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SR-22 Auto Insurance Forms and Quotes


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Filing the New York SR-22 Insurance Form

SR22 Insurance

SR22 insurance may seem a confusing concept to drivers, because it is not an insurance policy. Instead, SR22 insurance signifies proof of having insurance for New York drivers:

  • Convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) or while intoxicated (DWI).
  • Ticketed for driving without proper insurance.
  • Who caused a serious accident.
  • With a suspended or revoked drivers license.
  • With too many points on theirdriver licenses.
Having SR22 indicates that you are a driver who has had problems abiding by the road rules and traffic laws of the state, and have been classified as unsafe. Unfortunately, insurance companies will now consider you a liability, and you will see a substantial increase in your monthly premiums and high SR22 insurance costs. It is important to note that only certain insurance providers offerSR22 insurance, so do not be surprised if you have to switch insurance companies.

How to Get SR22 Insurance

The SR-22 is a certificate of financial responsibility form that needs to be filled out by your insurance company in New York. By itself, SR22 is not an insurance policy, but it has to be handled through your auto insurance company. You can review SR22 insurance quotes here. Most likely, you will need to maintain non owner SR22 for three years in New York. In that time period, you may not receive a single violation. If you are ticketed, you will need to apply for a new SR22 and start your three-year sentence over again. If you have filed SR-22 insurancein another state and want to get a new NY driverslicense, the DMV will have first investigate the status of your out-of-state driver license. They will notify you when you are approved to get a New York drivers license. Once you have SR22 insurance, you will need to get car insurance as well. You want to search for car insurance quotes online from a reliable website, and choose the best auto protection policy available in your price range.

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Reviews of Filing the New York SR-22 Insurance Form

I thought going online was supposed to make things easier. All I wanted was information on how to "un-suspend" my license. I don't have a dwi or anything, I just owe money on old tickets. I'm just not sure how much and/or if it's too late...will I need to start all over again, after driving for 25yrs.?

im in the samer boat