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SR-22 Auto Insurance Forms and Quotes


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Filing the Texas SR-22 Insurance Form

SR22 Insurance

SR22 insurance is not auto insurance. Instead, it is proof of auto insurance. Also known as Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificate, SR22 insurance provides official verification that a driver has a car insurance policy that meets the minimum liability insurance requirements.

In Texas, the minimum liability insurance requirements are the following three points

  • $30,000 to cover bodily injury or death of one person in a car crash.
  • $60,000 to cover bodily injuries or deaths of two or more people in a motor vehicle accident.
  • $25,000 to cover damages incurred to any property from an auto accident.

Information Related to SR-22

Who Needs SR22 Insurance in Texas

Drivers who are required to obtain an SR22 certificate are meeting a court order to do so. The reasons a driver in Texas is ordered to get SR22 are:

  • DUI charges.
  • DWI charges.
  • A succession of speeding tickets.
  • A succession of moving violations label the driver as a hazard to others on the roadways.

In these situations, a convicted driver has been convicted of the violation and has had his or her driving privileges suspended, revoked or cancelled. If SR22 insurance is court-ordered, it must begin on the date of the conviction. SR22 coverage must be maintained for two years, or more if the court so requires.

How to Reinstate Driving Privileges with SR22

SR22 coverage gives drivers the right to drive again. By verifying you can be responsible to pay medical or repair bills of an accident you cause, the DPS will reinstate your driving privileges. Follow the steps below to get your drivers license reinstated with SR22 insurance:

  1. Make an appointment at your local DPS office.
  2. Bring your valid TX driver's license.
  3. Provide official proof of having SR-22.
  4. Pay the reinstatement fee.
  5. The reinstatement fee is different for every driver, and is determined by the violation committed.

Lapses in SR22 Insurance Payments

The auto insurance provider of the SR22 coverage will notify the Department of Public Safety when a driver has bought SR22. The monthly payments must be punctual. If at any point in time you do not pay your SR22 insurance promptly, your SR-22 insurance provider will notify the DPS immediately. Driving privileges will once again be suspended, and the term of your SR22 insurance will restart.
That means if you have been court-ordered to maintain SR22 insurance for 24 months, and you make a late payment in the eighteenth month, your SR22 term will start over the following month. You will then have to pay the SR22 insurance costs for another full two years.

How to Get SR22 Insurance

If you already have auto insurance, check first with your provider. Most major vehicle insurance companies offer SR22 insurance. In the event you need to look for SR22 insurance quotes elsewhere, contact the DPS for a list of auto coverage providers that also include SR22 insurance.
If you need to get SR22 insurance and you do not have a car, ask about non owner SR22 insurance. This is the cheapest option for individuals mandated to have SR-22, and will be offered by any company who also offers basic SR22 insurance.

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what all information will i need for my insurance company

You will need your case number that you will receive from DPS. And the date of conviction.