1. Get Started With Drivers License Address Change Assistance Online

Get online assistance to help you update your address on your driver’s license. If you have recently moved within your state, you will need to update your information with the DMV as soon as possible. The postal service does not forward DMV mail, so failing to update your address may make you miss out on important renewal reminders and other correspondence. Fortunately, online services can take you through the steps of changing your driver’s license address, saving you time and hassle. Take advantage of this help today.

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2. By Mail

Some drivers prefer to deal with the DMV by mail. However, keep in mind that not all DMV transactions can be completed using this method. If your state allows for by-mail driver’s license address changes, you will want to make sure you allow enough time for your forms and documents to make it to the DMV. Since some states do not provide a duplicate license when you update your address, you may need to call the DMV after for confirmation that your address change was processed.

3. In Person at a DMV Office

Some DMV processes can only be completed in person at the DMV. Although some states allow their drivers to update their licenses online, others require their residents to visit a DMV location. Since lines at these offices are often long and slow, you should try to make an appointment if your state offers that service. No matter what, however, you must be sure to bring all the documentation required to process your address change. Online assistance services can help prepare you for your DMV visit to make sure you are not caught off guard by a missing form after you have already waited a while to be seen.

Drivers need to complete an address change process at a local DMV branch in their states when moving or changing their mailing addresses. An official address change is required when drivers have moved within the state or from out of state. Motorists must request a DMV change of address in order to update the information on their DMV records, driving licenses, car registration and title certificates. In addition, drivers need to report their address change to their car insurance companies in order to avoid mistakes for the payments. For that reason, they must submit address change forms and additional documentation — that may vary between states — in order to prove their move from one address to another. Motorists have several address changing methods such as in person, by mail and online, depending on the DMV regulations of the state where they will live. For more information about how and where to change your address, continue reading the sections below:

  • Documents required to change your address
  • How to change your address on your driver’s license
  • How to change your address on your car registration and title
  • Fees to change your address

Documents Required to Change Your Address

Prior to changing address when moving within the state or from out of state, drivers need to prepare certain documentation that may vary depending on the state where they plan to live. In addition, the official address change documents may vary based on the method you plan to use for the change of your residential address. For instance, drivers in New York may submit an address change request online, by mail or in person at a local DMV branch in the state. However, each method has different requirements that you need to satisfy. To change address online in New York, drivers first need to register for CA DMV online services. After that, they will need to provide information about both their old and new addresses, as well as details about their car registration. Providing this information will be sufficient to change your address successfully. However, when making an address change in person or by mail, drivers will be required to complete a change address form.

How to Change Your Address on Your Driver’s License

To change address on drivers license cards, motorists may be required to complete the procedure online, by mail or in person at a local DMV, depending on the available methods set by their state Department of Motor Vehicles. When changing drivers license address information, you may be required to provide proof of your new address to the DMV. However, note that some states may issue new credentials upon completion of drivers license change of address procedure, while others will provide you with a certificate of the address change which you must always carry along with your old driver’s license.

Note: If you want to change address on drivers license cards near the expiration date of your credential, you are encouraged to both change your address and renew your driver’s license at the same time.

How to Change Your Address on Your Car Registration and Title

The procedure for address change on car registration credentials is very similar to the one about changing your address on your driving credential. To change car registration address, you must provide proof of your new address and your current car registration and title. In some states, drivers who need an auto registration or car title address change may also be required to provide their ID number, driver’s license number, permit number or a non-ID number. When changing car registration address or updating address on car title, motorists will have the option to do so in person or by mail by completing a change address form and providing payment for the applicable fees.

Fees to Change Your Address

The final step in the change of address procedure will require drivers to submit payments for the applicable fees for updating addresses on their documents and on file with the DMV. Drivers need to pay the address changing fees and prepare the required documents, which may vary depending on the type of document on which they want to change their addresses. If you are unsure of the payment methods for address change in your state, contact the Department of Motor Vehicles for further information.

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