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Pros and Cons of Owning a Motorcycle

Many car enthusiasts have a hard time understanding why someone would give up the amenities a four-wheeled vehicle can offer, and get around on a motorcycle, instead. While cars do have a lot to offer in terms of comfort, space, hauling and towing capability, and all sorts of luxury and convenience features, owning a motorcycle brings its own benefits that in many cases make it better than owning a car.

Those who own a motorcycle are well aware of the risks involved in hitting the road on two wheels, but they also get to enjoy the many advantages that riding a bike offers over driving a car. Here we take a look at the benefits of owning a motorcycle, along with some of the most noteworthy downsides that might help resolve the dilemma on whether motorcycles are better or worse than cars.


Low ownership costs

The fact that owning a motorcycle is cheaper than owning a car is one of the most important advantages that motorcycles hold over cars. Both upfront costs and all expenses associated with owning a motorcycle are significantly lower than those associated with cars. They get better gas mileage, they are cheaper to insure, and maintenance and repair costs are quite lower.

Easier to park

Parking is a major pain point for car drivers. Looking for a vacant parking space for a car is both stressful and time-consuming, on top of being quite costly in most cases, problems that motorcycle riders don't have to deal with. Maneuvering a bike into a parking space is easier than parking a car, no matter how tight the spot is. Also, there are a lot of parking lots that provide free parking for motorcycles.

Faster and more powerful

When comparing the power-to-weight ratio of street bikes and street cars, motorcycles have a rather substantial edge. To get a car that can match the power-to-weight ratio of some of the most powerful bikes on the market, you need to spend at least 20 times more money. That's why, if speed and power at an affordable price is a priority for you, motorcycle is the way to go.


Safety risks

The main disadvantage of motorcycle compared to cars is the fact that those who ride a bike are at higher risk of getting seriously injured in an accident than car drivers. This is because, unlike cars, motorcycles don't have a steel framework that protects drivers and other vehicle occupants, absorbing some of the energy from an impact in the event of a collision. Without such a frame, motorcycle riders absorb the entire energy from an impact, increasing the risk of severe injury greatly.

Difficult to use in inclement weather

When riding a bike, you are exposed to the elements. There is no roof or windows to protect you from the sun, rain, snow, and now air conditioning system to warm you up during winter or cool you down during the hot summer months. What's more, riding a motorcycle on wet or snow-covered roads is way more difficult than driving a car, increasing the risk of accident.