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Suspended License Information for California

Reinstate Suspended Drivers License in California

In the event you have incurred a drivers license suspension in California, you cannot operate a vehicle for a certain amount of time. Generally, the amount of time and the traffic fines associated with a suspended drivers license will vary based on a number of factors:

  • The severity of the offense
  • Whether the suspension is considered definite or indefinite
  • Whether the suspension was passed by the CA DMV or the state or federal court system

Note: You can check to see if your drivers license is suspended by obtaining a copy of your drivers record.

More Important Information on Suspended Licenses

Causes of a Suspended Driving License in California

There are plenty of ways that you can end up with a suspended or revoked drivers license in California. Some of these causes include:

  • Not appearing in court after receiving a traffic ticket.
  • Failing to pay traffic ticket fines.
  • Not having proof of car insurance.
  • Getting caught driving while not physically or mentally fit to operate a vehicle.
  • Not paying child support.
  • Driving under the influence.
  • Accruing too many points on your driving record.
  • Evading a police officer.

Drivers License Suspension Periods

One of the main factors related to a suspended drivers license in California is the suspension period. Drivers are often concerned about the period of time their driving privileges are unavailable. The period depends on the reason for drivers license suspension. Suspensions can last anywhere from as little as 30 days for a minor violation to a full year for serious offenses. There are even cases where you could lose your [/ca/california/drivers-license|CA drivers license]] indefinitely, such as if you have a physical or mental disorder.
DUI convictions, on the other hand, result in definite suspensions. If convicted of a DUI, your drivers license will be suspended for six months and you will be required to complete an alcohol awareness course in order to begin the process of suspended drivers license reinstatement. Evading a police officer is another example of a definite suspension. For this violation, you will incur up to one year in jail, and if someone is injured, you could receive:

  • Imprisonment in a state prison for up to seven years.
  • A fine between $2,000 and $10,000.
  • Both.

In addition, drivers license suspension will also occur if you refuse to take a chemical test. The suspension periods are definite and depend on your offense:

  • First offense: one-year suspension
  • Second offense: two-year suspension
  • Third offense: three-year suspension

California Traffic School

Points on your driving record are another common cause of potentially long suspension periods. In the event you want to remove points from your driving record and avoid suspension, or just simply reduce the amount that you pay for car insurance every month, a state-approved defensive driving course is the perfect solution for both cases. Driving points can accumulate against you quite quickly, resulting in a suspended drivers license in California, but by passing an online traffic school class, you will be able to remove points from your drivers record and keep auto insurance premiums affordable.

California Negligent Operator Treatment System

The CA DMV has your driving record on file, and they add ineach new incident you are convicted of. Basic driving record rules are:

  • If you commit certain violations on the road, you will incur points on this driving record.
  • If you accumulate four points within a period of 12 months, you will receive a six-month drivers license suspension.
    • You will be on probation for a period of one year, and both suspension and probation will take effect 34 days after your Order of Probation/Suspension arrives by mail.

Fortunately, the CA Department of Motor Vehicles will issue various warning letters before this can happen.

  • Level 1 Warning Letter:
    • If you accrue two points in 12 months
    • If you accrue four points in 24 months
    • If you accrue six points in 36 months
  • Level 2 Notice of Intent to Suspend:
    • If you accrue three points in 12 months
    • If you accrue five points in 24 months
    • If you accrue seven points in 36 months
  • Level 3 Probation/Suspension Notice:
    • If you accrue four points in 12 months
    • If you accrue six points in 24 months
    • If you accrue eight points in 36 months

Additionally, the CA DMV will also send Level 4 violation of NOTS probation and suspension notices in the event that you:

  • Are younger than 18 and break probation by engaging in a reported violation such as:
  • Commit a traffic violation or collision with a suspended drivers license.
  • Do not appear in court or pay traffic tickets during your probation.

Driving with a Suspended Driving License

If you are caught operating a vehicle with a suspended license, you will incur all of the following penalties:

  • Additional fines
  • Longer suspension
  • Possible time in jail

Thus, there is no reason to break this law and run the risk of these severe consequences.

Obtaining a Hardship License

If you violated traffic law by driving under the influence or not having proof of car insurance, you can apply for a hardship license, which is also known as a restricted. In the event you were charged with a DUI, you will have to participate in a DUI First Offender program. After a 30-day suspension, you will have to accomplish the following to receive hardship eligibility:

  1. Have your program leader provide the DMV with your Proof of Enrollment Certificate
  2. File for Proof of Financial Responsibility
  3. Pay the reissuance fee
  4. Apply for the "To/From/During Course of Employment and DUI Program" restriction

However, if your drivers license was suspended because of a lack of coverage, then you will have to do the following:

  1. Show Proof of Financial Responsibility to the DMV
  2. Pay Financial Responsibility fee
  3. Pay reissuance fee

How to Reinstate a Suspended Drivers License

As you can see, there are many ways to incur drivers license suspension. You should also note that the process to reinstate suspended drivers licenses varies depending on the reason for the punishment. The one constant is how you are required to reinstate your drivers license: In person at any local DMV office.
The reinstatement process for some violations is simple. If you did not appear in court, your suspension period is lifted when you do appear and pay the applicable fees. If you did not pay traffic fines, your suspension is lifted when you pay the fines. However, if your drivers license is suspended because you were deemed a negligent operator, reinstatement is more complex and involves:

  • Paying the reissue fee.
    • DMV accepts cash, checks, money orders, and debit/ATM cards
  • Paying the court fees.
  • Filing for proof of car insurance or financial responsibility.
  • Completing the Negligent Operator Treatment System(NOTS) probation period without any violations.

When charged for driving under the influence, the penalties you incur are severe, and the reinstatement process is more costly than other convictions:

  • Wait for your suspension period to conclude
  • Serve prison sentence (if necessary)
  • Pay reissuance fee
    • DMV accepts cash, checks, money orders, and debit/ATM cards
  • Pay court fines
  • Complete a DUI alcohol awareness program and submit a Notice of Completion Certificate to CA DMV
  • Provide one proof of car insurance or financial responsibility with:
    • SR22 insurance certificate
    • $35,000 cash deposit
    • Self-insurer certificate under CVC or
    • Surety bond

In the event you were involved in an accident and did not have proof of car insurance, your drivers license will be suspended. To reinstate your driving license, you must:

  • Serve your one-year suspension.
  • Pay the reissuance fee:
    • DMV accepts cash, checks, money orders, and debit/ATM cards
  • Submit one proof of financial responsibility, which you will receive from your car insurance provider.

Finally, if you must reinstate revoked drivers license or suspended privileges because you were driving with a mental or physical disorder, reinstatement requires you to submit:

  • A Driver Medical Evaluation form.
  • Additional medical information stating your status and that your condition no longer affects your driving ability.

Reinstatement Fees

The final step towards reinstating suspended drivers licenses is paying the required fees. They often look like this:

  • DUI reissue fee: $55
  • Court restriction fee (for second DUI offense): $15
  • Remove court restriction fee (for second DUI offense): $20
  • Financial responsibility reissue fee: $55
  • Financial responsibility penalty fee: $250
  • APS reissue fee (if younger than 21): $100
  • APS reissue fee (if 21 or over): $125

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Submitted by Anonymous on 18th Apr 2011

Justice for all is crap. I

Justice for all is crap. I just came across some very interesting stats. According to the 2010 California census there are 37,741,885 people in California.

28,490,000 are white americans

1,294,000 are blacks and hispanics combined

44.8% of non-dui black and hispanic American drivers have their license suspended

3.2% of non-dui white Americans drivers have their license suspended

Now for just DUI cases 38.65 % in california are white americans

black and hispanic combined is 12.7 % not counting asian and pIslanders

Is this why they have our races on our license? So if the court didnt know the races of people would we all have the same penalties?

Submitted by suzanne cyr (not verified) on 14th Jul 2013

I'm must be white trash cus

I'm must be white trash cus they suspended my licence for not having enough money to pay my registration, and pay the ticket [which they also doubled for being slow in paying, $840. This is EXCESSIVE BAIL.

Submitted by Anonymous on 18th Apr 2011

I unknowingly had my license

I unknowingly had my license suspened, I went to grad school in the bay area, and after i walked the stage I went home to Texas for a year to be with family that ive missed while in school. I stayed for 8 mths and the moved back to California ( San Diego) for work in research lab. I lived and work trouble free for a year, and in Jan. my apt was broken into, I call the cops to make a report and all he wanted was to run my license and criminal history which I had none, but what came up was 1 unpaid parking tickets on campus in 2009 and a camera red light, and told me I had a suspended license and took it. I then called the county where my ticket was held, and paid the parkng ticket which was just 100.00 but the red light ticket was diffrent, I wanted to pay but it was 880.00 plus court cost and dmv 125.00 fee and I was like why no one contacted me and she said we sent the ticket to the last known address and I asked her what address she gave me the wrong address, it was the previous owner, turned out that was the same day i just bought the truck and was driving home and the next day i reg. it in my name, I even faxed them the bill of sale and all she said was its not their fault they sent it to the wrong address. I said ill pay but minus the extra charges, because i was not notified and i did what I was supposed to do. I was a entry level biochem researcher that mainly did findings and rush them to diffrent lab for cancer and other mutation forms of illness so me driving was 75% of my job. I lost that job when they did monthly insurance purpose checks on staff. Im now onn edd and without a license I cant drive and look for a job and a lawyer is just as much as the tickets and fines, and since there are no partial payments im stuck, edd barely pays my rent.

Submitted by Anonymous on 30th Apr 2011

Dude that's rough. Sorry man.

Dude that's rough. Sorry man. I'm on the being shafted side of the government too.

Submitted by Anonymous on 14th Apr 2011

i got my license taken due to

i got my license taken due to a dui, but when i went to court the case had been suspended, i was told by the clerk to go to the dmv and get my license back but know the dmv wont let me'

Submitted by Anonymous on 11th Apr 2011

My car was impounded because

My car was impounded because my brother-in-law didn't have a license. We went to the tow company to try and get the car. Of course they wouldn't release the car, but while I was inside my brother-in-law went to my car got in and drove it out of the tow yard. He told me he was going to do this, but I didn't believe him. Well the cops came looking for the car. It is hidden away and I pretended to be pissed that the tow company lost my car. Everyone thinks I know where the car is. Truth is I don't. But what do we do now. If I get the car back can they arrest me for driving my own car.

Submitted by Anonymous on 3rd Apr 2011

Suspending an individuals

Suspending an individuals drivers license because of non payment of child support is unconstitutional.

Department of Motor Vehicle must only limit its regulatory activities related to those of motor vehicle and traffic safety related issues.

In a just judicial system, punishment can be only imposed, when an individual has been found guilty after being charged and has been subjected to due process.

Since in Child support service system, No man is charged with a sin, offense or a crime and there has never been a due process, the collaboration of DMV with the DCSS is simply a conspiracy committed to bring harm against one's individual rights.

Suspending licenses, levying Bank accounts , Garnishing Wages, are the modern forms of Inhumane punishment against delinquent individuals.

Per Constitutional of United States of America, No man can be punished Twice for the same crime, after he has been found guilty It is called Double Jeopardy. But again, in 21st century America, still Government has the ability to violate the mans constitutional rights and get away with it in a broad day light. Delinquency is not a crime even in back villages of Pakistan.

Driving is not a privilege, is an absolutely necessity to the mans survival.

Harboring illegal aliens is Felony. It is a Federal Law. The Federal Government is in violation of its own laws.

Democracy, Hypocrisy, Democracy, Hypocrisy, ummm , what can i say?

Submitted by suzy-anne on 19th Feb 2015

they say if one is over 55

they say if one is over 55 and after suspention for failure to pay for 5 years it can be released ,, i will see when i go to DMV..

It is unconstitutional and cruel and unusual

to punish people with loss of suspended license

who have clean driving record

but who have child support and Failure to Pay tickets,

punishment for not having $100,000 a year

[like those who make the laws and fines],

this forces men to take children away from mothers

and breaks up homes,

jobs with child care would be a better answer,

to hold hostage a person's freedom because of money and not because of crimes is unconstitutional,

there are not enough jobs,

not to mention people get sick and suffer, I have and my child have become disabled from those who are not handling the pesticide poisoning of our water and air and FOOD, yes poisoning our FOOD,

Department of Motor Vehicle must only limit its regulatory activities related to those of motor vehicle and traffic safety related issues.

To make good drivers look like bad drivers is Slander and Libel making them lose jobs is cruel and inhumane to make a law abiding citizen look bad by suspending their license and puts them in a bad light for no reason other than not having a $100,000 a year job,Per Constitutional of United States of America, No man can be punished Twice for the same crime, after he has been found guilty It is called Double Jeopardy. it is a crime not having a $100,000 a year job.??

Please stop wasting our tax dollars and become sustainable, stop laying up men in jail when they can be growing their own food and working and paying to care for their families, what are you teaching them laying them up and serving them food and washing their clothes when they can work. having their families in poverty send money as if held hostage,,,food should be planted, fields should not be laid bare of food and full of weeds that is sprayed with 'RoundUp', wasted food should be given to chickens and pigs and save the state money feeding the schools and prisons,,,

,Who is this that is fighting against the poor by these insane laws, Those who work 40 hours a week should not live in poverty' but be able to support their families. why are you punishing the poor for being poor,?

Submitted by Justin33 (not verified) on 11th Apr 2012

In other words, you would

In other words, you would like to continue to be a deadbeat dad and not support your children. You do not want any consequences for your deadbeat actions. Typical. Meanwhile, the mom is struggling to make ends meet. You "men" are pathetic. Food, clothing, education, are also a necessity and yet so many of you decide to punish them by not paying Child Support. You act like a child, you should be punished like a child. Pay your child support and stop complaining.

Submitted by Anonymous on 26th Apr 2011

Do you ever think about the

Do you ever think about the children? It is called child support for a reason; it helps children obtain there goals, meet medical and dental expenses, go to school with comfortable shoes and clothing, have a haircut and a healthy lunch. Your individual rights were waived when you decided to become a father to a child, certainly not a parent or you would be happy to support your child no matter what!

Submitted by Anonymous on 18th Apr 2011

I so agree with you, they

I so agree with you, they only punish the poor, while Paris hilton can get stop 4 times in one month and nothing happens. People need to realize the law only is made to punish the non rich

Submitted by Anonymous on 10th Mar 2011

I fainted, (confirmed with

I fainted, (confirmed with medical tests) and was told not to drive. Have not driven for 1 month. Had the medical evaluation form filled out and now must send that into the Driver Safety Branch. I feel like I'm being punished for doing the right thing and checking out may medical episode. I'm afraid my papers are going to slog through the system and leave me without driving for months. There has to be a faster way to resolve cases that do not fall into the category of real medical issues. The is stressful for me and my family.

Submitted by allanbin (not verified) on 2nd Nov 2011

Hi, My son recently fainted


My son recently fainted and we are facing the same issue. Any pointers for how to get through the situation. My son is not driving now but appears ok

Submitted by Christinabelvedere (not verified) on 19th Aug 2011

I understand totally. I feel

I understand totally. I feel like my rights have been stripped. I went in today and due to the fact that I passed out he suspended my license. Ido not have a problem driving. You have got to be kidding me. Anyhow..I am very interested to hear what has happened to you since this post. I was just told today it is being suspended. Did a bit of research and there is a DMV form Note:15. You will have to provide a satisfactory Driver Medical Evaluation (DS 326) and other information stating that the condition no longer exists and you are able to drive the vehicle. This I believe is my next bet. What was your next step?

Submitted by Anonymous on 22nd Feb 2011

I have recently gotten a call

I have recently gotten a call from an insurance company claiming that I was involved in an accident which I actually had no part in. My former neighbor claims that I hit his parked vehicle. This did not actually happen and there are no witnesses to claim otherwise. However, his insurance company is trying to tell me that they can suspend my license if I don't respond to his claim. Is this actually possible, or is the insurance company just trying to scare me?

Submitted by Anonymous on 5th Apr 2011

I imagine that if you fight

I imagine that if you fight it, you could win. Don't just roll over, if not for yourself, then for everyone elses rights as well. Unless you're already on a "probabtion" from driving of some kind.

Submitted by Anonymous on 22nd Feb 2011

i had my lisense suspended

i had my lisense suspended when i was a freshmen in high school but even then i didnt have a lisense i did not then nor do i have one now i still have an other 3 months till my suspension is over but i never got a notice from the dmv. am i still able to get my permit even though my lisense is supposed to be suspended? how can i know for sure if my lisense did get suspended.

Submitted by Anonymous on 17th Feb 2011

I got a "Notice of Intent to

I got a "Notice of Intent to Suspend" and to provide proof of liability insurance which could be done via the internet. I can not find a link to provide this information to the DMV. Could you help to find this link? Thank You.

Submitted by Anonymous on 17th Feb 2011

I got a "Notice of Intent to

I got a "Notice of Intent to Suspend" and to provide proof of liability insurance which could be done via the internet. I can not find a link to provide this information to the DMV. Could you help to find this link. Thank You.

Submitted by Anonymous on 11th Feb 2011

I had my license revoked due

I had my license revoked due to a DUI in February 2010. I have had a restricted license to get to and from work. I will be able to get my regular license back on February 14, 2011. In order to get the restricted license I had to file an SR-22 form. It has been less than a year since I filed the form. Do I need to do this again in order to receive my regular license?

Submitted by Anonymous on 23rd Jan 2011

there is a person in los

there is a person in los angeles driving on a suspended lic and no auto insurance yet this person has been stop and nothing as been done to stop this and she drive with children in car and has had many accidents and still nothing as been done why is this

Submitted by Anonymous on 31st Jan 2011

Have you tried reporting or

Have you tried reporting or speaking with police upon the matter? Eventually she wil!l be caught, they always do. My mother thought driving with no license, registration, and insurance was going to last. It did for a couple of years. Yes 2 years! But eventually, the right cop got her and took her car. I love my mother to death but I'm not for going that far into risking being arrested and she knew the results behind what she was doing was wrong.

Submitted by manny1121 (not verified) on 5th Aug 2010

LA County suspended my

LA County suspended my license for child support, since that time, I have paid a number of fines from being pulled over (just random stops and dui check points). I had a child support amendment court date, but they still won't release my license from their end. I will be a college graduate in may 2011, but many of the careers that I have applied for require a drivers license and I can't seem to get any help in resolving this matter. Does anyone have any good advice or know a good knowledgable lawyer that can help me.

Submitted by Anonymous on 6th Feb 2011

im an older lady who just had

im an older lady who just had his graduation at ucla and his dad never wanted to pay its your kid pay what you can so you show the courts your tring otherwise stop complaining and beind a dead beat dad who doesnt pay child suport cuz now im going throughit all again this time all the way to him loosing his lic so be a good dad pay your suport.

woman from lake tahoe

Submitted by Anonymous on 12th Feb 2011

I shall simply say to be

I shall simply say to be silent on matters in which you do not know the full situation. I do not know this mans sitjuation but I haven't been ABLE to pay child support due to me getting arrested then fired and being unemployed for R months. No one wants to hire someone with a record. All I did was I had a loaded gun(used for work) in my trunk when I went to my exes house. She came by and took a bunch of my stuff and I forgot to take out the gun. Because of that I spent a month sleeping in my car. I got evicted. My car taken away. My license revoked. No job. No food for weeks at a time. I can no longer be a security guard like I was. And I don't have experience in anything else. I'm 20 years old and frankly. Old woman from lake tahoe I think you should go complain elsewhere because worse things can happen. Oh yeah did I mention that my ex is the one who cheated and won't let me see my kids.

Sincerely, emo papabear

Submitted by Anonymous on 11th Apr 2011

Quit blaming your situation

Quit blaming your situation on other things. You messed up by not finding a way to pay for you children. Did you ever wonder how your kids were eating or if they were eating. Why do these losers need a license when obviously they aren't working to pay their support for their kids, but I'm sure they are spending the money they do earn on going out themselves. Sorry your ex cheated, but thats no excuse not to provide for your children!!!!! A MAD, MAD MOTHER

Submitted by Anonymous on 28th Apr 2011

I had to do the same thing,so

I had to do the same thing,so i went to court an received 50% custody,why should the mother always get custody and the father has to work to pay the mother to sit on her ass!! if i have to pay for the mother to raise the child then she shouldn't have the child.most of the time the mother does not use that money for the child, but for herself.wake up men!! fight for your rights,it's time for women to accept some responsibility and accountability.

Submitted by Anonymous on 5th Mar 2011

I think suspending deadbeat

I think suspending deadbeat parents, or anyones license's for anything other then driving related offenses is a tragically mis-guided "tool". It makes as much sense as breaking one of their legs to enforce payment. Here in California, not being allowed to drive can and at times, does culminate into the loss of everything.....your job, your car...your home. your dignity.... The whole encharito..If your thinking that, if the dead beat's "paid" their support payments like any responsible human, they could of avoided loseing everything...your absolutely right. But the vast majority of these so called dead beats got behind not because they refused to pay,but because they were unable to pay because of financial difficulty. Taking away their further ability to make money and catch up on their debt should be avoided, not embraced.

Submitted by suzanne cyr (not verified) on 14th Jul 2013

suspending license to drive

suspending license to drive except for unsafe driving is Unconstitutional, it is Excessive Bail and discrimination of the poor,

Submitted by evonne77 (not verified) on 9th Nov 2009

I just found that my driver's

I just found that my driver's license was suspended because I missed a telephone appointment regarding information from my doctor. I missed that call because my cell phone wasn't functioning properly and it registered as a missed call. I called to ask to reschedule the phone interview. The earliest appointment available is January 5th, 2010. My license has been suspended until then, even though I've done nothing wrong. Isn't there anyway this can be resolved? I am in a doctor's care and now I can't drive to my doctor appointments! I live in Santa Barbara, and routinely go to UCLA Medical Center for blood work and prescription renewal. Can't the interview be rescheduled in a timely manner? I can't go holiday shopping? or visit friends and family because my license is suspended over a missed telephone call? Please help.

Submitted by Alanjan (not verified) on 13th Oct 2009

I got a traffic ticket and I

I got a traffic ticket and I haven't been able to pay it, I have already pleaded guilty to a judge, asked for an extension and got it, unfortunately I am a student and I haven't found work to pay off this ticket, so now the court have forwarded my violation to GC services and I have to pay them 480 dollars. And they are threatening to suspend my license, which seems bad for both parties because if they do that I wont be able to go look for work to pay for the ticket.

But my question really is if they do suspend my license and I file an appeal at the DMV do I have any kind of chance of getting an extension on the fine I have to pay, because these people at GC services are not very good at listening.

Submitted by badfish88 (not verified) on 1st Sep 2009

my license was suspended due

my license was suspended due to driving on expired license and failing to pay the fees. It has now been over a year, I still owe nearly 3000 dollars due to tickets and towing and impound fees. The debt has been passed on to the California state franchise tax board, and they claim I can not get my license back untill I have paid in full, They are garnishing my wages, but due to having no license I'm not making much. I'm up for a promotion, but need to be able to travel, thus kind of a catch 22. Any reccomendations?

Submitted by Anonymous on 6th Feb 2011

i think if your wages have

i think if your wages have already been garnished and therefor it is being paid for dmv should at least give u a to and from work Laurie from tahoe

Submitted by spfaupusa (not verified) on 18th Aug 2009

I had my brother in law's car

I had my brother in law's car impounded because I was driving on a suspended license. I was pulled over at a routine check point. They tell me that they can't release the car to my brother in-law who is the registered owner until I clear up my license issues. There is a 30 day hold on the car. What can or do I need to do so my brother in-law can get his car back? Please help! I know.....I'm an idiot and I feel really bad that my brother in-law is in this situation because of me. Help!

Submitted by hd4us2 (not verified) on 8th Jul 2011

If your brother-in law was

If your brother-in law was AWARE of the fact you were driving on a suspended and still let you drive his car, then YES, they can hold his car for 30 days.

If he did not know your license was suspended prior to letting you drive his car and can prove it to the agency (CHP, or PD ) who had it towed with 30 day hold they may release it to him sooner. He would still have to pay all towing and storage fees.

Submitted by Anonymous on 6th Feb 2011

if the car doesnt belong to

if the car doesnt belong to you your brother can get it out after the thirty days probly w a big bill to pay inpound is usually about 75-00 p da

Submitted by Anonymous on 25th Jan 2011

the same thing happened to me

the same thing happened to me as far as impounding the car but you might have to wait until that 30 day hold is up i paid a police department fee of 180 plus the impound fee of 600. basically you have to wait it out and pay the final fee so calculate how much it will cost at the 30 day point and get that money......

Submitted by Anonymous on 31st Jan 2011

Same thing happened to me. My

Same thing happened to me. My fiance was driving my car. Turned out his license was suspended, hold for 30 days. I tried calling the detective to see what to do about getting the car out earlier she had an horrible attitude and just said he has to either fix his license within the 30 days or get it out afterwards. We eventually got it out afterwards a family member loaned us the money. We had to pay a total of $1,473 apparently the tow company charged by the hour. So either he gets it out if you fix your license or after the 30 days are up or he can get another car. It is extremely expensive as you can see. Sorry!

Submitted by carrieward (not verified) on 4th Aug 2009

I'm replying to the comment

I'm replying to the comment about a guy who was in prison for drunk driving on a suspended license I think it said..(i can't get back to the comment right now)

Anyhow, if I read it correctly there was a prior dui involved and/or a suspended license.. My advice to you to that person on how to get their license back. DON'T.

Two people driving drunk at the wrong place wrong time?

That's kind of a HUGE sign not to be taken lightly.

Trust me. I have a friend who's in prison for a lot longer because of the same situation.

The next time (and there will be a next time if he drives again) he can and will probably end up being charged with murder. The other driver won't be drunk next time. It will probably be someone's family, or child.

Submitted by Anonymous on 6th Feb 2011

agree here no licence at all

agree here no licence at all period

Submitted by thomasngo (not verified) on 1st May 2009

My driver license had

My driver license had revorked for one year from 04/11/2008 to 04/11/2009.Now the time

was over and I did paid the amount $55.00 to have my driver license back ,until now almost

three weeks I did not reciever my .What should I have to do to get back my driver license?

Submitted by tonybalony (not verified) on 29th Apr 2009

i was driving with a friend,

i was driving with a friend, and a person in front of us, brake checked us, and was driving out of control. we almost got in an acciedent, we pulled in front of them and pulled over, they followed, we got out to see what was going on and some confrintation had happened, and a window had been broken on accident, myself got charged with a vandalism charge for breaking a window, i went to court and my liscense was suspended for a year, i dont think that was right, to the fact that i was not driving and the confrintation was at both parties, mine and theres. So is there anyway of petitioning this so i can at least get a work liscence.

i support myself and now cant drive, my work is in newport, while ill live in laguna..

what can i do..

Submitted by rrodney66 (not verified) on 20th Apr 2010

Be safe with yourself & think

Be safe with yourself & think for self .

Submitted by carrieward (not verified) on 4th Aug 2009

You can not do that again.

You can not do that again. Don't put yourselves in a position, or vehicle with people who are going to be stupid and pull something like that. It never ends well.

Even if a driver in front does a "brake check" it's because people shouldn't be tailgating other people's bumpers. You're supposed to count One one thousand, TWO one thousand, THREE one thousand.

Submitted by janetrose7 (not verified) on 21st Mar 2009

I cannot believe that your DL

I cannot believe that your DL can be suspended just for not having your license in your possession, but my guess is that it is suspended if you do not take care of the ticket in the allotted time given on the ticket?

Submitted by staka (not verified) on 18th Mar 2009

i have a DUI can I still

i have a DUI can I still apply for a M1 licence

Submitted by JP on 13th Jul 2009

If your normal drivers

If your normal drivers license is still under suspension then the answer is no.

Submitted by JSALAZAR40 (not verified) on 18th Mar 2009

My license was suspended for

My license was suspended for a year due to a DUI. I went to a local DMV to apply for a restricted license to go to work but it was denied. I been doing everything the court told me to do so I don't understand what the problem could be. I have a family to support, my wife doesn't work to to a medical condition and I have 2 kids. DMV told me that my excuse is not good enough so what else do I need to apply for one ?????????????

Submitted by JP on 13th Jul 2009

A lawyer perhaps.

A lawyer perhaps.

Submitted by lost and confused (not verified) on 6th Jan 2009

Scenario: Driver's license

Scenario: Driver's license revoked due to DUI accident involving Death. Two equally intoxicated drivers in wrong place at the wrong time. One dies, one goes to prison and is due to get out in late May 2009. One in prison had not priors, and at the end of May will have paid his debt to society. What steps must he take to get his license reinstated? Is a lawyer necessary? Can anything be done while waiting for release from prison? He has been without a license for just over two years. Any words of wisdom? I will also check with the prison....