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How To: Getting Your Driver's License in California

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It can be time-consuming at first, and receiving your driver's license is an arduous task, so take a look at the articles below for some guidance. We cover driving schools, the different tests, receiving your license guides, necessary fees, steps, and documents, and everything else you need to know in obtaining your license. Also, see our commercial, boaters, and motorcycle license resources.

List of Driving Schools in California

This page provides a list of on-site driving schools available in California as well as information about available online driving school alternatives.

California DMV Practice Permit Tests offers California specific DMV practice permit tests that help you prepare for your permit exam. We provide questions just like the ca DMV and a number of practice test options.

Traffic/Driving Schools in California

Resources for CA traffic schools that help you learn effective driving techniques to make you a safer driver.


In the state of California, traffic schools are often referred to as Driving Schools. They offer Defensive Driving Courses. The schools are licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). They must have liability insurance and maintain records for DMV inspection. There are many reasons why people enroll in the Defensive Driver Courses:

How to Apply for a Motorcycle License in California

California Motorcycle License

The state of California offers you two options when it comes to getting a California motorcycle license: the M1 and M2 license. An M1 license lets you ride any motorcycle that has an attached motor, or motorized scooters. An M2 license is more restrictive, and only allows you to ride motorized bikes, mopeds, bikes with an attached motor and motorized scooters. However, before you obtain your motorcycle driving license, you have to get your California driving permit.

Applying for a California New Driver’s License – Under 18

Obtaining a license to drive in California is a privilege that requires an applicant to meet specified criteria. In addition to passing the written and road skills driving exam, new drivers license applicants younger than 18 years of age will need to complete a driver’s ed program to become eligible for a California DMV driving license.

Driver's Education in California

What is a California drivers education course?

A drivers education course is required by the CA DMV for all first-time drivers before getting a CA learners permit. By successfully completing a drivers ed course, you will learn topics that will help prepare you for the written exam that you will take at your local California DMV.

Beginner Drivers in California

A guide for beginner drivers looking to receive their CA drivers license and begin driving. DMV exam information, licensing levels and more

How to Apply for a New Driver's License in California

Residents of California must obtain driving licenses to be eligible to operate motor vehicles within the state and around the country. Getting drivers licenses allows applicants to not only legally drive a car, but the credential also serves as a primary form of photo identification, one that is universally accepted. New drivers younger than 17-and-a-half years of age must first complete a driver’s education course before applying for a license to drive with the California Department of Motor Vehicles.