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Drivers License and ID issues

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How to handle driver's license ID issues

There are several issues that can arise regarding driver's licenses and ID cards. The most common reasons for these issues include: a DUI charge, not having auto insurance, replacing a lost license, committing a traffic accident and a series of issues related to changing a name, address, or renewing an ID.

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Driver's licenses are recognized as official identity documents for adults in every state in the US. Other rules vary from state to state but in general, here are some common issues:

Name changes

The process of changing a name on a driver's license or ID is complicated as you have to provide all the certified documents that prove the name changes, such as a marriage certificate, an original copy of the divorce papers, or an adoption decree. Unlike previously, now you also have to provide two different proofs of your residential address.


Renew or replace your passort quickly, whether it was stolen or is close to expiring. We have services available online so you can do it quickly and efficiently. See our passport services page for more


You may have a suspension if you receive two or three serious traffic violations within three years, commit a felony, drive under the influence, or refuse to be submitted to a blood or breath test. All offences related to drunk driving result in an immediate suspension of the driver's license by the court or the DMV. Moreover, you are obliged to go through a court case before you can expect to get it back.

Title transfers

Moving from one state to another requires you to apply for a new license and ID. You have to submit a proof of residency and identity and in some cases, take a written and a practical test for the driver's license.

Veterans and Military Personnel

Find out how to get customized denominations for veteran or military drivers licenses or license plates. Also see the various benefits offered including housing programs, education, employment services, and more.

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