obtaining a regular MO driver’s license. However, a drivers education course is not part of the GDL program and it is not a mandatory requirement. Beginner drivers in Missouri can only voluntarily enroll in drivers ed, if they want to become better drivers and to get prepared for the DMV written and driving skills examinations.

To learn more about drivers ed courses offered in MO, click here.

Missouri Defensive Driving

Drivers can complete a state-approved defensive driving class for the following reasons:

  • Satisfy court requirements.
  • Avoid point assessment on your MO driver’s license.
  • Get a car insurance premium reduction.
  • Voluntarily increase your personal education.

Note that a driver improvement course may last from four to 12 hours. Drivers in the state have the option to take a Missouri defensive driving course either in a classroom setting or online.

Traffic school programs are offered all across the country, in each and every state. To find out what courses your state offers, click here.

Last updated on Thursday, December 21 2017.

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