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Jordan Perch is a blogger and an automotive enthusiast who loves to write about everything that has to do with cars, providing readers with exclusive reports and in-depth analysis of the latest developments in the auto industry. On top of keeping readers up to date with everything that is going on in the automotive world, his blog posts are aimed at helping them learn how to take good care of their cars and become safer drivers, by providing useful car maintenance and defensive driving tips. His articles also help readers make a good car-purchasing decision, by posting detailed reviews of new and used cars, along with tips on how to avoid the most common mistakes people do when buying a car. I developed my creative writing skills in college, and now I enjoy expressing myself as a blogger and sharing my thoughts with a global audience.

General Motors Launches Car-Sharing Program “Maven”

With the traditional vehicle ownership concept starting to lose its allure for many Americans, automakers are forced to start thinking about new ways for attracting new customers and keeping their current customer base.

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Automatic Braking Systems Cut Rear-End Collisions Drastically

rear-end collisionRear-end crashes are the most common type of motor vehicle crash, with the leading factor being driver inattention. In recent years, several automakers have implemented a new technology that has proven to be very helpful in preventing these types of accidents, but it's still not widely available and is only a standard feature in high-end vehicles.

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Study Suggests Millennials Love to Rent Cars

millennials drivingOver the past couple of years, numerous studies have suggested Millennials don't like cars and that they basically hate driving. But, while it is true that Millennials have been buying fewer cars than older generations, there are some valid arguments that they haven't given up on cars altogether.

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Hyundai Looking to Enter the Luxury Car Market with the Genesis Brand

hyundaiHyundai Motor Company has been one of the world's largest automakers for a long time, outselling global giants like Ford, Honda and Nissan year after year. But, the South Korean manufacturer has been mostly focused on building quality and reliable vehicles at an affordable price.

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Insurance Doesn't Cover All Winter Driving Hazards

winter drivingThere are numerous challenges that drivers face whenever they hit the road during the winter months. When driving in winter, they have to deal with snow, ice, rain, as well as potholes, which increase the risk of collision and can cause substantial damage to vehicles.

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California Wants Tougher Driverless Car Regulations

California DMVBy all means, California is currently at the forefront of efforts to creating the preconditions and the right environment that is necessary for a faster adoption of autonomous cars.

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How Does Smoking Marijuana Affect Driving?

Ever since Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana a couple of years ago, with several other states following suite recently, there has been a debate over whether it will become an increasingly common traffic risk factor and whether it will lead to more car accidents o

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Consumer Reports Says Study on Risks of Rear-Facing Child Seats May Be Inadvertently Misleading

Parents are often faced with all kinds of dilemmas when it comes to using car seats for their children. Many parents accidentally make various car seat mistakes, with incorrect installation and switching to the forward-facing position too early as some of the most common ones.

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