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Wed, 1/18/2017 - 1:34 pm by Jordan Perch

Buying a car for the first time is a major milestone in every individual's life. But, while the idea of being able to drive your own car brings to mind excitement and the prospect of being independent and not having to rely on friends, family, or public transportation, to get around, it also brings a great deal of responsibility and all sorts of expenses, many of which unpredicted.

With that in mind, it's important to note that first-time car buyers have to answer a lot of questions and take a lot of factors into account before they make their decision. Here are six key steps to buying your first car, which encompass every aspect of the car-purchasing decision, including financing, negotiations, and how to choose the right car for you in the first place.

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Wed, 1/18/2017 - 1:35 pm by Jordan Perch

Even though the public only found out about the fatal accident involving a Tesla Model S on Autopilot almost two months after it occurred, the incident raised a lot of questions about the safety of driverless cars, increasing the risk of further diminishing public trust in autonomous driving technology.

Tesla released a statement explaining the event only after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) informed the public that it has launched an investigation into the tragic accident, which only made matters worse and didn't help increase people's confidence in self-driving

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Wed, 1/18/2017 - 1:35 pm by Jordan Perch

As automakers continue to tackle range anxiety in order to make electric vehicles more viable, the 200-mile mark has become somewhat of a reference point for every potential mass-market fully electric car. Currently, Tesla Motors is the only company selling electric cars that can travel over 200 miles on one charge, with many established automakers striving to achieve that kind of range.

General Motors has already announced that it will launch a 200-mile electric car in 2017, to rival Tesla's Model S sedan and the recently introduced

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Wed, 1/18/2017 - 1:35 pm by Jordan Perch

The thrilling experience that riding a motorcycle brings can hardly be matched by the comfortable and at times boring experience associated with seating behind the wheel of a car. But, while motorcycles are much more exciting than cars, they are also more dangerous, involving various safety risks that arise primarily from the fact that motorcycles lack some of the essential safety features that protect car passengers in the event of a collision, such as airbags, seat belts, or an exterior frame.

For that reason, safety should be number one priority for all motorcycle riders. Riding a motorcycle safely requires a specific set of skills, high level of alertness, paying attention to

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Mon, 7/25/2016 - 12:27 pm by aldolanzas

Looks like Pokémon Trainers will be catching some Traffic Tickets now... The hashtag #DontPokemonGoAndDrive has become a major trend all around social media since the launch of the App Pokémon Go on July 6, 2016. Pokémon fans are going crazy about this new app that lets you catch Pokémon in “Real World Locations”. New York’s DMV deputy commissioner Terri Egan said in a statement, “This new, all-consuming Pokémon Go craze has caught the entire country by surprise, and as such, we are concerned about the consequences playing this game can have on public safety”.

Catching down Pikachu doesn’t come without a price. There has been reports that, Pokémon Go users are simultaneously driving while using the app. The app is said to cause distracted driving. “Trying to catch a Pokémon while behind the wheel is a

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Mon, 7/11/2016 - 3:56 am by Jordan Perch

Since the first report on the faulty Takata airbags was published back in 2013, over 70 million airbag inflators have been recalled globally, with 10 deaths and more than 100 injuries in the U.S. alone attributed to the defective components during this period. The faulty airbags are spread across 14 different brands, including luxury-car automakers such as BMW, Audi, Lexus, and Infiniti.

Now, the Takata airbag scandal has reached an even more serious level, with federal authorities saying that a certain number of vehicles equipped with the faulty airbags should not be used at all, and should be fixed immediately, to prevent further serious injuries and fatalities.

Over 300,000 Vehicles Posing Serious Risk

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Mon, 7/11/2016 - 3:46 am by Jordan Perch

Even though motorcyclists face plenty of dangers on the road, no one can deny the fact that riding a motorcycle is a lot of fun. Motorcycles offer a great deal of joy and an amazing sense of freedom, incomparable to the feelings cars can provide. But, owning a motorcycle is much different than owning a car, as well. For starters, maintaining and keeping a motorcycle in a good shape is nothing like taking care of a car. Other ownership costs associated with motorcycles are also different, such as insurance, fuel, and even storage.

What's more, there is specific equipment and protective gear that goes along with owning a bike, and various safety

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Fri, 7/1/2016 - 11:09 am by Jordan Perch

When it comes to apps for personal safety while traveling, there are all sorts of options that make sure travelers stay safe and protect their personal information at all times.

For instance, there are apps that provide travelers with important numbers for the country they are currently visiting. Other apps help travelers communicate with people abroad more easily by providing the most common emergency phrases in the language that is spoken there. Also, there are apps that make sure emergency services are notified in case a traveler's safety is jeopardized while in a foreign country.


This is one of the best apps for safe traveling on the

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Thu, 6/30/2016 - 10:00 am by Jordan Perch

Unlike electric cars, hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles are not likely to become mainstream for at least for another 15-20 years, considering the lack of fueling stations and the high cost of the vehicles, themselves.

However, there are a couple of automakers that are committed to bringing mass-market hydrogen-powered vehicles to the road, and Hyundai is at the forefront of those efforts. The South Korean manufacturer is one of the few manufacturers that offer a vehicle with

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Wed, 6/29/2016 - 11:36 am by Jordan Perch

Ford Motor Company is one of the several automakers testing driverless car technology on public roads. The Dearborn-based manufacturer is making great progress in the development of its autonomous driving systems, in its efforts for winning the driverless vehicle race, which includes some of the world's leading automakers, along with a few tech giants.

Now, Ford has taken autonomous car research to a new level, enabling its research vehicles to operate at night, which has been one of the greatest challenges for this technology.

Surveying Technology for Nighttime Driving

In a press release, Ford has announced that it has started

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