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How to Handle a Change of Address in Connecticut

If you are a Connecticut resident and have changed addresses or plan to do so in the near future, you must have the address information updated on your license, vehicle registration and title certificate. You are also required to notify your insurance provider of your new address.


You must notify the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of a change in address within 48 hours of moving to a new residence. Reporting a change of address to your local DMV office is simple, and can be done by mail or in person.

Reporting an address change by mail:

  1. Complete the online request for Change of Address and/or Organ and Tissue Donor Status stickers. You will be sent updated stickers for your driver's license. But this does not update your information in the DMV records, for which the form has to be mailed to the DMV.
  2. Download and complete the change of address form and mail it to:
    Department of Motor Vehicles
    60 State Street
    Wethersfield, CT  06161-5070
    Attn: Data Entry Change of Address Unit    
  3. The address change is free of cost if the DMV-provided stickers are used to reflect the change.
  4. Applications will not be accepted unless duly signed by the applicant.

Reporting an address change in person:

  1. Locate the Connecticut DMV office, satellite office, photo ID center or AAA location nearest you.
  2. Submit the completed change of address form.


  1. You must notify your local DMV office of a change in address and have this information updated on your Connecticut Vehicle Title and Registration certificate. This must be done within 48 hours of moving to a new residence, since this will allow you to receive your renewal notice and any other correspondence in a timely fashion.
  2. You can either report the change of address in person by visiting your local DMV office, satellite office, photo ID center or AAA location, or via mail, and your records will be updated at no charge.


  1. You must also notify your insurance provider of your change of address, so that you receive timely information regarding due dates for payments, renewals, and other communication.
  2. To save time and money, some Connecticut drivers who change addresses choose to obtain a free quote for new auto insurance instead of changing the address with their current insurance provider. Not only does this save the hassle of contacting and notifying the current insurance company, but it could potentially save hundreds of dollars by identifying companies that offer lower rates and/or better coverage.

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