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License Plates in Indiana


As soon as license plates are lost, stolen or illegible they must be replaced.

In order to replace your plates you must:

  • Visit your local BMV office.
  • Present proper forms of ID.
  • Hand in any remaining license plates.
  • Fill in an application for replacement plates. Please see the list below for links to the appropriate forms for each type of plate.
  • Pay the license plate replacement fees of $9.
Note: If your license plates are stolen, you will need to get a State Form 37135 completed from a law enforcement officer prior to heading to the BMV.


Regular Series

These are the different types of plates in the regular series: Regular, Regular Truck, Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial, In God We Trust, Support Our Troops, Disability and Recreation Vehicle. Unfortunately, Indiana's BMV does not offer the different application forms online, which are available at any BMV office. However, once you have your license plates, you may renew them online by creating an account at appointment.

Special Interest Plates

Special Interest Plates are divided into the following categories: College and University, Military, Organizational, Motorcycle, Personalized and Other Plate Programs. The following is a list of some examples of special interest plates: Amateur Radio, Antique License Plates, American Legion, Indiana Professional Firefighters, Secure Indiana, Support our Troops and Purple Heart. Click on these links to access more information on how to request them and fee - College and University, Military, Organizational, Motorcycle, Personalized and Other License Plate Programs. When you have completed the forms, take them to your local BMV office and submit them with the appropriate fees (see below).


The fees for replacing a license plate or getting new plates vary depending on the type of plate you need. For more information on these fees please follow the link for General License Plates Fee and Specialty and Personalization Plate Fees. You can use the " Calculate my Renewal Costs" to estimate how much your license plates will cost. Note: For disabled drivers, please see the disability plates request application.


Under Indiana Law it is mandatory to retain license plates from a vehicle when selling. You may transfer them to another vehicle or surrender them at your local BMV office.


Reviews of License Plates in Indiana

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has anyone had a problem renewing on line with show car exemption


I have a message indicating that I cannot renew on line. There is no explanation provided and I have in hand my online renewal papers. Like to the web site there is no explanation in the mailing to deter on line registration. What is confusing is the options provided are reinforced by a statement of plates/reg renewal being discontinued by the branches. I looked at cost for a specialty plate and the site was ready to check me out. May use online or not? And given that the notice lacks any explanation and the mailer says please no branch visits I am essentially left with mailing. Why can't I renew on line?

now you cant get company vehicle plates at your local branch, I was told I had to go to AAA, If you r not a member it is 10.00 extra. Go figure!

Is there a partial refund for plates surrender?

Need to update the links on this webpage. I tried "Calculate My Renewal Costs" and "General License Plates Fee" (both under the "Fees" heading) and neither went to a valid site/landing page.

I want to renew my plates


Can I renew my plates via the internet?

i want to renew my plates

i want to renew my plates

I think the changes are thoughtless. Once again the Republicans find a way to disrespect the less affluent. Many don't have computers to renew online, and are scrounging till the last minute to come up with renewal fees. No matter how hard you try to save, things happen; kids get sick, parents get sick, you need to buy a tire, your power bill increases 300%. The end result is renewing on the last day possible and your sticker and registration come back 2 weeks or more later. Do Indiana police accept, "my sticker is in the mail".

I saw a survey that showed that the kiosks were the second most popular means of renewing tags, so they were removed. Makes perfect sense if you want to impact the least of your citizens.

Indiana police response to "my sticker is in the mail"

The site doesnt work for registration as 2 of the drop down menus are broke. So suprised!

The site doesnt work for registration as 2 of the drop down menus are broke. So suprised!

All I wanted was to see how much license plates cost on a car, needless to say it was not a simple task and I did not find out.

i agree now my plates are expired i hardly use the computer and cant find anything on this site this is so stupid. the license branch is so lazy

renew my motorcycle plates

I agree, all I wanted to know is how much it cost to transfer plates from another state to Indiana.

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