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New York State Department of Motor Vehicles Locations and Hours


Click here to find your local new york dmv office location



Telephone customer service representatives are available to provide general information from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday, except state holidays. Pre-recorded general information is available at all other times.

New York Department of Motor Vehicles

(212) 645-5550 or (718) 966-6155 for numbers beginning with 212, 347, 646, 718, 917 and 929

(718) 477-4820 - for numbers beginning with 516, 631, 845, 914

(518) 486-9786 - for number beginning with 315, 518, 585, 607, 716

(518) 473-5595 - from out-of-state

1-800-368-1186 - Telecommunications for the Deaf (TDD)

Alternate phone numbers are available for information about specific topics.


6 Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY  12228    


You may also contact the DMV via email following different instructions for specific questions or issues.


The New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has locations in all counties throughout the State. Click here to find the DMV office location nearest you.


Apart from visiting DMV locations to schedule your vision, knowledge and road tests, you may also contact the DMV to schedule a road test appointment online (or cancel/reschedule an existing appointment); or by calling (518) 402-2100.


  • DMV Offices handle issues concerning titles, registration, licenses, commercial licenses, non-driver IDs, permits, vision test, knowledge test and more. You can also schedule your road here, although road tests are performed only at road test facilities. DMV offices are generally open from Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-4:00 pm, except for holidays observed by the DMV, but timings may vary for different offices and also for different services offered by the same office. Some offices are also open on Saturdays and timings also vary on state holidays for some offices. Please verify the hours at your local office before visiting in person.
  • Road Test Facilities are generally open from Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-4:00 pm, except for holidays observed by the DMV, but timings may vary for different facilities and also for different types of road tests offered by the same facility. Some facilities are also open on Saturdays. Please verify the hours at your preferred facility before visiting in person. After passing the vision and knowledge tests, you can schedule a road test, either online or by calling (518) 402-2100 or at a DMV Office.
  • Vehicle Inspection Stations are available for vehicle inspections. Click here to find a Vehicle Inspection Station near you. Operating hours for Vehicle Inspection Stations are generally from Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-4:00 pm, except for holidays observed by the DMV, but timings may vary. Some stations are also open on Saturdays. Please verify the hours at your preferred station before visiting in person.

Reviews of New York State Department of Motor Vehicles Locations and Hours

Is there a link or list to show

which New York DMV's are open on Saturday?

Its been 5 weeks since i passed my road test and still no license in the mail. tried calling several times and i get a message that you guys are unable to answer the phone at this time. Finally get through after pressing all the right keys to get to an operator then he tells me he needs to transfer me... here we go again!!

Can I make an payment to get my penalty lifted

Do you guys open on Saturdays such as today February 22 2014

This is NOT a "question and answer" blog. This is ONLY for comments on DMV Herald Square. Please CALL or go in PERSON to your nearest DMV OFFICE if you have questions.

why dont anyone ever answer the gd phones

if you are 16, much you bring you're parent(s) with you, can you bring a guardian, or can you come by yourself?

hello my name is andrea and i want to scedual a Road Test can i call the dmv office and make an appintment? and how soon can i take my ?Road Test

how long before the renewal date can i renew my license and how much will it cost i have a b/p

Hi my name is Jasmin. My question is just what documents would my mom need inorder to sign for my i.d to make the point system.

My driver's license is expiring 12/8/11. I went to renew it in person and was denied because my social security # didn't match name, although DMV had no problem renewing it 8 years ago by mail with my new surname due to marriage. Actually, I’ve had a driver’s license for over 26 years, and I've never had a problem with you issuing and renewing one each time. Anyway, I was advised to go to social security to change it and bring updated card. Another problem arose with social security with a first name I do not use that is on my birth certificate. Because my marriage license doesn't have the first name, social security will not update it and issue new card until it’s resolved. The whole process may take up to 3 then my driver's license will have expired. Meanwhile ALL my important documents do not have this first name, including my PASSPORT. If the passport agency had no problem issuing me such an important document and you had no problem issuing me a driver’s license for over 26 years, what's the problem now??? My lawyer thinks it's ridiculous, and advised me to take my passport to DMV and if necessary request an extension until issue is resolved. Therefore, would you please advise what you recommend I do under these ridiculous circumstances? Will you renew it with a passport and marriage certificate? If not, will DMV grant me an extension? Let me reiterate, if my passport, marriage certificate, and prior driver's license, are not enough to convince you of my identity, then what the heck is? This whole dilemma is creating unnecessary aggravation and inconvenience, and frankly my patience is running out, since my license is about to expire too. Therefore, PLEASE respond PROMPTLY.

I'm from Ohio and have received numerous e-mails in my spam folder from the New York State Dept. of Motor Vehicles; also e-mails about Background Check Alert; I have not opened these files because I do not know if they are legitimate. I tried twice to navigate the voice automated phone number given on the NYDMV site and have been unsuccessful in reaching anyone I can talk to. The Ohio Attorney General's office, M. DeWine, staff recommended that I contact NYDMV, thinking that perhaps my identity is being fraudulently used. What other method should I use to make this contact with NYDMV?


my son goes to SB on long island and lost his Texas Drivers license. what does he need to bring to the dmv to get a NY state drivers licence. If he needs his birth certificate can it be a copy?

My license expired on 3/2/11. Can I still go and get it renewed with out a problem?

?? are you open Friday July 1st, 2011--if so what are your hours

I was unable to renew my license in time, because I was in the hospital and then rehab for a broken ankle. I renewed it on line after I finally returned home...eye exam and everything. How long does it take to receive it in the mail? I renewed it on Apr 21.

I would like to know how long id hav to wait to take my license test aftr the permit test

I would like to see a list of HOLIDAYS when the offices are closed.

Today is Good Friday before Easter.

Are the offices closed?


I lost my permit but it is still valid will they just give me my ID number if I call or do I need the physical permit to take my road test. If so will they send me another one?

I lost my learners permit can I get the I'd number

can I register my car at 6 empire state DMV

i dont know

How long does it take to recieve my actual photo license?

photo stay same until decide to take new picture

Do I have to go to a DMV in my county or can I go to one in a different county?

my License is Suspended and o dont know y

My lic is suspend I haveto pay 365.00 dollar can I pay two installment

I don't know why its still suspended, I had paided what ever I needed to .. Please let me know whats so I can fix it .. Thank You

my License is Suspended and o dont know y

Any offices open on saturdays?

I was arrested in March for something that happen way back in 1990 when it was not my fault. Therefore I forgot about it. Being that I didnot get a ticket! I could not even remember what they were talking about when I got arrested. Being that it happen twenty years ago, and I had already reg my truck twice, before that situation took place. Now why did they not address the situation against me when I reg my truck? Now I am not able to drive to work and from school. It is sad that the system failed me, and now I am left to hold the weight. After all this is over! I was told to write the Mayor because I should not been arrest. Now I have to take the entire test over. I still cannot drive. I would like to know how can I get a temp lic to drive to work and to school?

u can ask for a restricted lic for the hours u work n go to school. but ur gonna pay about 300 for cleaning it up even if u dont want to they charge u 100 for each year of 3 yrs

my road test is next Wednesday and my registration is expired and i have one being shipped in the mail, but it won't be here by then... what can I do? Can I get a temporary one just for the road test or what? I don't know what to do.

how much is for the written test

i would like to know how much my learners permit would cost

how much will it cost for the learner's permit? and soon can i take my road test after, how much will it cost for the driver's license and overall package?

Mine cost $92.50 in November...

I have a son going to college in Tucson Arizona. I want to keep the car registered under my name and registered in New York.

My renewal application has come up and I had the car inspected in Tucson , AZ.

What do I do to get my new registration sticker?

my license and registration has been suspended due to lack of insurance. Can I pay a hefty fine with the DMV in order to lift the suspension and then immediately re-instate my auto insurance? I don't want my plates and license to be taken away as I do have to drive to work daily. Whatever the fine may be, can I pay that to get this corrected as soon as possible? Any advice would be much appreciated....

Do i have to go to the dmv to change my adress or i can do it on line

do i have to go to dmv to change my address

The teller at the window was so helpful to me and pleasent, that i asked her for her name.It is Sharon Ruefaro. I dont know if you reconize your employees but she deserves it.

i have a suspended registration and lic. i was wondering if i got a restricted lics and got ins on the car could i register it or can someone else plzs tell me......


Why is my drivers licence suspended?

i need information about my lisence maybe is suspend

The line at the brooklyn DMV is ridiculous