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Jordan Perch is a blogger and an automotive enthusiast who loves to write about everything that has to do with cars, providing readers with exclusive reports and in-depth analysis of the latest developments in the auto industry. On top of keeping readers up to date with everything that is going on in the automotive world, his blog posts are aimed at helping them learn how to take good care of their cars and become safer drivers, by providing useful car maintenance and defensive driving tips. His articles also help readers make a good car-purchasing decision, by posting detailed reviews of new and used cars, along with tips on how to avoid the most common mistakes people do when buying a car. I developed my creative writing skills in college, and now I enjoy expressing myself as a blogger and sharing my thoughts with a global audience.

On-Demand Personal Mobility Might Actually Increase Car Sales, Report States

UberOne of the first thoughts that comes to mind when talking about ride-sharing and car-sharing is the potentially negative impact that these new mobility trends could have on car sales and the auto industry, in general.

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Google Asks Congress to Create National Laws on Autonomous Cars

google headquartersCompanies working on autonomous driving technology see the lack of national strategy for self-driving vehicles in the U.S. as a huge obstacle that prevents a faster commercialization of the technology.

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Who Is Winning the Driverless Car Race and What Challenges Is the Technology Facing?

Silicon ValleyWith each passing day, driverless cars seem to be edging closer to full commercial deployment. Automakers and tech companies, along with policymakers, are increasing their efforts for resolving various issues that stand on the way of autonomous vehicles, while the general public awaits eagerly to find out how transportation will look like once vehicles that drive themselves become available for purchase.

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Toyota's $1 Billion Investment in an Artificial Intelligence Research Center

ToyotaA couple of months ago, Toyota decided to invest $1 billion in a research center that will focus on artificial intelligence is a clear indication that the company intends to become leader in the future autonomous car market.

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New Car Buying Checklist

buying new carBuying a new car is a serious investment and one of the most important purchases that a person can make. This is a purchase that needs to be well-thought-out, with numerous factors that have to be taken into consideration, and several dilemmas that car shoppers inevitably face both before and after entering a dealership.

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ROEV to Accelerate EV Adoption by Allowing Owners to Use Different Charging Networks

EV charging stationsElectric cars are still being held back by a series of hindrances that the industry has to overcome in order to make them more appealing to the masses. Limited access to public charging stations is one of those obstacles, exacerbating the range anxiety issue, which prevents owners from making long-range electric car trips.

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More Fuel-Efficient Vehicles Are the Best Way to Cut Global Carbon Emissions

fuel efficiencyAlthough it is clear that high politics is key to successfully tackling global warming, with the general public having little or no say when it comes to the creation of policies aimed at fighting climate change, scientists insist that there are a lot of things that consumers can do to contribute to the efforts for resolving this pressing issue.

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Future BMW Hybrid Models to Be Sold Under iPerformance Sub-Brand

bmw hybridLately, BMW has been ramping up its efforts for developing efficient plug-in hybrid models, as it tries to rival its German counterparts Audi and Mercedes-Benz, and establish a more meaningful presence in the luxury plug-in vehicle market.

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