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How to Apply for a New Driver's License in Massachusetts

You can apply for a new driver's license at any Registry of Motor Vehicles Office in Massachusetts. Obtain a Massachusetts Driver's Handbook to familiarize with the driving rules and regulations. A license application can be obtained online from here.


Following are the basic requirements for applying for a Massachusetts driver's license:

  1. Applicants must be 16 1/2 years or older. At the age of 16 an applicant can apply for a learner's permit but a Class D license (passenger vehicles) will not be issued till the applicant is 16 ½ years old and has had his learner's permit in good order for six months.
  2. Any individual under 18 should provide parental consent and must complete an approved driver education training program. For additional details, see Beginner Drivers and/or Learner's Permits for Beginner Drivers.
  3. Everyone must pass the vision, written, and driving tests. See Practice Tests and Driver's Handbook for more information on the written examination. Driver education programs can help individuals prepare for their road test.
  4. Applicants must provide acceptable proof of identification.
  5. Applicants must provide proof of Massachusetts residency.
  6. A social security number is mandatory for all applications. If you do not have a valid SSN, call 1-800-772-1213 and request an application. If the request is denied, one can still apply for a license provided the other ID requirements are satisfied. As supporting evidence, the SSN Denial Notice (within 30 days) must be furnished.
  7. Click here to download the ID Brochure.


Massachusetts residents holding a driver's license from another state (as well as Canada and Mexico) also need to apply for a Massachusetts Driver's License. An applicant can submit his Out-of-State license for conversion subject to RMV's ID requirements. If the Out-of-State license stands expired for more than one year but less than four years, a written test for the class license you are trying to convert is compulsory. If the license has been expired more than four years, a full round of tests - written and road, with an eye test will be required.

Non-US citizens residing in Massachusetts may apply for a Massachusetts driver's license, but they need to take all the tests (written, road and eye). While a person may drive in the state with a valid foreign license from one of the countries listed in Appendix A for up to one year from the date of entry into the country, but on taking residency within the state they need to apply for a state driver's license. The application is available online.


The cost for a non-commercial (Class D) Massachusetts driver's license is $40.


The validity of a Massachusetts driver's license is 5 years.


With certain restrictions, an individual can legally drive in Massachusetts with a learner's license. See more information on learner's permit here.


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