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Fri, 3/27/2015 - 1:27 pm - Jordan Perch

The city of Baker, Louisiana, has decided to privatize its local DMV office, in an effort to cut wait times and improve customer service. After getting authorization from the City Council, Mayor Harold Rideau will sign a contract with Express OMV, LLC, a company that offers various DMV-related services, and operates a few DMV offices in the state. The Department of Motor Vehicles said that Express OMV will offer the same services provided by the state DMV, including driver's license renewals, identification card renewals, vehicle registration, registration renewal, address change, duplicate titles, and specialty plates, among others.

While this privatization will surely make for shorter wait times for various DMV services, it will also make some services more expensive. For instance, driver's license renewal fees will be $4 higher as of May 4, and selected transactions will cost up to $18 more.

According to Brooke Barnett, a representative of Express OMV, more »

DMV Office Locations Louisiana News
Fri, 3/27/2015 - 1:17 pm - Paul Westbrook

Driver's license transactions are one of the most time-consuming and complicated DMV transactions, and one of the factors that contribute to wait lines. That's why the Tennessee Department of Motor Vehicles has decided to change its driver's licensing system, which was last upgraded 30 years ago.

Tennessee's Department of Safety and Homeland Security has started implementing a new system, called A-List, at DMV offices across the state, which is meant to help DMV employees process driver's license transactions more efficiently and reduce wait times. The DMV says that it eliminates a large portion of the paperwork that driver's license examiners used to have to go through, and makes the entire process more automated.

The system involves a single, web-based interactive screen, which helps examiners work more efficiently and process applications for new driver's licenses and license renewals more quickly. “This new system allows driver license examiners to process more »

Driver's License Tennessee News
Fri, 3/27/2015 - 1:14 pm - Jeremy Pool

Ohio has become the latest state to allow digital proof of auto insurance. The state Bureau of Motor Vehicles has decided to start accepting electronic proof of financial responsibility, which drivers must have so that they can use their cars.

Motorists will be able to show their proof of financial responsibility on some of the electronic devices that are accepted by the BMV, such as a cell phone, a laptop, a tablet, a netbook, or other wireless communications devices that displays images and text.

"This is another great example of using technology to meet our customers' needs where they are, not where we are," BMV Registrar Don Petit said in a statement. The BMV also stated that conventional paper proof of insurance will still be issued and drivers will be able to use them.

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auto insurance Ohio News
Tue, 3/24/2015 - 1:11 pm - Paul Westbrook

The number of companies that want to test autonomous cars in California, which is far ahead of other states when it comes to creating a regulatory framework for driverless vehicles, keeps increasing. Google has been testing its driverless car prototype in California for a while now, and recently the tech giant has been joined by six other companies.

In addition to Google, the California Department of Motor Vehicles has licensed four automakers – Volkswagen, Mercedes, Nissan, and Tesla, as well as engineering company Bosch and automotive parts manufacturer Delphi. The DMV said that a total of 47 self-driving vehicles have been approved, and that it has issued special licenses to 216 drivers, allowing them to operate autonomous cars on public roads.

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driverless cars California News
Mon, 3/23/2015 - 7:44 am - Jeremy Pool has conducted a survey of approximately 4,000 drivers in the U.S. to find out how much time they spend going to the DMV and how it affects the national economy. The survey revealed that on average, drivers miss 2.65 hours of work per year going to the DMV, and based on the fact that there are 2.2 million drivers in America, and taking into account the average American hourly salary of $24.75, calculated that trips to the DMV cost the economy $13.8 billion annually, due to lost productivity.

The study suggests that making DMV services available when people are not at work, such as during weekends, and extending office hours on weekdays, along with offering more services online, will allow drivers to take care of every DMV-related transaction without having to miss work and decrease their productivity, which will have an amazing impact on the U.S. economy.

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Fri, 3/20/2015 - 1:30 pm - Paul Westbrook

Many state DMVs across the country are always looking for ways to reduce wait times and become more efficient. The Massachusetts Department of Motor Vehicles is one of them, with plans to introduce a digital driver's license, which would accelerate the procedures for renewing a driver's license or obtaining one for the first time, saving motorists' a lot of time and easing the strain on DMV employees.

A software development company based in Massachusetts has created a digital driver's license, which drivers can obtain through a smartphone app, so that they don't have to visit the DMV in person in order to pick it up. This would save drivers a trip to the DMV, and reduce wait lines at local offices, which would make for improved customer service.

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Driver's License Massachusetts News
Fri, 3/20/2015 - 1:27 pm - Jeremy Pool

The local DMV branch in the city of Gulfport, Mississippi, that was moved to a temporary location after being damaged during Hurricane Katrina, will finally be moved into a new building where employees will be able to do their jobs much more easily and customers will feel much more comfortable.

The Mississippi Department of Motor Vehicles has found a building in Raybourn Plaza, which will be renovated for about $23,000, as Councilman Ricky Dombrowski said. Construction work should begin in about a month, with the new office expected to open later this year.

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office locations Mississippi News
Wed, 3/18/2015 - 1:31 pm - Paul Westbrook

The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles is helping drivers reduce their license suspensions or clear them entirely, as part of the Driver Suspension Eligibility Week, which started on March 16 and will last through March 20, at all local DMV offices.

Drivers who had their licenses suspended after committing some of the following offenses are eligible for an amnesty: underage drivers suspended for excessive points; drivers suspended for operating an unlicensed taxi or vehicle; drivers suspended for operating an uninsured vehicle that they did not own; drivers suspended for operating or allowing operation of an uninsured vehicle; and drivers suspended for driving under suspension, excluding alcohol or drug related convictions.

The DMV said that it will either reduce the remaining suspension time or reinstate the licenses of drivers who lost their licenses for one the aforementioned suspensions.

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Driver's Licenses South Carolina News
Fri, 3/13/2015 - 1:07 pm - Jeremy Pool

Georgia's House of Representatives' Motor Vehicles Committee has approved a bill that proposes allowing Tesla to sell an unlimited number of cars directly to consumers in the state. Tesla's controversial direct-sales business model is banned in many states, with car dealership lobbies arguing that it could put an end to the traditional franchised dealer model.

But now, auto dealership lobbyists in Georgia are backing Tesla's bid to sell as many cars as possible in the state, which could prompt lawmakers to lift the ban on companies like Tesla, that limits the number of vehicles they are allowed to sell directly to just 150 a year. With the Georgia Automobile Dealers Association (GADA) supporting the bill, chances are that it will be cleared by the full House, as well.

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Tesla Motors Georgia News
Fri, 3/13/2015 - 1:05 pm - Jeremy Pool

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicle announced that its DMV 2 Go mobile customer service center is heading to Nathalie this week. On Friday, the mobile center will be at the Nathalie DMV Select, which is located at 5018 Stage Coach Road in Nathalie.

It will be open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and will provide various services, including driver's license and vehicle registration transactions. Customers will be able to obtain E-ZPass transponders, apply for a fishing license, or purchase certified copies of their birth certificates.

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