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Vehicle Emissions Testing in Missouri

In Missouri, a vehicle emissions test is required for many original registrations, as well as biennially for registration renewal. The Missouri Department of Revenue sends a notice to a vehicle owner reminding them of the need to register the vehicle. If an emissions inspection is required, the notice will indicate that.

Note: All vehicles registered in Missouri, that are five years old or older, have to complete a biennial safety inspection. The safety inspection is done at state licensed facilities only. Safety inspections cost $12 for all vehicles


An emissions inspection is required for registration purposes for a car or truck when:

  1. It is a 1996 model or newer gasoline powered vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of 8500 pounds or less;
  2. It is a 1997 model or newer diesel powered vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of 8500 pounds or less;
  3. It is registered in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles County, Franklin County, or Jefferson County.
  4. There is a title transfer


Odd model year vehicles are required to be emissions inspected in odd calendar years and even model year vehicles are required to be inspected in even calendar years. A valid test is required to complete a used vehicle purchase registration, a currently owned registration renewal and to reinstate a suspended registration. Used car dealers are required to provide the purchaser with a valid emissions inspection for any vehicle they sell, or to inform the purchaser they have 10 days or 1000 miles to emissions test the vehicle and if it fails, return it to them, to allow them to perform the emissions repairs needed (at no charge to the purchaser) to get it to pass or to come to some other mutual agreement. A private seller is required to document to the purchaser the vehicle met emissions inspection compliance just prior to selling the vehicle.


Some vehicles exempt from emissions testing are:

  1. Those not registered in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles County, Franklin County, or Jefferson County.
  2. Those which are 1995 models or older running on gas.
  3. Those which are 1996 models or older running on diesel.
  4. Vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating greater than 8500 pounds.
  5. Vehicles that are two years old and documented to the state as having been driven less than 40,000 miles (see Mileage Based Exemptions);
  6. Vehicles that are 4 years old or older and documented to the state as having been driven less than 12,000 miles between required emissions inspections;
  7. A new vehicle sold with less than 6000 miles on the odometer;
  8. A solar power or an electric vehicle.
  9. A motorcycle or motor-tricycle.
  10. Those solely powered by alternative fuels like hydrogen, CNG, propane, etc [i.e. other than gasoline, diesel, or ethanol (E10 and E85)].
  11. See all categories of emission testing exempt vehicles here.


Gateway Vehicle Inspection Program is a decentralized inspection program. The state licenses shops to perform the emission tests, providing a blue GVIP sign as visual identification. A list of all current GVIP inspection statations may be found here


The enhanced emission testing fee is $24. Emissions inspections performed on-cycle are good for two years for registration purposes. Emissions inspections performed off-cycle (eg. odd model year in even calendar year or vice versa) allow the vehicle to be registered for one year. The time limit for an emissions inspection compliance document to be used for registration purposes after the approval date is 1) 60 days of for current owners of a vehicle; 2) 90 days in the case of a private sale; and 3) 120 days in the case of a dealer sale.


If your vehicle fails the emissions test, it is allowed one free re-inspection within 20 business days which are Monday through Friday excluding holidays, Qualified emissions repairs, based on the diagnostic trouble codes reported on the test, must be made to allow the vehicle to receive a pass, or be eligible for an emissions compliance waiver. The vehicle can be repaired by anyone, however, should an emissions compliance waiver be needed, labor costs are only accepted for qualified repair work performed at a shop employing a Missouri Recognized Repair Technician. The criteria that must be met, and the applications to be submitted, for a waiver to be approved are found here.


  • If your vehicle is out of state in the 60 day period prior to the date its registration is due, you may submit to the Department of Revenue its General Affidavit Form 768 and be allowed to register the vehicle provided you agree to have it inspected within 10 days of it returning to Missouri. If your vehicle is under 5 years old, and the vehicle is in a state that performs OBDII emissions inspections, you have the additional option of submitting your vehicle for emissions inspection in that state and submit the test results to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. You will need to call 314-416-2115 to make those arrangements.
  • See also Vehicle History Reports.

Reviews of Vehicle Emissions Testing in Missouri

I have a 2000 Lexus RX300 that I just spent $2000 to have one of the catalilic converters replaced (it has 3). One month later a second converter is shot and now they want another $1700. I can't afford this before inspection will be due in Sept/Oct. What do I do?

I have a 1996 Grand Marquis, we are considering waiting for January 2015 so that we wont have to get the emissions done would this be allowed?

Why do we need emission test on old 97 in eastst.lous u dont need it emission test. That why their steling plate off people cars.You make it hard for people try stay on buget.I see the big what going on u buy a new car 2007 your plate is like 4 to 500 that will pass but u dont have that kind of money. buy and old car that lest plate is 50 to 200 that u can pay for i still can get them becouse of a test that u dont need.That why st.louis like this thay ARE sale fack tag and plate to people just to get buy becouse u all make it so head to get plates.Why can yall just be like eastst.louis at u all getting a nuff of money ater we buy a car.

It is not fair! Not that the DMV reads these comments, or CARES! But any car should be able to get a 2 year plate, it should not matter if it is an odd year car in an odd year or not! The EMMISSIONS Testing is the worst!!! Why should you have to go through this again if your car won't pass just because it's an odd year car in an even year! That is so not fair!! Also, when they set exempt vehicles being 1995 and older, as the years go by that needs to be adjusted. How can you expect a 16 year old car to pass!

Illinois was one of the Hold Outs to even require inspection. Quit complaining because if Congress has any sense, they will make mandatory Emissions testing as strict as California for the ENTIRE NATION! If you can't afford to maintain your vehicle then DON'T OWN ONE!


My car is a 1997 Ford Tauras. The check engine light is on and the code comes up as an emissions code. The problem is, no one can seem to find the problem. I've had the care to Dobbs and a local mechanic. Dobbs ran smoke through the entire system and could find nothing. I'm due for renewal in July. I can't keep paying $85 dollars plus for them to find nothing. Other than that it runs just fine. Can I apply for a waiver of some kind?

My son is attending college in Springfield Mo and drives a 1995 Toyota which now needs an emmission sensor replaced. Due to the problem with obtaining auto parts from Japan after it's recent disaster, we have been unable to locate the needed part, and an after market product did not work with that particular engine. The car is registered and insured with our home in St Louis County. As it would be exempt from an inspection in Springfield but not in St Louis Co , what options do we have? Will there be delay exceptions until the parts become available ? He needs the car for work and school

If the vehicle is a 95 it is exempt from the emissions test.

My son is away at college in Springfield, Mo and drives a 1995 Toyota which now needs a emmission sensor. We are having trouble getting the part due to the disaster in Japan effecting auto parts. The car is registered in St Louis County where we live. I am told it will pass inspection in Springfield but not St Louis Co. As the car 's inspection must be done this summer what options do we have??With documentation of part shortage can an exemption be given? The after market part was installed and did not work and the dealer is telling us it will only work with a Toyota part on this engine.

My daughter is in college in Joplin, mo and hasn't been home for a while and will not be home until the middle of summer. There are no inspection stations there. What do I do!

is it illegal to sell a vehicle that can't pass an emisson test?


If I live in St. Louis County (city) and my Vehicle is a 1988 model, do I need an emission test?

I know the exemptions are:

if you don't live blah, blah

if your vehicle is older than a '96 running on gas.

But, it doesn't say, if You live in St. Louee county and if You have a vehicle older than a '96 running on gas, your are exempt from emission testing. I just want to clarify any mis-interpretation I may encounter at the DMZ (oops, DMV)...



If you are this STUPID, you don't deserve a reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey genius, way to answer a two year old question.