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Traffic Tickets and Violations in New York

Citations or traffic tickets are issued in the State of New York for various violations of traffic law. Citations generally indicate the statute or code number of the violation, and explain how and when to pay the fine or respond to the ticket. You must respond to a citation, usually by paying a fine or appearing in court, or else a warrant may be issued for your arrest and your driving license may be suspended.


Most traffic tickets in New York are issued for what are sometimes called "strict-liability" offenses. In these cases, the only thing required to convict a person of the offense is proof that they committed the act, regardless of any criminal intent. Examples of strict-liability offenses include:

  • Speeding
  • Overdue parking meters
  • Not using turn signals
  • Parking in a handicapped zone without authorization


Violations are also classified by whether or not the vehicle was in motion at the type of the incident, and traffic tickets may therefore be for either moving or non-moving violations. Examples of moving violations include: Non-Moving violations include:
  • Parking in a handicapped zone or other illegal parking
  • Driving with an invalid vehicle registration
  • Having expired or missing license plates
  • Leaving a vehicle unattended and running
The majority of traffic violations in New York are classified as infractions, which require paying a fine up to $600. More serious offenses carry higher fines and/or imprisonment.


Many citations do not require a court appearance, and you may admit guilt by paying the ticket directly. The citation will indicate how and by what date to pay the fine. You may be eligible to pay online or by mail. If paying by mail, check the "guilty" box on the back of your ticket and send your money order/check (payable to Commissioner of Motor Vehicles) to the address mentioned on your ticket. This should be done within 15 days of receipt of your ticket. Most New York City residents will have their non criminal tickets handled by the local town, city or village criminal courts. However, residents of New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, or the towns of Babylon, Brookhaven, Huntington, Islip, or Smithtown in Suffolk County will have to deal with the Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) of the Department of Motor Vehicles instead. Residents in the above areas will have their cases heard by a DMV administrative law judge. Criminal offenses such as DUI or reckless driving will be heard by the local criminal courts in these areas. TVB's do not handle parking tickets. You can plead guilty and pay your fine in person at any Traffic Violations Bureau Office. Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover card, check or money order. Traffic Violations Bureau Offices in New York City, Buffalo, Suffolk County and Rochester only deal with traffic violations. If you wish to dispute the citation, you must check the "not guilty" box at the back of your ticket, fill in the required information and submit the same to the address given on your ticket. This must be done within 15 days of receipt of the ticket. You must appear in court personally on the scheduled date, and enter a "not guilty" plea. While you may be able to negotiate with the prosecuting attorney, a trial will be scheduled if no agreement is reached. A trial gives you an opportunity to fight the traffic ticket in front of a judge or jury, and most people prefer to hire a traffic ticket lawyer to defend them in court. If you wish to appeal the verdict, you can do so by filling out and sending the appeal forms available at the Traffic Violations Bureau offices. You will have to pay a fee for appealing the verdict. Fill out the form, and send it along with a check/money order for the required amount (it will be mentioned on the form) to:
Appeals Processing Unit    


P.O. Box 2935
Albany, NY 12220-0935    


When you pay a ticket directly, you are essentially pleading guilty to a traffic offense, which carries the same consequences as being found guilty of the violation in court. Motorists who either plead guilty directly or are found guilty of an offense should be aware of the following possible consequences:
  • Certain traffic offenses, including speeding and other moving violations, are automatically reported to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles. New York routinely provides information concerning traffic ticket convictions to other states and Canadian provinces.
  • The New York Department of Motor Vehicles follows a point system to track violations and their corresponding penalties. Points are added to your driving record which could result in your license being suspended. For more information, see our Point System section.
  • New York drivers that accumulate points on their driving record are often subject to higher car insurance premiums.


One of the best ways to reduce the negative implications of traffic violations is to drive safely and not commit any additional offenses. Points on your New York license will be reduced, and your driving record may eventually be cleared if you remain free of any additional violations. Smart drivers often choose to take a defensive driving course or traffic school course in order to reduce the points on their license more quickly. Taking a defensive driving course can also help lower the car insurance premiums of drivers whose rates increased following one or more traffic ticket convictions. Some drivers prefer to obtain a new quote for car insurance following a traffic ticket conviction, since often more competitive rates and coverage may be available. The DMV also has an accident prevention course called the Point Insurance Reduction Program that helps you to reduce points on your license.


Reviews of Traffic Tickets and Violations in New York

I was told by a NYS Trooper friend that a moving violation has to be physically observed by the officer in order to hold up in court. Is this true? For example: "Following to close behind". Doe the officer have to observe that violation ? And if so, what is the law please?

I got a speeding ticket which i fought and was reduced to a non moving violation parking ticket with no points but had a $230 fine. I have yet to pay the fine, but today got a letter from DMV stating my license would be suspended next month if I didn't pay fine, the violation description on the letter still has speeding, is this something I can fight?

I received a ticket for no insurance (it was not my car) over 17 years ago. I lived in NJ--never lived in NY. It was paid and I thought that was that. In 2000 I moved to California and when I tried to get a CA license, I was told there was something outstanding in NY. I called and it was this ticket. I paid it AGAIN and was told all was well. Now, I am trying to get my license in NJ--need it for work and my job is currently not allowing me to work until I get it. I paid all kinds of fees and now they tell me this NY thing has come up again. Spoke to NYDMV and am now told that I owe almost $600 in 'surcharge' which cannot be paid in installments. I just spent all my last paycheck taking care of the other things. DMV told me I can 'appeal' this, but must pay it first. I have no money for a lawyer or anything else, for that matter--i've paid it all to try and get my license back. What can be done here--I was NEVER told of this surcharge, and it's almost 20 years later...

I was visiting Brooklyn from England last month. Unfortunately, on my last night in town I inadvertantly parked in front of a pole with a 'No Standing' sign, which I only saw in daylight when I came the following morning to find the vehicle gone-it was towed to the police car pound. I paid the release fee of $185 but there was also a ticket on the windscreen for a further $115. As a tourist, I was not acquainted with NY parking signs and no parking zones. As I am not able to attend a court hearing if I appeal the ticket what do I do?

i got a ticket for tinted glass and its not even my car it was borowed??

just say its not my car and it will b thrown out. i did it 6 times. my tints are 5%

Wow i went to the site to pay as ticket for not Moving my car the day they were cleaning the street And just found out that I owe for another 2 tickets that were never given to me, as a matter of fact I was at work that day and time it was issued... How can I fight this since it's 3 months ago and even has fees added to it .... This NYC cops r crooks


how can i check for any unpaid tickets on a car

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a car that was given to me has parking tickets that are unpaid and they said the car was suspended how do i find out how much

Record of my traffic tickets

i was told from the dept of dmv that i owe dmv tickiits- i was ask if i wanted to pay right then and there willd i was in dmv at the time i like to know how owe and how i can pay online


i would like how much i owe dmv so i may able to drive i have my permment has expire many years a gu

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if i lost my pink slip is there a way that i can find out when i go to court?

if i lost my pink slip is there a way that i can find out when i go to court?

do you have 15 business days to file a not guilty plea or just regular days from the date of the citation