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Military Personnel and Veterans Benefits

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Most states issue driver's licenses to military personnel without an expiration date while on active military duty. They usually expire 90 after discharge from active duty. However, military personnel must first own a regular driver's license issued by their residential state. Usually the word 'military' is written in the place of the expiration date. Apart from members of the armed forces on active duty, other members are eligible for benefits, such as the National Guard, reservists, spouses, domestic partners, and dependents of military personnel. Since service members are deployed in different states, they need to pay attention to the expiration dates of their regular driver's licenses. The best thing to do is renew the license before being deployed or you can change it to your new state.

Veterans are entitled to a free driver's license and license plate in most states. Spouses of disabled veterans that don't have a license are also eligible for the same license available to veterans themselves. There are many special services and privileges offered to veterans, such as discounts at restaurants or some national store chains and they can receive access to them easier by getting a veteran designation to their licenses. The designation is usually a blue "V" on the front of the license. They acquire it by submitting a copy of their discharge papers (DD214), proving that they have been honorably discharged from the force.

For a full list of federal benefits, refer to the Federal Veteran Affairs Handbook.

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