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How to Register a Boat or Water Craft in Florida

Most new boats must be registered through the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHS&MV) before they can be sailed.


  1. Any powerboat using public waters
  2. Non-powered boats longer than sixteen feet


  1. Boats registered in another state and not being used in Florida for more than 90 days
  2. Boats registered in another country temporarily plying in Florida waters (with a temporary permit and for not more than 90 days)
  3. A sailboat without a motor
  4. A ship's lifeboat
  5. Any boat less than sixteen feet long that is propelled only by oars or paddles
  6. Boats owned by the US government
  7. Boats owned by the state
  8. Boats sailed on private waters


  • You can register a boat in person by visiting your local Tax Collector's office and completing a boat registration application.
  • You must bring proof of ownership such as a bill of sale, invoice, bill of lading, certificate of origin, or out-of-state title.

Class Type Type of V essel Fees

  • A-1: All vessels les s than 12 feet in length, and motorized canoes $10.25
  • A-2: 12 feet or more and less than 16 feet in length $21.00
  • 1: 16 feet or more and less than 26 feet in length $33.50
  • 2: 26 feet or more and less than 40 feet in length $83.00
  • 3: 40 feet or more and less than 65 feet in length $132.50
  • 4: 65 feet or more and less than 110 feet in length $157.50
  • 5: 110 feet or more in length $194.50
  • Dealer Classification $30.25
The above fee includes a $2.25 service fee, $.50 FRVIS fee and $1 Decal on Demand fee.


  • The vessel registration number, hull identification number and current decals must be clearly displayed on the vessel, according to Florida requirements.
  • For additional information, see the Florida State Boating Law Summary

Reviews of How to Register a Boat or Water Craft in Florida

can I use the boat and trailer that I just purchased for a week or two before registering it ? It has 2011 registration decal from Ct on it .

I dug up a 12'aluminum flat bottom on property I purchased in 2007 that I have considered using as a flowerbed d├ęcor, however my sons expressed interest in the boat and his birthday is next month, what would I need to do to make it legal,and insurable if necessary.? I have tried to contact the persons I purchased the land from and can find no info. They were not of good health and were in MI then. I wanted to make sure It was possible to get this boat legal and safe before I decide to add it to my flowerbed. There are no readable markings or decals on this . I don't know anything about boats an what is required before I pay for boat safety classes Thank you.

We live in a state that does not require state registration for boats registered with US Coast Guard. If we travel to Florida for less than 60 days, are there any registration requirements?

I have a lifeboat. This vessel has never been registered, as it does not require any registration as a lifeboat. However, I wish to convert it to a personal pleasure vessel. I have the bill of sale only, as it was purchased from a ship scrap yard. How do I go about registering this vessel?

Hi Jojohan, i have the same situation. i bought a Zodiac lifeboat from a yacht, i have an informal bill of sale and all the papers and warranty papers the boat came with from French, went to the tag agency and they did not know what to do in my case, so the lady kept my number and copies to find out. if you solve this problem any way, please notify me. or 305

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eight zero 08.



The Florida State University Coastal & Marine Laboratory has a new 65' Research Vessel that has a CERTIFICATE OF DOCUMENTATION from the Department of Homeland Security United States Coast Guard. Is it required to be registered thru the State of Florida and do we need to have FL numbers & a Registration decal? If YES, what documents does the State of Florida require so the the vessel can be registered? The CERTIFICATE OF DOCUMENTATION is in a frame posted in the wheelhouse. Where it is supposed to remain. Please advise. We want to be in compliance.

I am a boat manfacture and would like to know how to apply for a VIN number for a new hull that I am selling

I built a skiff 11' 4" and would like to put an outboard motor on it . What must I do to register it