The 2015 State DMV Websites Rankings by

Sun, 7/29/2018 - 5:23 pm by DMV Admin

The 2015 State DMV Website Rankings by is providing information on the state DMV websites that offer the most services, the best content, and the most user friendly websites. One of the main goals of The 2015 State DMV Website Rankings by is to show the very best and worst DMV websites across the United States of America.

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We are planning on releasing the detailed scores for each of the state DMV websites. These will be coming soon and we will be releasing the rankings on the following dates:

  1. The 2015 State DMV Website Rankings Top 10
  2. 11 to 20 State DMV Website Rankings
  3. 21 to 30 State DMV Website Rankings
  4. 31 to 41 State DMV Website Rankings
  5. The 2015 State DMV Website Rankings Worst 10 Rankings

Everyone knows it’s a hassle to wait in line at the DMV. Online services provide a great way to save people time and money instead of missing work and waiting in line at the DMV. How convenient it is to use online services varies greatly from state to state. We decided to rank the state websites based on how well they meet the needs of the drivers in their respective states.

The 2015 State DMV Website Rankings takes four main categories into consideration, design, usability, services, and website content. The questions we asked to determine the ranking of the state DMV websites are outlined below:


  1. Is the website responsive, does it work well on mobile, tablet, and desktop?
  2. Does the homepage provide a clear snapshot of information and services offered?
  3. Does the site load within approximately 3 seconds?
  4. Is the website uncluttered and does it provide clear call to actions?
  5. Is the text is easily readable for example the appropriate size, font, and color?
  6. Is all content contained within a single domain?


  1. Are menus clearly visible and either list or have dropdowns on the homepage that directs to relevant content?
  2. Has in-site search been made available?
  3. Is there a logical hierarchy? Do menus contain appropriate content and sub-menus that direct the user to specific topics within a subject?
  4. Is the FAQ section clearly labelled and accessible from the homepage?
  5. Is content and a call to action reached within 3 or less clicks from the homepage?


  1. Is the physical location information easily available to users?
  2. Is there an opportunity to make appointments at physical locations online?
  3. In regard to off-line services, are forms available to complete necessary paperwork in advance?
  4. Are online forms easily understandable and do they identify required fields?
  5. Availability of the top ten important DMV online services.
  6. Availability of other online services.


  1. Is there content available for each service or topic listed on the site?
  2. Does content provides enough information to clearly explain the subject and next steps necessary to the average user?
  3. Is content written in a way that is easily digestible and concise?
  4. Are links to in-site or outbound content clearly labelled, relevant to the topic, and descriptive of what the user will find when clicking the link?