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Vehicle Emissions Testing in Georgia

The following counties require all cars and trucks powered by gasoline to undergo emission checks before being issued vehicle licence plates:

- Cherokee

- Clayton

- Cobb

- Coweta

- DeKalb

- Douglas

- Fayette

- Forsyth

- Fulton

- Gwinnett

- Henry

- Paulding

- Rockdale


Vehicles exempt from emission tests include motorcycles, motor homes and RVs.


In case your vehicle fails the emission test, you will need to make repairs and get the vehicle retested within 30 days of the first test. CGAF Service centres need to be visited to apply for exemptions. Exemptions include:

  • New vehicles in the first three years of the vehicle model are exempt from the emission inspection requirement until the inspection term three years following the model year of the vehicle, vehicles which are driver less than 5,000 miles per year, vehicles which are older than 10 years and those registered by senior citizens over 65. Military personnel, students and businessmen whose vehicles might be outside the limits of testing areas can ask for extension of the inspection term.
  • Military personnel, students and businessmen whose vehicles might be outside the limits of testing areas. You will be required to provide proof that the vehicle is not being driven or that you are more than two hours drive away from an emission testing CGAF service center. This could be in the form of parking receipts or student transcripts etc. This documentation along with a completed Out of area extension form duly completed will have to be mailed to:
GCAF Waiver Center

Franklin Square Office Park

2141 Kingston Court, Suite 106

Marietta, GA 30067


Emission testing fees range from $10-$25 based on the location of testing.


In case your vehicle fails an emission test you will need to repair it and retake the test. If the vehicle fails again and you have proof of having spent over $872 on repairs, you might be eligible for a repairs waiver which exempts your vehicle from such a test in the future.


  • Vehicles that run only on alternative power in the form of natural gas, electricity or hydrogen do not require an emissions test. However, hybrid vehicles do not qualify for this exemption as they do have a gasoline engine. The rule of thumb is that if gasoline is consumed by your engine, it will need to pass the emissions test.
  • For more information about emissions requirements for gas vehicles or light duty diesel vehicles.
  • See also Vehicle History Reports.

Reviews of Vehicle Emissions Testing in Georgia

I have a 1995 Honda de sol with the srs light on. Will that cause any problem when I get emissions done?


I want to set up an emissions testing center at my car dealership. Any companies that I can contact to to set up this center at my car dealership

Where can I find a cheap emission place either Chamblee, GA area or Mcdonough, GA

My tag us expired how would I go about getting to the testing legally? Also my abs light is on, will that cause me to fail the test?

I have a 1993 vehicle, do I still need emissions test performed?

I have a 1998 Honda accord. a year and a half ago my wife got sick and we went broke. The Honda failed its emissions and I did not have the money to put into fixing it and she has not been able to drive, so I let it sit. I want to get it running but two rounds of emissions have past. i paid taxes on it and all that but I need to know what to do from there. Do I just get another emissions and then go get the tag figured out or do I need to do something else. I was just hoping that after I get it fixed it will be a simple thing to get the tag done? So what do i do?

I read on an EPA document (EPA420-R-01-015) Appendix D that some vehicles have known manufacturers OBD readiness issues. Among the list was 1996-1998 Mitsubishi Eclipses. I currently own a 98 Mitsubishi Eclipse and I'm currently having this issue. Will the tech at the emission station have knowledge of this?

I have same problem with 2014 testing of 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis. Any suggestions on how to overcome this problem?

I bought a 1999 truck off of craigs list two years back. I have had the title switched over to my name but never got a tag for the vehicle I wasnt driving it. How do I get it to the emissions test site with out having a tag with out getting a ticket? It seems I need to get the test to get the tag so How do I get it there?

I just turned 62 years old, my car failed it's emmsion test and the cost out weighs the vehicle value. Do I get an exemption for being 62?

I have a 2012 chevy cruz, do I need an admission test?

I want to know how recent the vehichle needs to be in order that it DOES NOT require an emission test for renewel of registration?

My vehicle registration expires in Nov. 18, and I am wondering how long in advance can I get the emission inspection done before I renew my registration and tags? Basically how long is the inspection "good for". Thanks

I have a 2003 F350 diesel truck that all the emmission controls were removed by the orginal owner, before my purchase. I reside in a state that does not require emissions testing. The only yearly requirment is an inspection that checks: brakes, lights, windshieds, tires etc.. and basic vehical operational checks. We are looking at moving to Georgia in the Coweta county area.

What can I expect when I have my vehical inspected ?

If the vehical fails the inspection can I apply for a wavier?

Since I purchased the vehical without emmission controls do I have to worry?

What do i need to do my 1997 SUV fail the emission test reason was PO455 EVAP Ctrl system gross leak detected

I have a 2008 Chev Impala. Do I need emission

Who the heck wrote this? Another DMV high achiever? Ummm...we can't spell or parse two intelligible words or puctuate properly but we're going to make you pay for some idiotic test

"The counties of Cherokee, Clayton, Cobb, Coweta, DeKalb, Douglas, Fayette, Forsyth, Fulton, Gwinnett, Henry, Paulding and Rockdale require all cars and trucks powered by gasoline to undergo emission checks before being issued vehicle licence plates."

The bullet list is actually far easier to identify useful information on. You may find it helpful to KNOW something about communication/marketting before mocking those who do. First tip: try not to include lists above 4 items in a prepositional phrase, particularly when using several prepositional phrases. The same holds true for conditional clauses, dependent clauses (and most parts of a sentence aside from the subject, verb, and direct/indirect objects).

Maybe we need less amateur literary over achievers like you.

I just recently hit a curb, with minimal damage to the car, but enough of an impact to deploy the airbags. If I don't replace the airbags, and my airbag light is on, will I be able to pass emmisions?

how do i start my inspection "safety" inspection

who do i call

where do i have to take my rebuilt harley

does it matter that i bought an after market frame

will i be given the option to keep the year correct as an 1982 motorcycle when i get it registered

what is required ...

i know i need brakes but is it required to have front and rear or will 1 of the 2 be enough

front fender?


turning signals?

and how much of a turning signal?

i've been with out my ride since march been doing all the work my self

does this reflect on the inspection ?

My husband is in the Military and is station in NC. He will be overseas when its time for a emission test in March? What can I do?

I can't find my emissions control paperwork. How can I replace it so I can have my inspection done and pay as required?


Does the vehicles emission test have to be performed in the county where you live? My son currently is using the vehicle and he doesn't live in paulding county and I need to have the vehicle tested in order to purchase my sticker. Can it be tested in another county?

Just bought a 1986 CJ7? It's 25 years old, do I have to have the emissions test done on it?


Never seen a $10 emission test, but $14-15 is fairly common in Norcross. There are several stations near each other on Buford Highway North and South of Jimmy Carter that seem to continually undercut each other. Look in similar areas for deals.

I just bought a Volkswagen Jetta TDI (Clean Diesel) and if I read the site correctly I don't have to be tested? (Seems too good to be true!)

Chamblee Dunwoody at I-285, the Shell station on the northeast corner of the intersection at Cotillion and Chamblee Dunwoody has $10 emissions tests. They only test '96 and newer, but they've been open a few years and never raised their price, and they're open every day including weekends (limited hours on Sunday, but they are open).

diesels don't need testing in GA

I just purchased a car from my sister. She had the emissions performed last month( it passed), do I need to have this done again to tag and tile the car?

its my understanding "no" as long as you have the papers from that testing

The link for the emissions execption form isn't working. How can I get the form?????

The link for the exemption form is still broke. My son is also away at college. How else can I get the extension form? The sooner it is fixed the sooner I can send in the ad valorem taxes and the state gets my money.

I cannot connect to the link for the exception form for my son who is away at college.

I too, need to know how to access the emissions extension form for my son who is out of state at college.

How can I get the out of area extension form? The link on your web page does not work.

There are no 10 dollar emission testing places that I know of...please inform where they can be found.

theres one in fayetteville, ga on brady st off hwy 85

no where