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How To Change Your Address In Florida

Vehicle Registration Online Services Guide

If you are a Florida resident and have changed addresses or plan to do so in the near future, you must have the address information updated on your license, vehicle registration and title certificate. You are also required to notify your insurance provider of your new address.


You must notify the Florida Driver License Division of a change in address within 10 days of moving to a new residence, and to obtain a replacement driver license. Reporting a change of address to your local driver license office is simple, and can be done in person, via mail, or online. If you are a commercial license holder, apply in person at your local driver license office.

Reporting an address change in person:

  1. Locate the driver license office nearest you.
  2. Bring your current license, along with proof of legal presence to prove your citizenship or legal presence.
  3. Pay the fee of $10, in cash, check, or money order payable to the Division of Driver Licenses.
  4. If you were issued your driver license before July 1, 1997, you will be provided with a change of address sticker, which must be affixed to the back of your license. If you received your license after July 1, 1997, your new license will arrive in the mail.
  5. The process normally takes about two weeks.

Reporting an address change by mail:

  1. Complete the change of address form and mail it to the following address:
    Bureau of Records
    P.O. Box 5775
    Tallahassee, Florida 32314-5775
  2. Include the fee of $10, which can be paid through a check or money order made payable to the Division of Driver Licenses.
  3. Your replacement license (or a change of address sticker to be affixed to the back of your license) will arrive via mail in approximately 30 days.

Change your address online today!

Reporting an address change via the Internet:

  1. You can report a change of address online by visiting GoRenew and following the instructions carefully.
  2. Pay the fee of $10, plus a $3 service charge. All major credit cards are accepted.
  3. The process normally takes about two weeks.


  1. You must notify your local tax collector office of a change of address and have this information updated on your Florida Vehicle Title and Registration certificate. This must be done within 20 days of moving to a new address, since this will allow you to receive your renewal notice and any other correspondence in a timely fashion.
  2. You can either report the change of address in person by visiting your local tax collector office, or via mail, and your records will be updated at no charge. You can also choose to report the change of address online for a small service fee. All major credit cards are accepted.


  1. You must also notify your insurance provider of your change of address, so that you receive timely information regarding due dates for payments, renewals, and other communication.
  2. To save time and money, some Florida drivers who change addresses choose to obtain a free quote for new auto insurance instead of changing the address with their current insurance provider. Not only does this save the hassle of contacting and notifying the current insurance company, but it could potentially save hundreds of dollars by identifying companies that offer lower rates and/or better coverage.

Additional information


Change the Address on a Vehicle Registration

Update your car registration address information within 10 days of moving. You can do so in person at either your: Note: When you submit a Change of Address Car Registration application, you will not be given a duplicate car registration.

First Change Your Name with USPS

Before filing a change of address for your vehicle registration, recommends that you change your address with USPS.

  • File your FL change of address with the United States Postal Service.
  • Have ready your old mailing address, along with your new Florida address.
  • Pay the associated fees.
  • Wait 48 hours for your address change to process with the USPS.
  • Once your mailing address has been changed, begin the change address on registration

Now that your Florida change of address is complete and filed with the United States Postal Service, you can begin the motor vehicle change of address process.

There are two ways to change the address on your car registration:

  1. Online
  2. In person Note: For Florida drivers to change addresses on their auto registrations, they must have already changed the address on their driver’s license.

Vehicle Registration Online Services Guide


The most popular method to request a DMV car registration address change is online. Click here to change your address online.

  • Date of birth.
  • Florida address.
  • Social Security Number.
  • FL driver’s license number.
  • License plate number.

In person

Bring the original or certified copies of the documents below to get a DMV change of address registration application completed and order a replacement car registration:

  • One primary form of identification:
    • Birth certificate
    • Valid passport or passport card
    • Certificate of Naturalization
    • Certificate of Citizenship
  • One proof of Social Security Number:
    • Social Security card
    • W-2 Form
    • Paycheck or stub
  • Two proofs of residential address:
    • FL Voter Registration Card
    • Vehicle registration
    • Utilities bills
    • Bank statements
    • Mortgage/deed/lease
  • One proof of legal presence (for non-U.S. citizens):
    • Green Card a.k.a. I-551 Form
    • I-551 stamp on passport

Click here to order your car registration.

Other Important Factors

Don’t forget to update the address on your car insurance policy. All that it takes is a simple call to your car insurance provider. An agent will walk you through the process and update your information. recommends renewing your car registration from a secure and reliable source. Using a company that you trust is important, and one that makes keeping your information confidential a priority.

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