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Wed, 9/17/2014 - 10:53 am - Jeremy Pool

The California DMV has started issuing permits for driverless cars, allowing companies working on development of autonomous driving technology to test their prototypes on the state's public roads. On Tuesday, the DMV issued permits to three companies for a total of 29 self-driving cars, which can now be operated on both highways and city streets in California.

Although Google has been testing its driverless cars in the Golden State for a while now, these permits will help define a regulatory framework determining the requirements that must be met so that companies can launch driverless car tests.

The most significant requirement states that a human driver must sit behind the cars' wheel at all times, so that he/she can take over control if there is a problem with the autonomous driving system. These drivers must have a flawless driving record, and undergo a special training program administered by the DMV.

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self-driving cars California News
Tue, 9/16/2014 - 12:31 pm - Paul Westbrook

With less than two months before the 2014 election takes place, Wisconsin residents are scrambling to get their photo ID, so that they can be eligible to vote. So far, various types of photo ID have been accepted by authorities, such as driver's licenses, student IDs and passports, but the problem here is that minorities and other vulnerable categories of residents do not have such an ID.

That is why the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles decided to make it easier for these residents to get a voter ID. So now, even residents without a birth certificate – which must be submitted when applying for documents like a driver's license or a passport – can obtain a voter ID, and in addition to that, they will be exempt from paying government fees. All they need to do is provide a proof of residency, such as an energy bill, along with a proof of identity, such as a social security card, and fill in a form at their local DMV office.

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Voter ID Wisconsin News
Mon, 9/15/2014 - 11:31 am - Jeremy Pool

Last Wednesday, the new DMV field office in Fontana, California was officially opened. The office, located at 8026 Hemlock Avenue, in northwestern Fontana, and it's about three times larger than the old building that was located Merrill Avenue, that closed back in July due to renovation.

It stretches across 21,000 square feet, with 28 customer windows and abundance of chairs in waiting rooms. It is expected to serve over 250,000 customers per year, and DMV officials are confident that it will help improve customer service significantly. In the future, the office intends to hire another 23 limited term employees.

Jessica Gonzalez, a DMV spokesperson, stated that the new building is supposed to reduce waiting times, saying that at the moment, the Fontana office is able to serve customers in 12 minutes or less if they have make an appointment before coming to the office.

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Office Hours California News
Fri, 9/12/2014 - 11:12 am - Paul Westbrook

The California Board of Equalization (BOE), a state-government agency in charge of collecting fees and tax administration, says that the state's Department of Motor Vehicles overcharged customers for vehicle registration, and might have to issue refunds to thousands of car owners.

According to the BOE, the DMV has been using the ZIP codes of vehicle owners, instead of their address, in order to determine their vehicle registration fees, thus overcharging thousands of people millions of dollars.

Drivers living in split ZIP codes are the ones that are being overcharged by the DMV. Split ZIP codes are basically two different areas with different tax policies, but fall under the same ZIP code. The DMV determines sales tax rates based on a driver's ZIP code, whereas the BOE identifies fees using people's addresses. While the DMV has been refusing to use the method suggested by the BOE, it has said that customers who feel that they have been overcharged and need to be more »

Vehicle Registration California News
Thu, 9/11/2014 - 12:03 pm - Jeremy Pool

The city of Mesa, Arizona, was hit by a heavy downpour this past Monday, causing significant damage to the local Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division office. Due to flood damage, the office was immediately, leaving MVD clients surprised and somewhat frustrated.

However, even though flood waters entered the building's basement, damaging some of the equipment inside, cleanup crews were able to get the office back in shape pretty quickly and make it ready to reopen just two days after the storm. The office, located on 51st Avenue and Indian School Road reopened on Wednesday, with the same business hours that applied prior to the closure.

While the office was closed, customers that had an urgent MVD-related business to take care of, had to go to the nearest MVD office, about 5-6 miles away.

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DMV Locations Arizona News
Wed, 9/10/2014 - 11:04 am - Paul Westbrook

The California Department of Motor Vehicles has been embracing technology in efforts to improve its customer service for a while now, and the latest in the series of technology solutions implemented in the state's DMV offices is a touch screen system that will be used by customers when taking the written driver's license exams.

From now on, the basic driver's license test, the commercial driver's license test, and the motorcycle license test will be taken on Touch Screen terminals, replacing the traditional pencil-and-paper way of taking the exams. These machines will initially be installed in 120 offices across the state, but in the next couple of months, the state DMV plans to have them installed in all offices throughout California.

The touch screen technology will make the driver licensing procedure much more efficient and it will help cut wait times at DMV offices, since it will notify applicants whether they have passed or failed the test immediately after it more »

Driver's License California News
Tue, 9/9/2014 - 11:06 am - Jeremy Pool

The California Department of Motor Vehicles has announced that it will reopen its office in Temecula later this month. The office, which has been closed since March 21 due to renovation efforts, including construction of new restrooms, installment of new lighting fixtures, along with a parking lot resurfacing and putting metal security pillars around the entire building, will be reopened on September 22.

The Temecula office opened in 1993, and with these improvements and upgrades it will be more accessible, and will be able to provide services in a more efficient manner. During the five months the office was closed, customers from the Temecula area had to go to the Oceanside or the Hemet office.

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DMV Locations California News
Fri, 9/5/2014 - 12:02 pm - Paul Westbrook

The North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles has decided to reduce the number of visits of its mobile unit to certain destinations, and discontinue visits to some sites altogether. One of the places that the mobile unit will no longer go to is Red Springs.

The mobile unit used to provide services behind the Red Springs Police Department at 218 Main Street, every second Wednesday of the month. The decision to cut the visits to Red Springs went into effect this past Monday.

While the mobile unit will not be visiting Red Springs any more, the DMV said that it will increase the number of visits to a few other locations, including Beaufort and Dare counties. The mobile unit allows customers to apply for a new driver's license and renew their current licenses. Customers can take written and road skills tests there, and in addition to that, they can also obtain their North Carolina identification cards at one of the DMV's mobile units.

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DMV Locations North Carolina News
Thu, 9/4/2014 - 11:02 am - Jeremy Pool

The local DMV office at Kandiyohi, Minnesota, will change its office hours in a couple of weeks, in an effort to improve customer service. Deb Mickle, Kandiyohi County license register, said that starting September 29, it will be open until 6 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays, following a survey that was conducted back in July, that included employees and DMV customers.

The survey found that by extending office hours by one hour and a half on these days, the long lines and crowds that are created at the office around noon will be reduced, as this is the time people take their lunch breaks and often use to take care of DMV-related business.

Apart from extending office hours, the DMV considered the idea of being open on Saturdays, but it wasn't favored by DMV clients, or its staff.

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Office Hours Minnesota News
Wed, 9/3/2014 - 11:14 am - Paul Westbrook

in Boston later this month – at Haymarket. Basically, the Haymarket branch will replace the Chinatown office, where Boston's RMV operations were located up until now. The new branch will be located at 136 Blackstone Street, Haymarket Center, occupying its second and third floors. It will officially open on September 15, but before that, the RMV will hold the annual low number license plate lottery there on September 10, which will be open to the public.

At this location, the RMV will offer several new services to its customers, including the E-Z Pass Service Customer Service. Customers should expect a much improved and modernized RMV office at Haymarket, compared to the old location in Chinatown.

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DMV Locations Massachusetts News

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