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All About: Your Drivers License and ID

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The “All About” section by is here to provide you with a comprehensive look at a specific topic – In this case, Your Drivers License and ID. The following is an extensive list of articles covering all the different aspects of your driver licensing.

List of Driving Schools in California

This page provides a list of on-site driving schools available in California as well as information about available online driving school alternatives.

California DMV Practice Permit Tests offers California specific DMV practice permit tests that help you prepare for your permit exam. We provide questions just like the ca DMV and a number of practice test options.

How to Renew a Driver's License in California

California Drivers License Renewal

Learning how to renew drivers licenses in California nearing the expiration date is essential for each licensed driver. Since driving with an expired drivers license is illegal in the state, drivers must renew their driving licenses at the appropriate time. Residents have the option of renewing drivers licenses in CA through a variety of methods including online, by mail and in person. For further information on how to renew drivers licenses with the California Department of Motor Vehicles, continue reading below.

Suspended License Information for California

Reinstate Suspended Drivers License in California

In the event you have incurred a drivers license suspension in California, you cannot operate a vehicle for a certain amount of time. Generally, the amount of time and the traffic fines associated with a suspended drivers license will vary based on a number of factors:

Senior Drivers in California

Resource for senior drivers. Restrictions and tests for seniors to maintain their CA drivers license and stay safe on the road

How to Apply for a Motorcycle License in California

California Motorcycle License

The state of California offers you two options when it comes to getting a California motorcycle license: the M1 and M2 license. An M1 license lets you ride any motorcycle that has an attached motor, or motorized scooters. An M2 license is more restrictive, and only allows you to ride motorized bikes, mopeds, bikes with an attached motor and motorized scooters. However, before you obtain your motorcycle driving license, you have to get your California driving permit.

California Department of Motor Vehicles Locations and Hours

'''Click here to find your [ local California dmv office location]'''



Telephone customer service representatives are available to provide general information from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Wednesday.

How to Renew a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) in California

How to Renew a CDL in California

In the state of California, you can expect the Department of Motor Vehicles to send you a renewal notice prior to your commercial driving license expiration date. In addition to notifying you of the impending expiration, this notice will also detail all of the options that you have available for renewal. Typically, you will be able to do so:

How to Handle a Change of Address in California

If you are a California resident and have changed addresses or plan to do so in the near future, you must have the address information updated on your license, vehicle registration and title certificate. You are also required to notify your insurance provider of your new address.


You must notify the California Department of Motor Vehicles of a change in address within 10 days of moving to a new residence, and to obtain a replacement driver license.

Replace a Lost, Stolen, or Mutilated California Driver's License or ID Card

California Drivers License Replacement

If your California drivers license was lost, stolen, or damaged to the point of illegibility, the California Department of Motor Vehicles requires you to replace DMV drivers license documents. Also, given the serious threat of identity theft, a common result of lost or stolen driving licenses, you should also report the theft (if applicable)before requesting to replace driving license materials from the DMV.

Beginner Drivers in California

A guide for beginner drivers looking to receive their CA drivers license and begin driving. DMV exam information, licensing levels and more

How to Apply for a New Driver's License in California

Residents of California must obtain driving licenses to be eligible to operate motor vehicles within the state and around the country. Getting drivers licenses allows applicants to not only legally drive a car, but the credential also serves as a primary form of photo identification, one that is universally accepted. New drivers younger than 17-and-a-half years of age must first complete a driver’s education course before applying for a license to drive with the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

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